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    AppData.7z Title: Morroblivion (Morrowind mod for Oblivion) Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure Developer: Bethesda Game Studios/All Mods Authors Publisher: Darck Repacks Release Date: 13th January, 2019 New Quests New Textures/Meshes Includes both Oblivion and Morrowind Games ... All Possibles Unofficial Patches/ Mods Patches/ Game Fixes / Performance Improvements / Reliablity fixes Over 450 Mods (460 exactly) ! ...Here is the complete list ... (Plz Reveal Hidden Content underneath) you can also download optional mods (mainly 2 k textures) to further add realism to this modded repack ...package available in Downloads Section : ) Notes: No need to comment on how much time this repack took me to build it up !!! .... lots and lots of time ... there is and implusion from a request ... you can thk lokidaimao1 for asking this repack to come up !! Credits : Diana_TES_GotH / All Mods Authors This repack is based on Diana_TES_GotH wiki page for Morroblivion Build up .... impressive work ! https://wiki.step-project.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Diana_TES_GotH/Morroblivion_Overhaul&oldid=101827#Introduction_and_Summary --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This repack is almost ready to use once installed : installer provides Morroblivion registry strings and copy necessary load order files and Ini into appropriate folders ( Users/Your Session/AppData/local/oblivion ...My Documents/My Games/Oblivion) you will have to start OblivionLauncher.exe to register your GPU (RendererInfo.txt) . Once done, find Oblivion.ini backup included in TOOLS\OBLIVION_INI_BACKUP ... Edit it with notepad and change your resolution with [Display] iSize W=1920 iSize H=1200 DON'T Modify anything else! ...save and close then overwrite existing Oblivion.ini in "My Documents\My Games\Oblivion" This point is important since I spent time modding Oblivion Ini to match desired setting required by various mods installed ... best visual/optimized settings are already implemented in Oblivion.ini Update : Due to an error of mine creating installer, game cannot launch OblivionLauncher.exe or gives a Renderer Failed to Initialize) ... plz find a fixed installer or a registry file fix in the main repack download section You can still tick on "Distant Building" in the ingame video options menu (disable by default in ini file) if you have something like GTX 1070 or maybe 1060 ... it is really hurting badly average FPS !!! (divided by 2) .... Landscape LOD textures generated with TESLODGEN are responsible of that big hit ! ... because of all extra architectures installed by mods being displayed as much and as far as possible ! Minimal GPU requirements to be able to run the game as it should : GTX 780 3 GB / GTX 1060 6GB and better recommended I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING WRYE BASH /OBSE LOADER SHORTCUT TO START THE GAME ! ...you can also start it with included Morroblivion.exe shortcut but Wrye bash offers batch patch for all running mods and merging DLC Delayers! ...it makes the game more stable ; ) All mods/esp/meshes/textures have been optimized / cleaned with TESEdit / all landscape LOD generated with TES4ALL and TESLODGEN If you cannot get WryeBash to start (not detecting game path) you need to fallow these steps : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Repack (20.8 GB) : 5 GB MEGA Links : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE (Name changed to Backup.7z) Another Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE (Name changed to Backup.7z) Fixed Installer : Setup-Morroblivion - Darck Edition-Darck Repack.exe OR ...if you already have installed game and can't get it to start download this Reg File : Morroblivion.reg Edit it with notepad and change this string : "Installed Path"="D:\\Morroblivion - Darck Edition" with your game installation path ...PLZ keep the \\Morroblivion - Darck Edition or it will not work ! Also keep the \\ quotation everywhere in your path ( "D:\\games\\Morroblivion - Darck Edition") Once changed game path to your's, save reg file and apply it by double clicking on it ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! PATCHES AND FIXES ! ....PLZ READ THAT (Last Update :01/31/2019) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Optional Mods (1.97 GB) ...mainly 2k landscape/architecture textures: MEGA Link : HERE STREAMLINE 3Beta4 (install with Wryebash) Google Drive Link : HERE Optional Tools (53.3 MB) ...(to be installed with repack): (TESEdit/TESLODGEN/TES4ALL/TESMODMANAGER/TWEAKOBLIVION...) Google Drive Link : HERE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Repack already Includes Ultimate Resolution LOD Textures and Meshes ... you can still install High Resolution LOD Package for a minimal performance impact if you feel your GPU is just about powerfull enough! Optional High Resolution LOD textures/Meshes (32.8 MB)...(to be installed with repack : Google Drive Link : HERE Optional Ultimate Resolution LOD textures/Meshes (40.6 MB)...(to be installed with repack : Google Drive Link : HERE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Optional Save (Original Start from Morrowind : The Bitter Bay) : Morrowind Start.7z
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    Title: Far Cry® 5 - Dead Living Zombies Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, Red Storm Franchise: Far Cry Release Date: 28 Aug, 2018 NOTE: Ingame Editor Files are required to be able to play Dead Living Zombies DLC ... you can either download IGE only or IGE + IGE HD Textures if you are also willing to use the 5th DLC HD textures Pack (+10.6 GB) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Repack Including 4 DLCs (Lost On Mars, Hours Of Darkness, Deluxe Pack, Dead Living Zombies) | 26.8 GB 5 BG Google Drive Links : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ InGame editor | 1.9 / 4.5 GB IGE Only (1.9 GB) : Google Drive Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE IGE + IGE HD Files (4.5 GB) : Google Drive Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HD Textures Pack DLC | 10.6 GB Google Drive Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Voices Packs (GD links) GER : HERE ITA : HERE SPA : HERE BRA : HERE JPN : HERE RUS : HERE
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    HITMAN 2 Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™ 2. From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world’s most creative assassin, Agent 47 in the ultimate spy thriller story. Description This is HITMAN 2 Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™ 2. From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world's most creative assassin, Agent 47. Prepare to experience the ultimate spy thriller story; your mission is to eliminate the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia, but when 47 learns his target's true identity and the truth about his past, it changes everything. HITMAN™ 2 introduces new ways to play, new game modes and new features, including the new Sniper Assassin mode with franchise first co-op play. Requirements MINIMUM: OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7 Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 60 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: OS 64-bit Windows 10 Processor: Intel CPU Core i7 4790 4 GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD GPU Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 60 GB available space Screenshots Patch NFO Download Links (Single Part):- HITMAN 2 - AiO Patch - Darck RePack.7z (Single Part):- HITMAN 2 - AiO Patch - Darck RePack.7z thx @Yashu 7898 for test our patch :)
