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Here’s a little FAQ about us! since we're making repacks from 2015 and we're getting a lot of similar questions.

Q: Are you a one guy or a team?
A: We're a team, a family of many many guys!

Q: When will you guys crack the specific game?
Never. we're not crackers, we're repackers, web developers & software programmers.

Q: Please, please, please repack game X, I want it so much!
Sure, create a topic here in this section: Repack Requests

Q: How do you guys decide to make a repack for a certain game?
Too many variables in each decision: complexity of the game, data-structure of the game files, compressibility, cracked or not and so on.

Q: Could you guys please reupload repack X – all magnets, torrents and filehosters are dead!
If this repack was released more than 5 months ago – sorry, no reuploads and no seeding. Our seedboxes are space limited and we don’t have enough donations to get more.

Q: Your names and where do you guys live?
Our names are not that important and we all live in different countries: Russia, France, Canada, USA, India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Grenada, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands etc.

Q: Do you guys have a Facebook page?
Yes, we do have a useless Facebook page, created by nobody! And same applies for our Twitter page.

Q: Why do you guys make repacks?
We found data compression fascinating and a skill enhancement hobby.

Q: How do you guys compress/repack games? With what tools?
We use mostly FreeArc + Other general public tools for compression and Inno Setup + RAD Studio Delphi for installer creation.

Q: I also want to make repacks, what would you guys recommend?
Brace yourself, young padawan. Here’s the shortlist of sites you should visit:

Q: What other repackers would you guys recommend?
Masquerade Repacks Only!

Q: I want to re-upload Darck Repacks and provide links in comments of each topic, Can i?
A: Sure, why not! If you want to re-upload our repacks on filehosters (like gdrive, mega.nz, multiupload.com, uploaded.to and so on), feel free to contact any of the forum Administrators on-site or over Discord or use the Contact Form. We will then put those links to our mirrors list, so users w/o torrents could download them. Our only requirement is simple – no ad-powered inter-links like adfly, only direct links allowed. We will hide them in URL-protection service our-self.

Q: Am I allowed to share my account with other people, or have more than one account?
No and no. While we cannot prevent you from sharing your account with other users, we will ban your account if we detect that you are. Any violations committed by individuals using your account is still your responsibility. If you are in need of another account for family or spouses living under the same roof, you may contact a Senior Moderator or Administrator.

Q: What do I do if I am banned?
Absolutely nothing. There are no second chances. If you believe you have been banned unjustly, you may contact us via Twitter or via our  Contact Form . Do not attempt to create another account. Please be ready to provide corroborating evidence that proves you have been unjustly banned. 99.99% of unjust banning claims are proven to be false.

Q: Am I allowed to 'bump' my topic?
According to our Community Guidelines, topic bumping is permitted ONCE every two (2) days. Bumping that occurs earlier than 48 hours after the creation of the topic or the last response, or multiple bumps in a two day span, will result in a warning being issued and your topic being archived. It is inconsiderate of other users patiently awaiting a resolution to their support requests. After a period of 2 weeks, your topic will be auto-archived by the system, and you are free to re-post it.

Q: Why do I keep receiving the 'maximum downloads' error when I've only downloaded one file?
This could be a result of any number of issues. The most likely being that you are using some sort of a download accelerator, whether it be a browser extension or software running on your machine. Some users will experience difficulty with downloads while using a download accelerator. The issue could also be:

  • Double-clicking a Download button
  • Poor internet connection
  • High latency between your PC and the Darck server

Q: Why was my Private Messaging ability removed?
If you find you are unable to send or receive private messages and you did not disable it yourself, your permissions were likely revoked as a result of sending unsolicited support PMs or advertising (the most common being the former). Sending a PM asking for support, without the express request of the recipient, is considered sending an unsolicited support request. Doing so is a violation of our guidelines and will result in your PM ability being permanently revoked.

Q: Can my warning point(s) be removed?
Unless an appeal has been approved by a Senior Moderator or Administrator, the warning (and any associated points) are will remain on your account indefinitely. It is an extremely rare occurrence that we feel compelled to reverse a warning and/or remove infraction points.

Q: What should I do if I see a post or topic that is violating the guidelines?
Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to "mini-mod". Actions considered to be mini-modding are:

  • "Calling out" the user
  • Publicly stating that the post or topic is in violation of the guidelines
  • Citing the guidelines to embarrass or annoy the user
  • Sending the user a harassing Private Message or profile post
  • Simply report the post, reference the rule being violated (if applicable), and let it alone.

Q: Why was X user banned or warned?
Putting it bluntly, it's none of your concern. We respect our users' privacy on Darck and any actions taken against an account is confidential. We will never disclose the details surrounding a banning or moderated post/topic unless it is absolutely necessary.

Q: When should I PM a Staff member?
Unless requested, you should only PM a Staff member when:

  • You need further clarification on our policies
  • Wish to discuss a warning or suspension issued against your account
  • Need to create secondary accounts for family / spouses
  • Having issues contacting any of the current Administrators (other Staff can send us reminders)
  • Friendly correspondence such as simple conversation or perhaps an invite to a fantasy league is acceptable
  • Do NOT send Staff PMs for support, complaints about other members, to report a file broken, or anything that can be handled through the appropriate systems and channels.

Q: How do I submit a file, or why is it taking so long for my submission to be approved?
To submit a file, simply click on the Downloads tab at the top of the page and click the Submit A File button at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the appropriate category and submit the file there. Once you have filled out the necessary fields for submitting a file (screenshots, file details, etc). Sometimes we will download, scan, and review the file's contents. We do this to ensure the safety of our users and to prevent advertising.

Q: Why was my file deleted?
The most common reasons a file has been deleted from our database, are:

  • It was a duplicate submission (we already have what you submitted)
  • The file contained advertisements or malicious files/code
  • The file was reported broken by too many users and removed

To determine the exact reason a file was removed, you'll need to contact a member of our Staff. We don't often keep "notes" of removed files, so if your file was removed a week ago, don't expect a definitive answer. If you submit a file that contains inappropriate content, you will be notified upon deletion of the file as you'll likely earn a warning.

Q: How can I change my display name?
Members are not permitted to change their display name by default. However, you have two options:

  • Donate at least $10 USD and you'll unlock the Donator tier, granting you the ability to alter your display name.
  • Contact any of the current forum Administrators via private message and request a display name adjustment. Please note that if you choose this option, you must provide a valid reason. Simply not liking your name, for example, is not a valid reason.
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