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  1. Okay, I already noticed that. It was my mistake not to leave the garage, sorry.
  2. Okay, I do not know what kind of error the file has, but what is certain is that with the previous version the game works. By the way, if it were me, I'd take the bus and the truck off, it's a bit strange, and besides, you only see the wheels. Thanks.
  3. Hi. If you don't touch in this file, maybe the file is corrupted. Is just a sugestion. Tonight I'm gona test. Thanks.
  4. If you don't mind, try the update, because I realy want to lost the save I have . But If is necessary!!! On the other hand, you must check, when someone have a saves , because can have cars , given on updates. I don't no, Just try to help and trying to test this new update.
  5. Sorry boring you, but this is a bug in "C" version of update 2.5, because I just try everything, or I need to start all over and forget my save. Thanks a lot.
  6. I try delete some cars from garage, that I buy with the another update (2.3). Still have the same result, every time I try to drive a car it freeze and exit. Possible, the "C", version of the update (2.5). Thanks.
  7. I'm sorry I don't understand. I'm using the latest 2.5 version. Thanks, for your attention. P.S. - Just "C" download.
  8. Hi. If we choose Regalia, the game stop and exit. Thanks, anyway, for this update. The game crash, I don't no why, but it crashes, with this update, or is just with me. Thanks again.
  9. The -Z- Have this file for brasilian (FH3-LP.darck), what I do with this? Thanks. P.S. Downloading 2.5.
  10. I have my windows in english, as always have. I install the game with portuguese (Brasilian), but the game stiil in english. How I can change to portuguese (Brasilian)? I'm portuguese but the game only have portuguese brasilian. I need some help, please. Thanks.
  11. Sorry, but I don't understand, the update are ready this weekend? Keep your good work, thanks.
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