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    World War Z Horde Mode z Repack Size: 17.9 GB Original Size: 27.0 GB Genre: Action, Horror, Shooter Developer: MadDog Games Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Platforms: Microsoft Windows ABOUT THIS GAME .aboutgame { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } Outlive the dead World War Z is a heart-pounding four-player cooperative third-person shooter featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey. Focused on fast-paced gameplay -- and inspired by the incredibly popular Paramount Pictures property of the same name -- World War Z explores new storylines and characters from around the world in tense, overwhelming, gruesomely exciting missions crafted specifically for modern PCs. Battle swarms of hundreds of zombies in gruesomely spectacular firefights Coop story-driven campaigns Fight other survivors in Player vs Player vs Zombies modes Level 6 character classes and weapon upgrades to take on greater challenges: Gunslinger – For those who skip the questions and shoot first, the Gunslinger is loaded with an arsenal of weapon damage and ammo-boosting perks to mow down the dead. Hellraiser – Enough explosives can solve any problem! Hellraisers come armed with C4 and other tools for effective crowd control. Slasher – For warriors with a sense of elegance, the best way to kill is with your trusty blade. Slashers have perks that increase melee damage and effectiveness while their armed tasers deliver electrifying results. Medic – Sometimes the best way to fight the undead is keeping your teammates from becoming one of them. Armed with a Stim Pistol, Medics can heal fellow survivors from a distance and help keep the chaos under control. Fixer – When versatility in any situation is the highest priority, the Fixer is there for you, starting out with an explosive ammo case and several teammate ammo-restoring perks. Exterminator – Fire is the answer! Armed with Molotov cocktails and increased fire damage, the Exterminator just wants to watch the undead burn. SCREENSHOTS .screenshots { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .systemreq { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } DOWNLOAD LINKS .download { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES .notes { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.51. This release is standalone and includes all content from our previous releases and updates. Here are a few of the new features in this release: • Added a new chapter in the NY Episode • Added a new chapter in the Moscow Episode • Added option to play Challenge Mode offline • Added Horde Mode Z REPACK NFO .repacknfo { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; }
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    CyberGhost VPN – The Internet is not an anonymous space. When creating a connection you are given a unique IP address from your provider that clearly identifies you for the duration of the session (and for a long while after). Once online, your movements leave behind a long trail of footprints, allowing others to track your preferences, purchase behavior, transactions, opinions, and much more. Furthermore, there are high chances that they assemble an inaccurate profile With its 256-bit AES encryption, SimonTools CyberGhostVPN2 lets you enter the Internet under the protection of a virtual private network. Your data transmissions and address are concealed, shielding you from spy- and malware. This VPN service gives you the freedom to express your opinions and feel comfortable when surfing, sharing files, using WLAN, and online banking. Your comings and goings are known only to you, and potential intruders stay out. CyberGhostVPN – Anonymous. Simple. Secure. Features:- • CyberGhost VPN allows you to surf anonymously online in three easy steps: log in, connect, surf securely. • CyberGhost VPN provides you with a virtual private network protected by 256-bit AES encryption. The encryption keys are generated on your own computer so no one can use them to eavesdrop on your network activities. • CyberGhost VPN works with almost any program that accesses the Internet, letting you surf, communicate, and share data anonymously. To prevent misuse by spammers, email programs should not be concealed (this does not apply to web mail, i.e., mail applications accessed by browsers). • CyberGhost VPN allows you to surf securely when using public WLANs and hotspots and prevents others from spying on your data transmissions (does not apply to traditional email clients, which cannot operate inside the VPN). • CyberGhost VPN offers a high-performance server network. Basic users experience only minimal delays while premium users will hardly notice the difference. • CyberGhost VPN provides its subscribers with 256-bit AES-encrypted online storage (careful: lost passwords cannot be recovered). • CyberGhost VPN guarantees premium subscribers a minimum bandwidth of 2,000 kbit/s (higher speeds depend on server load). • CyberGhost VPN supports all PC Internet connections (WLAN, Internet cafĂŠs, UMTS, DSL, ISDN, modem). • CyberGhost VPN gives users more online security and freedom with fewer worries about Internet privacy. • CyberGhost VPN has an easy-to-follow overview of subscriptions costs and continually-updated usage reports. Installation instructions:- Download and unpack files Normal installation, the installation program exits Copy all files in the folder and paste crack installation directory Run file .cmd Done
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    Hi Whats up guys giveaways are coming soon for origin,uplay... make sure u guys ready for it Rules are simple; U must have at least 20 rep points for members and no requirements for donors ranks Stay Tune for updates
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    Title: Agents of Mayhem Genre: Action Developer: Deep Silver Volition Publisher: Deep Silver Release Date: 15 Aug, 2017 Main Repack (13.9 GB) : 5GB Mega Links : HERE Single link Degoo : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE
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    Hello Guys, I have been offline for 2 days ...time taken to work on a new, nicer, fresher Installer for Darck Repacks ... This new installer is based on the awesome work / sources from our Genius Programmer : Jiva Newstone <3 I modified base script to integrate : - Hash Ckecking module for archives before installation - Hardware detection for members to see if their PCs meet game requirements + this allows to change decompression tools settings to adapt to each PC specs (from Low end to high end PCs) - Archives size detection of what you want to install and display of Required space label to show total space taken by game installation + Color mecanism to show if HDD free space is enough or not - File Names of actual archive being extracted are displayed - Time remaining/ Elapsed Time /Total Time for complete installation - Possibility of checking CRC of installed files at the end of installation Screens : installation time for A Way Out ...20 mins on 2 cores CPU + 8 GB Ram ... CRC integrity check is working like a charm when quiting Installer on successful install : )
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    This is an ongoing list of changes and outstanding issues based on your feedback! JUNE 09, 2019 .date { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } Core Added support for [Emoji 11](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-11.0/) emojis Added logging for errors communicating with Spam Defense. Added an admin log when existing member notification preferences are updated. Added a pre-installed Giphy key that can be used for all Invision Community installations. Improved usability and display of date-based member filters. Improved account validation process to prevent accounts being inadvertently validated by scrapers and bots, and to improve the user experience when following a validation link that is no longer valid. Improved the opcache comments check on the REST API Reference page. Improved sending bulk emails via SendGrid. Improved post before register permissions when allowing guests to create content, but not members. Improved performance when viewing all IP addresses used by a member. Clarified the registration completed email when no local password has been set. Fixed an issue where members may not be marked as complete, and thus will not show within the community, in some circumstances. Fixed the Posts Per Day group setting not applying consistently to all content. Fixed an issue where click tracking may not be applied to all links in emails sent. Fixed emails for AdminCP notifications "A new member has completed registration" and "A member is flagged as a spammer" not sending. Fixed an issue that could occur if deleting a node (i.e. forum) if there was already a move task from another node in progress. Fixed the email statistics charts in the AdminCP showing incorrect data when viewing weekly charts. Fixed an issue where the inbox list may be stuck showing a spinner when canceling a search in the personal messenger. Fixed an issue where folder counts may show NaN after deleting a folder in the personal messenger. Fixed an issue that may occur when deleting/moving login handler related images. Fixed searching by tags not honoring the "Convert all tags to lowercase" setting. Fixed 'post before register' content submissions not incrementing the user's post count if pre-moderation is not required. Fixed an issue related to 'post before register' where 'next unread' item links may show when there isn't any new content. Fixed the callback URL used for Wordpress sign in. Fixed the digest task looping on a follow attached to a deleted member. Fixed the `PruneMembers` background task from endlessly looping in certain circumstances. Fixed disabling password changes in the AdminCP settings not removing the link to change your password on the Account