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Current Donation Goals

Support seedboxes & site

Repacking is our hobby and it takes up a lot of our time and money.

Well, you guys know, we have to rent seedboxes to help us seed our torrents, we have to pay for VPNs to improve security, we have to pay for emailing system to work flawlessly, and of course we also have to pay the hosting bills for this site.

We pay for everything out of our own pocket. And we feel that it would be really nice if some of you guys could help us out with some donations, so that we could keep repacks coming ASAP.

Alternative PayPal E-mail Address: [email protected]

If you want donate through PayPal, you are welcome to PM any current System Administrator of this forum or use the button below, otherwise you can donate us using cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Address: 1FwdC51DT8dF9D6UtXFFpE44xCtinnT3tr
Monero Address: 49Baxu6X7Kv2ZurZrUkAuNJpAudUe6MDzQk2oNHaBDGX9q913VKNgWNYE4Fr8Fc34r5oHUpqWe9NzRgomTpiGYj4HGmvpVr

Please consider donating some amount of money so we can keep this website running till the end.

Raised $50.00 of $300.00 target

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