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  1. are you ok D:?

  2. Hello and welcome to Darck Repacks official site Enjoy your stay and don't forget to leave us a feedback on our repacks Have a nice day!
  3. Ultimate installation time we are leaving in 2017 and probably no one have low speed connections nowadays so what people want is decent size and speed installation time and thats what Darck is on to Great times ahead
  4. Hey mate how are you? Long long time no see what I think about the repack is there can be problem while downloading, or extracting...also make sure you disable internet...cuz more then 20 guys installed this repack and they didnt got any problem...
  5. @~Crynuvo~ I will help you with MP ;)
  6. @~Z~ You are an art of repacking <3 Thanks for the repack mate... Uploading on Google Drive! I can help you with uploading every repack... <3 Also I am planning to upload all our repacks on Google Drive ;)
  7. Stealing my every games that I want to repack....but finally for good. Really nice skills you got. Thanks for the repack sir.
  8. Hello Guys! Today I have a very amazing news for you guys, lets get exited. I can crack any Origin Account's Secret Question (SQ), so basically after you get SQ of that specific account, you can change Origin ID, Email ID, Password and even you can put your own SQ and you can make that account totally yours. For now I am not going to tell the method to crack SQ nor gonna sell the method. But I can help you to crack an Origin Account's SQ you want but of course it going to cost a little There is no plan of selling OR making this method public for now but as I said above you can pay a little fee like $5/Account and you can make that cracked account totally yours! Nobody on internet crack Origin SQ, and some guys do they will ask you like $20 for cracking SQ, but here is your chance to get SQ of any Origin Account of your choice for just $5. This little fee is just to encourage us and let us continue what we are doing so that we can bring you more awesome hack and cracks! PEACE Payment Method Accepted:- PayPal OR Bitcoin PM ONLY IF YOU ARE GONNA PAY OR GONNA BUY AN ACCOUNT!
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