Settings overview page. Fixed issue where lazy-loaded images in warn reasons would prevent warn reason from automatically updating when new reason was selected due to incorrect editor 'dirty' status. Fixed a niche issue where promoting an item may show an auto scheduled time from the past. Fixed an issue where the button to change a members profile photo would still show on their profile when they do not have permission to upload profile photos. Fixed an issue where public clubs would show the member count in several locations. Fixed an edge-case issue with redirecting old non-rewrite FURLs after enabling rewrites. Fixed issue checking signature image dimensions when using 'insert existing attachment' when using Amazon S3. Fixed an issue where the frontend upgrade notice wouldn't disappear once dismissed. Fixed an issue where cover photos might disappear shortly after displaying. Fixed an issue with lazy load placeholders when added to existing content. Fixed a layout issue with the mobile pagination buttons. Fixed an unnecessary redirect when viewing a club. Fixed a potential timeout running the cleanup task. Fixed Elasticsearch being able to be set up with version 7 (which is not yet supported). Trying to do that will now show an error message. Fixed an issue where moved links may show in the topic widget. Fixed an issue where a member registering with an auto-detected language would revert back to the default language after registration. Fixed an issue where the latest activity tooltip would state "online now" when the member was offline. Fixed broken login form. Fixed status pagination loading a full page instead of comments only. Fixed non-latin characters in the URL showing incorrectly when moving between pages. Fixed an issue where the approval queue may show content in the wrong order. Fixed an issue where the guest signup block title and text was reversed in vertical view. Fixed an issue where custom friendly URLs would not use the newer `/page/2/` pagination format. Fixed an issue where club pagination in user profiles was showing the wrong number of pages. Fixed an issue where a Redis failure caused an uncaught exception. Fixed an issue where the Clubs REST API would throw an error if commerce isn't installed. Fixed an issue where online user lists may be empty following a Redis crash. Fixed an issue where incomplete member registrations were not cleared correctly. Fixed an issue where Post Before Register Followups were sent out immediately rather than delayed. Fixed an exception that prevents storage handler changes from being saved properly. Fixed an issue where the 'Failed Emails' AdminCP notification may not be removed properly. Fixed an issue where the "Anonymous login" checkbox was incorrectly checked. Fixed an issue where PBR content would be left in the database for uninstalled applications. Fixed a rare issue where a template disk cache could corrupt and affect templates loading. Fixed an issue where members created via the ACP weren't marked as completed. Fixed an issue with Flickr video embeds showing as photos. Fixed an issue with notifications not showing as unread. Fixed an issue where the exact profile field search option had no affect. Fixed an issue where the default country was not correctly set in address form inputs. Fixed an issue where the guest teaser would not show on the comment form in some circumstances. Disabled Grammarly from checking editor fields to prevent Grammarly from breaking HTML and causing broken posts. Disabled preloading of notification sound to speed up initial page load. Disabled concurrent comment merging in status replies. Removed post content from Post Before Register reminder emails to prevent spam. Removed ability to sort club menu tabs if only one tab is present. Forums Fixed a niche issue where the 'Delete Legacy Posts/Topics' background task may not work when ran via CRON. Fixed an error when moving topics in fluid view. Fixed a database error that could occur when archiving old posts. Pages Fixed times displaying as timestamps for some Pages blocks. Fixed records not sorting correctly by 'highest rated'. Fixed the `updaterecords` task not running correctly if a database exists that is not assigned to a page. Fixed an issue where 'follows' may not get removed when a category or database is deleted. Fixed an issue where the create menu could get out of sync when the page name or the default page were changed. Fixed an issue where adding records via the create menu may not show categories for default pages. Fixed an issue that can occur when moving a record in a database that is not assigned to a page. Fixed an issue where Our Picks can throw an error if a database is unassigned from a page. Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, notifications could be sent for records that weren't viewable. Removed record image dimensions from JSON-LD markup for database records to improve performance in some cases. Downloads Fixed an SQL error that could occur when upgrading from older versions. Fixed an issue where the purchase count for Files associated to purchases was shown in the widgets and downloads index page blocks. Fixed an issue in the 'Download Reviews' widget, where links to reviews on page >1 were broken. Converters Fixed an issue where reaction images may get converted into the wrong container. Fixed an inaccurate progress bar on a background task that runs after completing a conversion. MAY 13, 2019 .date { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } Security Fixed an XSS concern deleting members in the AdminCP. Fixed an XSS concern managing Downloads versions from the changelog view. Fixed a minor XXE possibility in blog RSS imports. Core Upgraded CKEditor to 4.11.4. Updated LinkedIn login handler to use the LinkedIn v2 API. Improved performance when merging two comments with duplicated member reactions for large sites. Improved performance when working with edit history logs. Improved security of how passwords are handled in the code to decrease the likelihood of a password being included in an error log. Improved the display of the upgrader confirmation page. Improved performance of the latest activity stream shown on user profiles. Improved anonymous log in tracking to resolve an issue with "Since my last visit" activity streams Improved the UX configuring moderator permissions for clubs, including the ability to disable club-level moderators. Improved database error reporting in certain error situations. Improved performance of a 4.1.8 upgrader step. Changed AdminCP notifications for "A new member has completed registration" and "A member is flagged as a spammer" to show all applicable members grouped into a single notification, rather than a separate notification for each member. This change gives a significant performance improvement for sites which have lots of new registrations. Fixed multiple formatting concerns with custom profile fields. Fixed an issue where restoring soft-deleted content would throw an exception under specific circumstances ( e.g. when there was no record in the soft deletion log ). Fixed an issue where the member group restriction to require one piece of approved content before users can bypass content moderation was not correctly applied to posts made before registering. Fixed an issue where deleting a member's content and then deleting the member may result in the content not being removed. Fixed SVG images breaking when served through the built in image proxy. Fixed an issue with profile completion if you choose not to upload a profile photo. Fixed third party processor information not showing when users are forced to reaccept an updated privacy policy. Fixed the "Remove followers from uncommented content" setting not working. Fixed an issue where clicking to delete a member twice might result in all status updates being removed from the search index. Fixed an issue where copying content from one area with an attached image and pasting into another area may result in a broken image. Fixed an issue where allowing a user to moderate comments, but not items, would result in an error when using the multi-moderation menu. Fixed inability to edit profile fields by members if the field was not displayed on the profile. Fixed invalid HTML in the quick search form. Fixed an issue where a comment or post made before registering which requires moderator approval after the registration is completed may not update the container flag to indicate that comments within the container require approval. Fixed an error where the member view in the AdminCP may become broken if the member history for the user includes an old subscription group change and Commerce is not installed. Fixed an issue where broken letter photos may be displayed in emails. Fixed an issue with clean up tasks where they may try to delete a member