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  1. HI i would like to make a Suggestion to retexture morroblivion here is the site to find ithttp://tesrenewal.com/forums/morroblivion/mods/753 an i have the site that tells you how to retexture it pm for it ,theirs adult content on the page so i cant post the link here........
  2. yeah i can i have a few spare desktops i can use ill slap something together ill let you know tomorrow how it is i got to get some sleep for work later
  3. yeah this is a new idea modding games with 100+ mods an getting ALL the bugs out i think in time this will be much better i wish more people would do this kind of thing as my head hurts when doing this myself.......just post the bugs you find im sure will help them fix it easier
  4. yeah i got it now i restarted my desktop an updated it it seemed to help every thing is looking good
  5. mine crashed a few times to i just noticed if all the exes for the set up set to high priority it goes faster an didnt get any crashes sense my system was focusing on the set up mainly
  6. yeah its 3.0 i have windows installed on a sata drive but it was to small to put alot of games on so i moved my downloads to the external.....
  7. i know.... but its going 10x faster now at 8 mins left an to archives to go but z isnt wrong if you do what i said do it at your own risk its going smooth right now..... my specs intel i5-2400, 3.10ghz, 8gb ram , gefore gtx 750 ti im installing on an external 2tb hard drive
  8. well not for me doing that that has made it got much faster extracting was taking 2 an half hours not i got at an hour
  9. for those having trouble with the install taking forever open task manager an open the set up so you an see what is running with it, right click on arc click go to details then do this for arc,cls-srep x64, cls-lolz x64 an both set up exes = right click set priority an set each to high, arc,cls-srep x64, cls-lolz x64 has to be redone each archive for me its going faster cant say the same for others
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