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  1. I tested it and my impressions are as follows: Pros 1-The game was more fluid and slightly better graphics. 2-Drivatars in challenges became more difficult and intelligent. 3- For those who like Hotwheels and Mountain Blizzard both are released. Cons 1-I think the game is coded :/ 2-I think there is no way to release the Porsche 918 Spyder and the GT Carrera because the game is offline and does not need the xbox account. I have not yet been able to release these two Porsches and many other cars that have in their update and therefore I will continue with the old version. Note: Porsches 918 and Carrera GT are seen on the streets only with Drivatars or in races. http://www.mediafire.com/view/6hb4hp0f6axfuqa/up1.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/view/acufqw4bpjhoryk/up2.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/view/jbztcqidi4qncqq/up3.jpg/file It would be very interesting to use FH3 ULTIMATE AIO with this new version but I don't know if it is possible.
  2. Anyone installed the new version of the game Elamigos Version
  3. Thanks. Since I'm using these good updates I feel I have to help when I can ;) No problem ;) and thanks for sharing the updates with all of us ;)
  4. Sorry Dude, I only saw your comment now but I think ĐƗSsᵾmSȺᵾȻɆ already made the file available ;)
  5. So I don't know why , I just tested again here to make sure and here just changed this file to solved the "problem". I recommend others to test this exchange to see what happens. By the way, a good update ;)
  6. Here the version "C 2.3" was working normally with the settings that I quoted in previous posts but after "C 2.5" my game crashes every time the car is being loaded inside the game. To get around the problem I'm using the "GameTunableSettings.zip" file of version "C 2.3" and I believe the problem is in this file because the exchange it solved the problem here. Detail: I did not have to restart my game with a new savegame.
  7. One question: The download file on the first page already been updated?
  8. For some reason that I still don't know, my game was crashing several times after the update "C" and I noticed that after the dowgrade for the driver 388.00 on the screen loading information of the game appeared "optimizing your computer" with a progress from 0 to 100% and then the automatic setup stayed in MEDIUM, Anisotropic Filtering 2x, FXAA OFF AND MSAA IN 2X and the game ran smoothly afterwards. And now I avoid changing the settings a lot because I noticed that if you change for example "ENVIRONMENT TEXTURE QUALITY" the game will crash again in several places. My other setup that worked without crash was: everything in MEDIUM, Anisotropic Filtering 2x, FXAA ON AND MSAA IN 4X running fluid in 60 FPS locked with vsync enabled. My configuration is: i5 8500, GTX 1050 TI 4gb (388.00), 2 x 8gb RAM Another thing I read on the internet was that some users after upgrading from windows 10 to 1803 had several problems with the game and in my case I continue with 1709 and I also can not confirm if this is your problem. I was getting so angry that I almost traded my GTX 1050 TI 4gb for a GTX 1060 6gb but that game is champion of problems from what I see in everywhere I read. Anyway I hope to help
  9. Thanks guys and ĐƗSsᵾmSȺᵾȻɆ . As soon as I have time I will test the video driver or leave it the way it is ;) because it is still very good :D A curiosity ... anyone from this forum added any cars from another game in these updates? FH3 has so many versions and updates of cars that I'm not sure which are really were converted to this game.
  10. I'm sorry guys, this is not going to happen anymore because my English is bad. I was going to use "Quote" and I used "Report" sorry, sorry and sorry
  11. The game is already great with its updates but if it were possible to add some of these Porsches like the 2006 Gemballa Mirage GT4 (I love this one), boxer models or GT1 models would look even better: An observation that I did using your "C: has only the updates" version that I would like to ask. I have these problems almost always with the game and I would like to know if it is normal or I have to do some configuration: Anyone had any of these problems? 1- When the game is in an infinite load loop I close the game and open it again and then it works and but it happens again when I buy another car from the AUTOSHOW. 2 - The game crashes and closes the first time when I using the Toyota Hilux at the beginning of the free ride and when I rebooted it did not crash any more (at least so far). My setup is: i5 8500, 2x8gb Corsair, GTX 1050 TI 4gb and I am using the game all in the MEDIUM locked in 60FPS, everything normal flowing ,4x AA and anisotropic filtering in 2x. NVIDIA DRIVER 397.93 . Anyway I'm not criticizing and it's just an observation. Thanks in advance
  12. Thank you very much, I just tested and it worked. By the way a beautiful job ;) Sorry, my english is google translator, because I'm Brazilian ;)
  13. Hello, does it work with the Elamigos version? LaunchFinal.exe? Thanks in advance ;)
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