that doesn't exist. Fixed an error that can occur if you double click the "unfollow" button quickly. Fixed autosaved content in the editor not clearing out when it was deleted within the editor. Fixed an issue where MFA while the login would send 3 'new device' emails to the member instead of only one. Fixed an issue where attachment links inserted into content may have a hard coded URL. Fixed an upgrade issue where custom file storage configurations in 3.x may not be preserved correctly when upgrading to 4.x. Fixed an uncaught exception when visiting a specifically malformed follow link. Fixed attachment bbcode tags not converting correctly when upgrading from version 2.0 or older. Fixed the About Me default custom field not showing on new installs. Fixed email statistic charts so they report more accurately. Fixed issues with performing advanced member searches in the AdminCP when multi-select custom profile fields are present. Fixed a minor inconsistency with group name formatting. Fixed an issue rebuilding certain meta data in Elasticsearch. Fixed an issue where items and comments queued for deletion or submitted by a guest prior to registration are returned via the REST API. Fixed an error when searching a specific search string. Fixed a possible error that can occur during login when using the post before register feature. Fixed the Notification Settings form in the Admin CP so that it can save properly. Fixed an issue where Login Handlers were shown out of order. Fixed an issue where the canonical link HTML tag may include unnecessary query string parameters (i.e. filters). Fixed an issue where AdminCP settings search results were not always highlighted when clicked on. Fixed an issue where the pagination for comment and review areas wouldn't link directly to the comments area when Javascript is disabled. Fixed an issue where content item and comment widgets would show content from not specified categories. Fixed an issue where editor auto saved content may not be removed. Fixed an issue where some content may not show a report link. Removed the hide signatures toggles from guests when they are able to see signatures. Prevented search engine spiders from following the cookie notice dismissal link. Removed poll votes from showing in the All Activity stream. Removed ability to copy theme settings. Removed the unread indicator in several widgets because it can't be used there because of the widget cache. Removed the ability to toggle cover photos in clubs list when no image was uploaded. Fixed an issue where the support tool could incorrectly report undiagnosed problems. Fixed missing images when lazy loading is enabled in several areas. Fixed an HTML validation issue with mini-pagination next to multi-page content item titles. Fixed an uncaught exception which is thrown by the Admin Notification System. Fixed member validation display issue in ACP notifications page while mobile. Fixed attachments being added to an editor which has attachments disabled. Fixed an issue where a display name sync error may be displayed on the AdminCP member profile. Fixed two language strings where countries have changed their names: Macedonia is now North Macedonia and Swaziland is now Eswatini. Fixed some broken messenger related links. Forums Fixed a duplicated error code in the topics REST API endpoints. Fixed images used in forum rules not displaying when image lazy loading is enabled. Fixed a potential upgrade error when reformatting forum rules during the 4.0.0 upgrade routine. Pages Fixed an issue where cloning a custom field would result in a database error. Fixed an issue on the media page where the "File Overview" Tab was not set as activated and also not clickable when one or more files from the file list were selected. Added last modified date to database category and record sitemaps. Downloads Added a group setting that will allow users to bypass download restrictions when downloading a file that's been purchased. Added the ability to shut off version numbers per-category. Improved the header styling on the homepage. Improved performance, especially of the index page. Reduced top spacing (margin) of the sidebar when viewing the index page. Fixed an issue where custom fields may show out of order. Converters Improved vBulletin archive redirects. Improved vBulletin blog conversions to retain the date the blog or blog entry was followed. Fixed an issue where converted members won't be marked as completed. Fixed an issue when trying to convert from a platform with converters for apps that are not installed. Fixed an issue where PM replies may be duplicated when converting from vBulletin. Fixed an issue with converting comments from Vanilla. Upgrader Fixed an edge case issue where some legacy customers may be unable to use the AdminCP upgrader. DECEMBER 23, 2019 .date { background-image: url("https://steamstore-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/v6/maincol_gradient_rule.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom left; } Security Fixed an issue where a malicious user may be able to identify the full path to a file uploaded to a custom field. Block binary/octal/hex/decimal based hostnames from being submitted in forms that could trigger an SSRF. Gfycat OEmbed endpoint could create XSS. Addition attachment permission checks when downloading attachments. Fixed external video URLs being embeddable which could allow htaccess prompts for Firefox users, which could be manipulated for social engineering. Fixed SSRF vulnerability if image proxy is enabled. Fixed GET data overwriting POST data when submitting a form. Core The gateway files for downloading attachments now issue a Content-Security-Policy header. Clarified verbiage on button when resuming a UTF8 conversion. Added a message for when REST API test fails due to a path conflict. Added the ability to fetch members via the REST API with activity_before/activity_after parameters. Added `device_key` cookie information to the cookie page. Adjusted Community in the Cloud auto-upgrader interface for future upgrades as the existing progress bar was inaccurate. Adjusted the Friendly URL list to allow legacy customised URLs to be reverted. Updated 'username' verbiage in some areas to refer to 'display name' instead. Users will now be redirected directly to reviews they submit rather than back to the item. Fixed individual comments sometimes showing in “Items Only” streams when using Elasticsearch. Fixed an issue where content may not be presented in Elasticsearch searches after it is updated. Fixed an issue where anonymous state can be lost for sessions when using Redis for session handling. Fixed errors viewing and rebuilding the leaderboard, using post before registering and viewing social promotion when MySQL 8.0.17 is used. Fixed a duplicate column error that may be logged when upgrading. Fixed an error that can occur when tracking email statistics if the email is sent from a task. Fixed an issue where uploading a new version of a theme may not immediately reflect changes when using disk caching. Fixed an issue where editing some login handlers (Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) can break in some situations when editing their details. Fixed unstyled content showing in Firefox on pages containing embeds if lazy-loading is enabled. Fixed an issue were re-promoting content may not correctly show the selection state of existing image attachments. Fixed a rare niche issue where it's possible for a digest task to get stuck in a loop. Fixed an issue with unapproved comment notifications in situations when merging content and retaining a link. Fixed an issue where it's possible to cause an uncaught exception by manipulating the URL for a content item that doesn't support reactions. Fixed an issue where MySQL search index records were incorrectly deleted. Fixed a missing language string on the 'Support Account' AdminCP notification when Commerce isn't present. Fixed an issue with the LDAP login handler where error messages during set up may not be descriptive. Fixed an issue where the empty BreadcrumbList ld+json tag would be added to the output. Fixed an issue where it was possible to bypass profanity filters when using quick title edit. Fixed an issue where admin control panel failed mail notifications could show a template error. Removed options for content widget feeds to return hidden content added in 4.4.5 which has been unreliable Added support for MySQL 8. Improved security headers on error pages. Changed the "Who follows this" page to instruct bots not to index the page for SEO purposes. Moved the Club Members Box to the sidebar when the club information are shown in the sidebar. Fixed an error visiting the full notifications screen when the user has no notifications. Fixed an issue where old messenger links may not redirect