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  1. @PsYcHo_RaGE - It's okay. I totally understand :) I just had to say it in a criticizing manner as a way of encouraging staff and moderators alike to be active a little bit more to maintain the Darck Repacks website despite the endeavors and responsibilities you guys have in real life. It's true that we all have our own thing going on. It's just that it would be a huge waste if this repack website would be totally abandoned by the moderators. So I apologize as well if I may have sounded condescending and arrogant. As for the installer thing, don't worry about it anymore. I'll just get a better and stronger PC gaming rig (I will soon since my sister needs a PC of her own for High School since modern education demands online participation and having my own PC to do my paperwork,researches and diagnosis medical documents.) :)
  2. @Drizzard - Hopefully it does. That's pretty much all that anyone can do to resuscitate the torrent somehow. If not, then the other links are the only options left...
  3. @Drizzard - Try this. Assuming you are using uTorrent: 1. Open uTorrent 2. Right-click DRTW3SE.7z torrent and choose Properties 3. Under the "General" Tab, delete the trackers currently present in the DRTW3SE.7z torrent as well as the web seeds under "Advanced" Tab 4. Still in Properties under the "General" Tab, copy and paste the trackers from here in the Trackers box of your uTorrent (don't copy these trackers on the web seeds under the "Advanced" tab; only on the trackers box under the "General" tab); udp://tracker.leechers-paradise.org:6969 udp://zer0day.ch:1337 udp://open.demonii.com:1337 udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969 udp://exodus.desync.com:6969 *Note: There must be a single space between each line. Paste it in the exact same format as this.
  4. Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are fairly easy to mod (I've done it myself in both games. It's just that my PC broke down months ago and my hard drive had to be replaced, deleting all the games I used to had, including both my heavily modded Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Way too lazy to do all that long work again...because it's a lot of work. Like, A LOT OF WORK. Modding both games is easy but it's greatly time consuming and thus very tiring. Modding Mass Effect 3 alone with all my mods took like 4 days straight with me having to spend the entire day EACH DAY on the computer modding the game). Don't worry about the compatibility issues; you'll be suprised to know that most of the mods (especially all the well-known ones) for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 have already been made compatible for each other, with each mod indicating instructions on what to do to make one mod compatible with others. Don't worry about bugs and glitches either even with so many mods installed; I finished the entire Mass Effect Trilogy 3 times in a row with Mass Effect 1 with MEUITM hd textures mod installed, Mass Effect 2 with tons of mods installed and Mass Effect 3 with tons of mods installed and no bugs/glitches with graphics, gameplay etc. Everything is guaranteed to work like a charm if the modder follows instructions very carefully in installing each mod. Playing modded Mass Effect 2 and especially Mass Effect 3 is super worth it. Awesome games and experience!
  5. @Tyson - I highly discourage that. ~Z~, the uploader of this repack, already explicitly explained in the instructions on the Info on this repack that it took him/her weeks/months to make everything fully compatible together (which implies that all 130 mods installed in this repack are mostly INCOMPATIBLE and ~Z~ had to work his/her ass off for a very long time to force them to be compatible with each other. In my experience of downloading Fallout mods back in 2014-2015, I realized that (and you will too if you learn to mod any Fallout game over time and everyone else as well) the modding community for any Fallout game is uncoordinated and hence it had to be up to ~Z~ to fix compatibility issues on his/her own (unlike the Mass Effect modding community. All of the well-known mods are already configured to make them compatible with each other. The best games to mod are the ones that have a well-coordinated modding community like theirs and/or the ones that are way too easy to mod. I modded the crap out of my Mass Effect 2 (ALOT textures, auto hacking loot terminals mod, change your comrades weapon loadout like with Garrus's sniper rifle or Liara's pistol to assault rifles etc.) and especially Mass Effect 3 (Expanded Galaxy mod, ALOT textures, having a cyber dog in the cockpit of the Normandy, Miranda being in the Normandy mod etc.) and finished them all with no bugs! ) Add a single big mod like FWE for this modded repack and...well, your work will get cut out for you in dealing with compatibility issues of the other 130 mods installed, diving deep into the game's engine, fixing hundreds and thousands of scripts for each and every mod in the mod list to adjust to the new FWE mod installed etc. which, in my honest opinion, is NOT worth the effort of doing (unless you really want to and you having good experience with modding or perhaps you're a modder yourself.). Plus, it was already mentioned that YOU SHOULDN'T ADD ANY MODS TO THIS ALREADY-MODDED REPACK BECAUSE IT DOESN'T ACCEPT NEW MODS ANYMORE (read Info on repack) ^
  6. @Tyson - Searching through mod folders when I installed this repack, there's no folder for FWE (which I downloaded before years back, by the way.) So, nope; it's not a part of this repack.
