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  1. There's no guide book to exploits, the less people known about it the less are the chances it gets patched. Exploiting is beyond the common users who rely on third-party tools, and is more effective (depending on how serious it is, you don't even need to take others accounts to get access to the content). In order to exploit you need time, patience and to know how a system works, then look for weaknesses... (a simple outdated piece of software can be your way in). Brute force is a primitive method, and phishing can give you better results but you need to do it properly. We all in luck cause Steam is full of exploits and Valve is extremely slow and careless to do anything about it, been playing all sorts of games I don't even own (including Denuvo games) without problems (with online access). Currently only uPlay has been a pain to tackle, reason why you guys haven't seen any Ubisoft game (with Denuvo) cracked yet.
  2. Best way to get stuff, is through exploits and not brute force like you guys do. Currently most services enforce two step verifications that make brute force tactics useless. In the past I would take phishing over brute force everyday, nowadays I don't steal others accounts anymore. I don't mean to offend you in anyway, and I know you're just trying to help others. I'm just pointing out the weaknesses of this sort of attack.
  3. The links for Mirror's Edge Catalyst are broken,
  4. Is cute on paper, but no one will leak Denuvo exploits in order to avoid more triggers from developers.
  5. The Queue Management Device is a piece of hardware that coordinates the movement of and access to information according to defined rules. Normally this is done Software side but comes at a cost of Performance, and by implementing it Hardware side they managed to increase CPU performance by x2 (sometimes to x4). This Performance boost only happens in CPUs with 6 or more cores, it's were this is more heaviely used. QMD is work in progress and isn't scheduled to be integrated in any future CPUs at the moment. Since this is Hardware side, this won't affect any current known CPU architectures on the market.
  6. Well, it will have around 6 TFLOPS. For comparison that's around the same power as AMD R9 390X (5,9 TFLOPS) and a NVidia GTX Titan X (6,1 TFLOPS). This in terms of raw performance, architecture and optimization are key to take advantage of that power.
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