correctly. Fixed an issue where new comment notifications can show an incorrect read status. Fixed club sorting preference being lost when navigating to another page of clubs. Fixed an issue where the "Bypass word and link filters" setting was not honored for links. Fixed attachments not being properly claimed when added to a Staff Directory member entry. Fixed an issue where reordering social profiles may not show the reordered list after saving without reloading the page. Fixed a potential error when an invalid sort parameter is passed in to certain pages. Fixed an issue where certain tables of data may show an incorrect number of pages when filtering the table. Fixed the Leaderboard popular content inconsistency when using ElasticSearch. Fixed an issue where Pages blocks wouldn't show in the configuration form when using the block manager. Fixed an issue where creating a club feature could result in a DB exception. Fixed broken ACP tables on Internet Explorer 11. Fixed an issue where Status Posts couldn't be deleted. Fixed an issue where 0B may be displayed in place of the real Redis maximum memory amount on the support overview page. Fixed an issue where using REDIS as session storage would return the wrong members for the online list. Fixed an issue with lazy-loading where images with a custom aspect ratio set did not honor the ratio after loading. Added ability to search for members based on custom profile fields with type "Checkbox Set". Improved the warning form to make it clearer when a preset action cannot be overridden. Updated PhpUserAgent to 0.14.0 for 'Edgium' support. Fixed an issue where duplicate quote/mention/embed notifications could be sent when editing content. Fixed an issue where you could submit the form to update your profile information with no date set for your birthday, resulting in your form submission being ignored. Fixed an unclear page title when searching for members. Fixed a potential issue sending digests when cron is used to run tasks. Fixed an issue with dates adjusting incorrectly when crossing over DST threshold in some areas. Fixed an issue where some administrators may not be able to manage applications in the AdminCP in some permission configurations. Fixed a MySQL 8.0.17 compatibility issue with the 4.0.0 Alpha 1 upgrade step. Fixed an issue where attachment filename text could be edited in the editor. Fixed an issue with status update pagination not appearing correctly in some cases. Fixed profile photo uploads allowing you to upload more than one file without automatically removing the previously uploaded file. Upgraded CodeMirror to 5.49.0. Upgraded CKEditor to 4.13. Increased the amount of text that can be stored within an announcement. Fixed merging members creating duplicate follow records. Fixed an issue where accounts banned as a result of the spam service may be deleted automatically if email validation is enabled, allowing the user to register again. Fixed an issue embedding Twitch clips in some cases. Fixed a performance issue with Elasticsearch and posting in large topics. Fixed an issue where content items would stop showing in streams when deleting the last comment on that content item and using Elasticsearch. Fixed a CSRF error paginating through clubs after changing your view preference. Fixed floated images inside spoilers breaking out of the spoiler box. Fixed an issue with club breadcrumbs on mobile devices when the "Overview" tab is not the default tab for the club. Fixed an issue confirming guests have not reviewed an item when they have used the "post before registering" feature. Fixed an issue where the submit button on the account validation screen could be clicked multiple times, resulting in more than one confirmation email being sent. Fixed possible issue downloading the member list export on larger sites. Fixed a styling issue viewing the list of members who were not initially included in a member export. Fixed an issue where club nodes weren't shown in the node selector while creating custom streams in the ACP. Fixed a possible error in the menu manager where editing a deleted menu item would throw an exception. Fixed an issue where email addresses weren't saved for accounts created via non-default login methods when allowed domains were defined. Fixed a bug where certain email notifications triggered by guests may show incorrect verbiage in the email content. Fixed two issues where replying to Status Posts or hiding/unhiding them could fail when Elastic Search is being used. Fixed an issue saving custom chart views in the AdminCP when a lot of nodes were stored. Fixed an issue updating date ranges for custom chart views in the AdminCP in some cases. Fixed a styling issue for widgets not set to show on all devices in some cases. Fixed an issue where cancelling editing a post with a spoiler results in the spoiler no longer working. Fixed an issue where spotify links wouldn't embed. Fixed some missing friendly URLs. Fixed a niche error where a wrong message can be displayed if there is a network failure whilst browsing status updates. Fixed an issue where multiple New User Awaiting Validation notifications can be sent when using User then Admin Validation. Forums Fixed “Reply to this topic” button not working for guests Fixed an issue where the ACP - "Popular Now" forum settings couldn't be saved. Removed trendlines from charts in the AdminCP to reduce confusion. Fixed an issue where multipage topics that have been read can be marked as unread when visiting a page other than the last. Fixed a styling issue in QA forums when no rows are shown. Fixed an issue where an incorrect meta description tag may persist when navigating through the forums. Downloads Fixed an issue with top downloaders/submitters statistics page losing filters when changing pages. Fixed an issue with downloads storage handler custom URL when upgrading from 3.x. Pages Fixed an error when pasting a page link into an editor, it displayed as an embed of the entire site. Fixed permissions not synchronizing properly when changing a database from using categories to not using categories. Fixed Editor fields pre-populating content from other records when the "Editable when viewing a record" setting is used. Fixed an issue where externally embedded blocks do not work if "Allow community to be embedded in an iframe" is not set to "Anywhere". Fixed an issue where the wrong user may be notified of Pages database records being embedded in other content areas. Fixed an issue where attachments in newly submitted database records would not be used when embedding records in other areas of the software. Fixed an issue with Schema.org structured data tags in Pages when the site has a logo image applied to the theme. Fixed an error searching databases in the AdminCP using the quicksearch input on the database listing page. Fixed an issue in the Pageurl Output Extension which was catching a not existing exception. Changed categories in databases that do not allow direct record submissions to not output a "noindex" <meta> robots tag. Changed database category sitemap files to include empty categories if they contain subcategories. Fixed an issue previewing feed blocks in the AdminCP when restricting the feed by author. Fixed an issue where "Records" would be shown in database notification emails if categories were not being used for the database. Converters Improved converted row caching when running multiple conversions back-to-back. Conversions will now explicitly strip HTML tags in member titles. Attempt to correct corruption of serialized profile field data during conversion from vB. Fixed a potential issue that can occur converting vB Blog. Fixed certain data not being converted (affects SMF, vB5, Vanilla, phpBB, UBBThreads, Expression Engine). Fixed an issue where the 'manage conversions' page may not load if you have legacy conversions. Fixed an issue when converting content from vB5 which contains [IMG2] or [USER] BBCode. Fixed an issue when converters attempt to convert administrators if the last update time is available. Fixed a number of issues converting vB CMS attachments. Fixed some issues converting MyBB content including profile fields, avatars & attachments. Added support for vBulletin 5.5.3+ conversions. Added support for XenForo 2.1.x conversions. Fixed issues with running conversions on MySQL 8.0.17 or newer. Fixed an issue converting from MyBB where PMs would not reflect the correct conversation starter. Fixed an issue where members may not be correctly assigned to groups that were added during the conversion. Fixed a bad log reference when converting from Gallery if the image is invalid. Fixed an issue where an error may be triggered when installing a new application and attempting to start a new conversion. Fixed an issue converting WordPress post thumbnails to Pages record image.