  7. @Drizzard , @Nasr I downloaded this from here in Darck Repacks before it was taken down. DRTW3SE.7z_archive.torrent
  8. @Mr.Gamer - I don't think I need to disable my Windows Defender antivirus for it to work. Windows Defender has the option to exclude certain locations on your computer on where Windows Defender won't ever bother to look at or scan. In my case, I downloaded Fallout 3 - Special Edition via torrent on Local Disk (D:) > Games COLLECTION folder, in which BOTH locations are excluded locations in the settings of my Windows Defender. Both locations were already excluded almost a year ago, long before even discovering Darck Repacks website and this repack. In short, I extremely doubt that my Windows Defender Anti-Virus (the only Anti-Virus I have that is active; and yes I double-checked for secretly running background apps in my PC; it's really just Windows Defender as my sole anti-virus program that I have installed and active.) contributes to any issue whatsoever to the repack installation and the repacked game's functionality. My bet is only on two things; there's some stuff that needs to be fixed/cleaned out on the repack itself and/or I need a better and stronger gaming rig PC with more RAM and higher video card and all.
  9. And still no help from other members and especially the staff until now for this issue in this repack...man, I'm starting to think this entire community is almost on the verge of death. It doesn't necessarily have to be the moderators that could help me. Anyone really who is generous enough to give some of their time to help me pinpoint the source of the issue will suffice...
  10. I guess I'll be waiting for ~Z~ 's reply on this since he is the one who made the repack and thus would know best among everyone else. Until then, it's either some stuff still needs to be cleaned out and fixed in the repack or I simply need a better and stronger gaming PC rig for it to work...
  11. @PsYcHo_RaGE - So I just tried your suggestion. I reverted back my NVIDIA Control Panel graphics settings to default. This is AFTER I made a clean uninstallation of the Fallout 3 - Special Edition repack, even deleting the files in My Documents and AppData>Local>Fallout3 and FOMM in the same location. Upon restoring my NVIDIA graphics settings to default using the Restore button while Fallout 3 - Special Edition was uninstalled, I installed Fallout 3 - Special Edition again with the newly-configured settings as you suggested. The result? Yup; STILL BLACK SCREEN.
  12. No. Everything runs fine. It's really only just the installer that gets stuck at 84.2% while unpacking archive # 2/ DRTW3SE - 2.darck.
  13. @Mr.Gamer - Windows 8.1 64-Bit - Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz - 12 GB Ram - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745
  14. As a person who is new here in Darck Repacks, this is rather disappointing. I installed everything successfully and followed every single instruction stated in the "Installation Instructions" in the Fallout 3 - Special Edition Repack web page CAREFULLY (like, seriously, the first time I installed it, I took like 30 minutes just fixing the configs and all based upon instruction) and triple-checked everything. I launched the game multiple times and the only thing playing is the main menu music and I can also hear myself tapping on the arrow keys for that selection sound. In other words, everything seems to be all and well until...well, the only thing there in the screen is a BLACK SCREEN with absolutely nothing on it. I toned down all the graphics (except some as instructed that must be set to this and that to avoid glitches/bugs) to the lowest settings in the FalloutLauncher.exe . Still the same. Nothing. I did everything I could at this point. Please help guys. Thanks :)
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