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Staff Recruitment

Please follow the below instructions while applying in our team:

  • Actively listen: Try to listen intently, not just hear. When you actively listen, you can better understand what you need to do. Here’s a trick that may help: pretend that there is going to be a quiz after the conversation. Visually think about what's being said and maybe even repeat it in your head.
  • Respond with a good attitude: Just as the person giving directions needs to speak respectfully, it’s important to respond respectfully. If you go into the conversation with a bad attitude, it’s likely that performing the task will be much more challenging.
  • Before starting to apply: Since you gonna apply here, read rules, guidelines and most important respond with good attitude as said above. Take a deep breath and apply the form, we will accept you based on your skills and attitude of talking or responding.

  • Please type-in your real name

  • Please tell us your current age

  • Tell us why do you want to join the support staff team

  • Tell us in detail why do you think that you are eligible for this post
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    What are your skills and show us some proof of your works
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