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    A Plague Tale : Innocence RePack Size: 11.6 GB Genre: Action, Adventure, Stealth Developer: Asobo Studio Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, Amicia and Hugo will come to know and trust each other. As they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds, they will fight to find purpose in this brutal, unforgiving world. 1349. The plague ravages the Kingdom of France. Amicia and her younger brother Hugo are pursued by the Inquisition through villages devastated by the disease. On their way, they will have to join forces with other children, and evade swarms of rats using fire and light. Aided only by the link that binds their fates together, they will face untold horrors in their struggle to survive.As their adventure begins… the time of innocence ends. SCREENSHOTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-Bit Required) Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 (3.3 GHz)/AMD FX-4100 X4 (3.6 GHz) Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series 7 / AMD Radeon R9 with 3GB RAM DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 50 GB Free Space DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES The RePack is Updated to Latest Version. REPACK NFO
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    Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 Overview Microsoft introduced the Windows Operating System in the od 80s and since then it has become one of the most widely used operating system all over the world. Windows 10 has enhanced the user experience greatly plus it has emphasized greatly on the security and stability. Windows 10 has come up in many editions and Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 is one of them which is created especially for the gamers. With Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 you can experience super fast performance and high frame rates in different games. In this edition there are some changes like the Superfech is gone which is a plus for SSD and Gaming. Action Center is also removed and the clock has also been removed. There are 10 different themes that have been added in this edition. Features of Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019. Enhanced user experience. Great emphasis has been made on security and stability. Can experience super fast performance and high frame rate in different games. Superfech is gone which is plus for SSD and Gaming. Action Center has also been removed. Clock has also been removed. 10 different themes have been added in this edition. Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 Setup Details Software Full Name: Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 Setup File Name: _Darckrepacks.com_MPB_Gamer_EEd.iso Full Setup Size: 1.3 GB Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64) Developers: Windows System Requirements For Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019 Before you start Windows 10 Gamer Elegant Edition 2019, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements. Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required. Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free space required. Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later. Download Links Multiup: festyy.com/wMMvRK
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    INFO : Bharat is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language drama film written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. It is jointly produced by Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Nikhil Namit and Salman Khan. The film stars are Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Tabu, Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff.
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    Football Manager 2019 Simulation gaming perfected. Create your unique footballing story by taking charge of the club you love. Complete control of this stunningly realistic game world is yours - every decision in your hands, or yours to delegate. Your call, your way, your story. Everything you've ever dreamed of! Description This is Football Manager 2019 FM19 brings you closer the heart of the beautiful game than ever before. New features and enhanced game mechanics enable you to control your team in fresh and authentic ways, creating an ever more emergent way of storytelling. TRAINING OVERHAUL Bespoke sessions and schedules precisely modelled on the professional game give you complete control when preparing for your next fixture or developing your stars of the future. You can also reap the rewards without the hard labour by delegating this to your backroom staff. REVAMPED TACTICS MODULE Push the boundaries and create a unique philosophy with new styles and phases that reflect the most popular tactical innovations in modern football. There's also brand-new pre-sets for success which are ready made and ready for action. NEW MANAGER INDUCTION An intuitive development pathway is brand new and designed to help new managers reach their full potential. Led by your Assistant Manager, your New Manager Induction will cover the fundamentals of football management and help map your route to the very top of the game. WILLKOMMEN BUNDESLIGA For the first time in the series history, you can try your luck abroad in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga which is fully licensed with official logos, kits and player faces. FRESHENED UI A restyled contemporary skin gives Football Manager 2019 a fresh, re-energised look making it not only the best looking in the series history, but also the easiest to pick up and play. Further additions include match improvements including VAR & goal-line technology, agent feedback during transfer negotiations, manager environments, enhanced pre-match briefings, UI improvements, new Steam achievements and much more. Requirements MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 (SP1), 8/8.1, 10 (1803/April 2018 Update) – 64-bit or 32-bit Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core or AMD Athlon – 2.2 GHz + Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Intel GMA X4500, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT or AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 – 256MB VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 7 GB available space Screenshots RePack NFO Download Links (1gb Parts):- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (1gb Parts):- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
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    Discord Title: Agony Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie Developer: Madmind Studio Publisher: Madmind Studio Release Date: 29 May, 2018 Description Please bear in mind that Agony is quite an "old school" game; non-linear, with a semi-open world, a lot of different paths, endings, exploration possibilities as well as secrets to uncover. Playing Agony is notably different than what you can get frommodern, mostly linear and corridor-style horrors. STORY MODE You will begin your journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell, without any memories about your past. The special ability to control people on your path, and even possess simple minded demons, gives you the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions you are in. By exploring the hostile environment and interacting with other weary souls of the hellscape, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require meeting the mystical Red Goddess. AGONY MODE Agony throws you in the midst of hell where you strive to stay alive and solve the riddle behind the mysterious Red Goddess; architect of this place of sorrow and pain, and the sole entity with knowledge of how escape… but there is more to the story than it seems. Haunted by nightmare creatures, You will gain the ability to possess demons and other souls to find a way out of hell. Recommended Hardware OS: Windows 7 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5 8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1600x or equivalent RAM: 16GB GPU: Radeon RX 580 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent Hard Drive: 25GB Input: At least one Xbox-compatible/PlayStation-compatible controller Online connection requirements: 256KBPS or faster Internet connection Links Main Repack : Single Link Archive.org Torrent Link Archive.org Single Link Google Drive Optional Downloads : All bonus videos : Single Link Google Drive NFO & NOTES You will find a Language Selector inside "Agony\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv139\Win64" folder
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    Title: NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Genre: Sports Developer: Saber Interactive Publisher: 2K Franchise: NBA 2K Release Date: 16 Oct, 2018 Language Selector included (shortcut created on Desktop) Google Drive Single Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE
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    Title: My Memory of Us Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie Developer: Juggler Games Publisher: IMGN.PRO Release Date: 9 Oct, 2018 Google Drive Single Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE Credits to ~MrAdnan~ for Topics Designs
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    Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate AIO Questions & answers, GAME DISCUSSIONS TOPIC LINKS MOVED TO CRACKS, UPDATES AND FIXES SECTION Links: HERE I want you guys to give me requests (within reason) for content to be added, what cars to make into monster vehicles, to slam, which manufacturer wheels do you want to be able to purchase, make drag vehicles and any other ideas you guys can think of, just ask. If you see an idea you like, hit like on the post so I can see which ideas are gaining popularity.
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    Download Far Cry 5 - Full Unlocked For This Activation.
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    Hi Guys Good News Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition activation available with guarantee cause its personal account and you can update your game files when new update releases through request. Each Activation Will Cost You 4£ activation with future updates support.. You Can PM Me For Payments,PayPal (not available right now),paysafe card uk,Gift Cards (Amazon uk),Btc(preferred). Make Sure You Got a Decent Speed Internet Connection Cause the game size is around 110gb Make sure team viewer is ready or if any one don't want through team viewer i can share id pass with him too but with some extra cost. Don't Even Try To Put 2-Step Verification or change any account details Over The Given Accounts, Once The Activation is Done, Only Login OFFLINE! Otherwise You Banned :')
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    I am back on grid !!!
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    Welcome to DarckSide, Please enjoy your stay :)
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    JUMANJI The Video Game Repack Size: 1.54 GB Original Size: 2.18 GB Genre: Adventure Developer: Funsolve LTD Publisher: Outright Games Ltd Platforms: Microsoft Windows Unite in adventure and laughter in the action-packed game of Jumanji, as you try to survive the ultimate challenge for those seeking to leave their world behind! Only you and three teammates can recover the JEWELS and save Jumanji. So get online, gather friends for split-screen play, or go alone with AI companions. There’s an army of evil marauders to take on, deadly beasts and traps to dodge, and cool customizations to unlock. And with heroes Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse, and Prof. Oberon as your avatars, you know you’ve got the unique abilities – and hilarious failings – to save the day! • RETURN TO THE JUNGLE – Play as movie heroes Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse, and Prof. Shelly in a hilarious new 3D action adventure • TEAM UP – In online or split-screen modes, work together with up to three friends or AI teammates to defeat enemies, survive deadly traps, and save the world • DANGEROUS LOCATIONS – The world of Jumanji gets bigger with beautiful but deadly new mountain, city and jungle environments • ENDLESS ADVENTURE – As you hone your skills and strategies, and unlock new outfits and weapon styles, no two rounds of Jumanji are ever the same! This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.0 Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Arabic, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America Install Time: 1 - 3 Minutes JUMANJI The Video Game.nfo
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    Version 2018


    This archive contains the latest version (Oct 2018) of all Visual Studio C++ runtimes, installable with a single click by running the included batch file installer. To install, run the included install_all.bat with admin privileges (right click, "Run as administrator") Included are the runtime packages for Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017. Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported. The files included are the English language version. When reinstalling Windows, it's recommended to always install all the various C++ runtimes, which is why this all-in-one pack was created. It helps to avoid problems with programs that cause error messages like "side-by-side configuration is incorrect", or "Missing MSVCRT.DLL" or "MSVCP140.DLL". This package is created by us here at TPU. All files are digitally signed by Microsoft, which guarantees they are unaltered.
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    Hello and welcome to Darck Side of the Internet. Have fun here and if you have any software requests you can request a one anytime!
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    RDP ForcerX v 1.5 Plus (best dedicated servers pentration test tool for today) Features: Detect all Logins on system (only need brute passwords). Supports surval Ports IP Range Scanner (masscan) Testing password in different spelling (Large and lower case) Can bruteforce all windows logins Support all Windows systems. fast speed and logins detection make it best brute for today. Requirements: Windows 7 or higher WinPcap .Net Framework 4.5 The Tool can be startet with "ForcerX15+.exe" Version 1.5 (03.04.2017) updates: Added speed perfomance. Optimized threads and memory usage. Detector 70% faster. ForcerX 30% faster and use 40% less memory Fixed ForserS crashes. TOR support for Detector, ForserX. ForserS and checker. Removed many crashes bugs. Instruction: 1 use scanner to find open remote desktop ports. 2 use Detector on finded IPs for detect Windows logins. 3 use ForcerX for brute passwords for detected logins with Detector, note: use scanner on clean direct ip for correct scanning, Detector, ForserX. ForserS can work on any connection including tor. note: ForcerS for brute logins and passwords, that will take much more time. note: for best results create good password list by yourself, do not use to big passwords lists it will take much more time. DOWNLOAD http://www.storageserver.co.uk/files/61761/RDP_Forcer_1.5.zip.html
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    Features:- Multi-Threaded Supports HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 Proxies Handling Proxies As well Auto Update Proxies with the latest Available Proxies Full Capture All Games Auto Save Hits with Captures User:pass Download Link:- http://www.indishare.me/z7r6qf1t68x6 SteamAPICrackerCodedbyMR.ViPER-v3.0.rar
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    Title: KURSK Genre: Action, Adventure, Simulation Developer: Jujubee S.A. Publisher: Jujubee S.A. Release Date: 7 Nov, 2018 Main Repack (ENG) (4.37 GB) : Google Drive Single Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE Extras ( Soundtracks + wallpapers ) (107 MB) : Google Drive Single Link : HERE POL Voices (362 MB) : Google Drive Single Link : HERE RUS Voices (315 MB) : Google Drive Single Link : HERE
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    Hello Darck Force, I am from India and I am a toddler to this site. I sincerely thank @Grim_Reaper my brother for the help on installation issue I faced on Crysis 2 Repack.
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    Title: ThroneBreaker : The Witcher Tales Genre: Role playing,Strategy,Fantasy Developer: CD PROJEKT RED Publisher: CD PROJEKT RED Release Date: 23 oct, 2018 Main Repack : Google Drive Single Link : HERE Single link Archive.org : HERE Webseeded Archive.org torrent : HERE Optional Downloads (Google Drive Links) : 4K Texture Pack : HERE FRE Voices : HERE GER Voices : HERE ITA Voices : HERE POR Voices : HERE SPA Voices : HERE KOR Voices : HERE RUS Voices : HERE POL Voices : HERE
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    Title: Aragami Genre: Action, Adventure, Stealth Developer: Lince Works Publisher: Lince Works Release Date: 04 October 2016 Aragami is a third person stealth game that casts you as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. Teleport to any shadow, become invisible, materialize weapons or even summon a shadow dragon to infiltrate the enemy ranks and dispose of your targets. You are Aragami, a vengeful spirit with the power to control the shadows. You’ve been summoned by Yamiko, a girl imprisoned in the city fortress of Kyuryu. Embark on a dark journey full of blood and secrets to discover the truth about aragami. Infiltrate the occupied city of Kyuryu with your supernatural powers and fight Light with Shadow. Uncover a story about twin souls bound together by destiny that surpasses time and memory. About Expansion Aragami: Nightfall is the first story expansion to the celebrated stealth-action game by Lince Works. Aragami: Nightfall is a new campaign taking place before the events of Aragami, which will provide you with new challenges and more complex scenarios for experienced players, as well as proving a crucial chapter in the story of Aragami, in which you will play the events that led to the awakening of Aragami. In Aragami: Nightfall, shadow assassins Hyo and Shinobu go after the mysterious ‘Alchemist’ in one last mission to bring back a long lost companion. Play as Hyo and Shinobu and use new Shadow Powers in a story campaign that will put your stealth skills to test. EMBRACE THE SHADOWS Create your own shadows to become invisible. Teleport from shadow to shadow while you hunt down your targets. Use a wide array of Shadow Powers to creatively dispatch your enemies. CHOOSE YOUR PLAYSTYLE Multiple paths to beat each scenario and approach every situation. Play as a merciless emissary of death or an undetectable ghost. Your story, your choices. BECOME ARAGAMI Fight Kaiho, the army of Light, and rescue Yamiko – the mysterious girl that summoned you and that is the key to your existence. About Expansion Play as Hyo or Shinobu in Aragami: Nightfall and uncover the fate of the last Shadow Assassins. Try 3 new Shadow Techniques to help you fulfill your mission. Play 4 new story chapters through winter valleys and decayed cities to stop a grim ritual. Play the Aragami: Nightfall story campaign with a friend in cross-platform online multiplayer. Download Links http://linkshrink.net/7nPsuj http://linkshrink.net/7Mfilb http://linkshrink.net/7dtuZY
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    Modes of operation: uPlay Registration CheCkeR uPlay BruTe Only uPlay BruTe & CheCkeR About the program: - Mail-format support: Password. - Support for Http, Http/s, Socks4, Socks5 proxy. - Support for any delimiter: or;. - In the software there are the following modes of operation: uPlay Registration CheCkeR, uPlay BruTe Only and uPlay BruTe & CheCkeR. - In uPlay mode, BruTe & CheCkeR software checks accounts for validity on the uPlay system and collects account information in the format Username, Date Created, Country, Active 2FA, Balance, Last Activity, Platform's and Games, also checks and signs the platform on which acquired the game. Saving is done in files: Valid accounts, Valid accounts with games, Valid accounts without games, Valid accounts with games without 2FA, Blocked accounts, Invalid accounts. - When working in uPlay mode, BruTe Only and uPlay BruTe & CheCkeR software displays statistics in the format: Valid accounts \ Valid accounts with games, Invalid accounts \ Blocked accounts. To operate in the uPlay mode, BruTe & CheCkeR, there are settings: "No games = Invalid account" and "2FA = Invalid account". - Get your base to the end, unless you stop the work. - Convenient and understandable log, with the function of fast copying: Mail, Password and Mail: Password. - The function of saving a screenshot when the program is finished. - The function of saving the balance, if you stopped the software without finishing the work. - The function of automatic deletion of garbage files, if the software did not record the accounts in them. - Function of downloading a proxy from a link to a proxy list. - The function of automatic refresh of the proxy by reference in the course of work at a specified interval in minutes. - The function of saving the screenshot of the program at any time convenient for you, even while the program is running. The screenshot is saved to the folder with the active brute project or to the program folder, with the date and time stamp. - Ability to quickly jump to a file of valid accounts from the program. - Ability to quickly jump to the file of invalid accounts from the program. - Ability to quickly jump to the project folder while the program is running. - Ability to work with proxies that have login and password authorization. - Utility for splitting multiple files by the number of rows as needed. - Utility for working with databases and sorting by domain as needed. - Utility for normalizing accounts, removing garbage, deleting domains and deleting rows with a length that is less than specified. - Utility for merging files as needed. - Save the program settings regardless of its location. - The program supports both Russian and English interfaces for work. - The program has every right to complete any process on the system, which it seems to be dangerous / malicious. You agree with this rule, if the software kills you browser or something else, report in private messages about the defect. uPlayBruTe - [c0d3d by @julia_pcret].rar
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    Working on the steering angle for a few vehicles and showcasing this slammed 22b
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    Working on getting stock wheels in the upgrade menu!
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    author of that repack? either it will be reupped or re-repacked
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    What about other members ? Where are they ? Do you guys have backups ? Please dont mad at me.
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    Sniper Elite 3 Repack Size: 9.07 GB Original Size: 22.4 GB Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter Developer: Rebellion Publisher: Rebellion Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW Observe. Plan. Execute. ADAPT. The latest chapter in the award-winning series, SNIPER ELITE 3 takes players to the unforgiving yet exotic terrain of North Africa in a savage conflict against Germany’s infamous Afrika Korps. Stalk your targets through the twisting canyons, lush oases and ancient cities of the Western Desert in the deadly rush to sabotage a Nazi super-weapons programme that could end Allied resistance for good. Use stealth, planning and execution to hunt your targets – whether human or machine. From signature long distance kills, to melee takedowns, distractions and explosive traps, you are as deadly up close as you are from afar. It must end here. You are the turning point. Because one bullet can change history... Key Features Award-winning gunplay – Experience celebrated rifle ballistics honed to perfection. Take account of distance, gravity, wind, even your heart rate for intensely satisfying third person combat. Expansive new environments – Stalk huge multi-route levels with multiple primary and secondary objectives than can be tackled in any order. Never play the same way twice. Real tactical choice – Adapt to any situation. Use stealth, distraction, traps and sound masking . If things go hot, use the new Relocate mechanic to slip into the shadows and start the hunt again on your own terms. Revamped human X-Ray Kill cam – The acclaimed X-Ray kill-cam is back and bolder than ever, including a detailed muscle layers, 3D mesh particles and the complete human circulatory system. New X-Ray vehicle takedowns – See vehicles disintegrate in intricate detail with X-Ray vehicle takedowns. Multi-stage destruction allows you to take out armoured cars, trucks and Tiger tanks piece-by-piece. Tense adversarial multiplayer – Five unique modes of online competitive action. Earn Medals and Ribbons as you play. Gain XP across all game modes, customise your character, weapons and loadout. Become a true Sniper Elite! Explosive co-op play – Play the entire campaign in two player online co-op, or put your teamwork to the ultimate test in two dedicated co-op modes, Overwatch and Survival. Customise your experience – Veteran or Rookie, play your way. Turn off all assistance and turn up the AI, or customise the experience to your preferred playstyle. Tweak the regularity of X-Ray kill cams, or turn them off all together. Extra features Supports Steam Big Picture Mode Supports Stereoscopic 3D + Ultra Widescreen + Eyefinity screens SCREENSHOTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.01. Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Install Time: 25-32 Mins Sniper Elite 3.nfo REPACK NFO
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    Cry Of War Repack Size: 1.77 GB Original Size: 2.45 GB Genre: Simulation Developer: ShanghaiWindy Publisher: ShanghaiWindy Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW Attention! World War 2 tanks are joining the game now! The Cry of War is a tank battle shooting game based on World War I. Dating back to the Battle of Somme in World War I, players can drive the Mark series tanks through the trenches. The game uses the standard PBR next-generation technics to make textures. And, with immersive physical effects, players can experience extraordinary battles. At the same time, the suspension of tracks works quite realistic. SCREENSHOTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.01 Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese REPACK NFO
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    Chill bro, no need to sorry :) its rexy's birthday lol xD Thank you buddy, i appreciate
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    Title: Crying Is Not EnoughGenre: HorrorDeveloper: Storyline TeamPublisher: Storyline Team Description Crying is not Enough is a Third-Person Survival Horror Game.The player has to face enemies, using weapons and other survival mechanisms. ... Crying is not Enough is finally available! ... Crying is not Enough is a Third-Person game that belongs to Action Adventure / Survival Horror genre. System Requirements Screenshots Downloads Multiupload
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    It's going to be a few days tops, so very soon. DM me, I've got something to run by you @Sanjay Dam
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    I appreciate the patience, I promise it's worth it.
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