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  1. Hello Bro ...

    I have done Quake 3 and Quake 4 (both HD editions ) , the void and statis but had no time to upload yet ... sorry about delays , it will come soon ...I also had to stop releasing point and click and old games repacks as people started to complain about no recent games releases ...: (

    have you tried Quake HD ?

    1. UroshUchiha


      I haven't got the chance yet. I'm also busy with some personal things recently so I have to finish that before I come back to gaming. I've also noticed that the website is not working from time to time so I don't visit as often as before. And you really should focus on newer releases first. Old stuff only when there's nothing new out there :D
      So worry not. I'll wait and come back soon to have fun with all sorts of things you uploaded.

    2. Grim_Reaper


      issue solved about heratic disconnection ... site is working ok for the last week ... hope it will keep on like this ...thx for feedback, no rush indeed ...i'll keep you aware : )


  2. Looks like I'll have to take the whole weekend at some point to test all of these xD
  3. Quake 1 was legendary. The community is still active and there are amazing works all over the place. They should all be played :D
  4. Holy shit you've been busy. I have to admit I'm the type of a person who always prefers the original game instead of remakes and HD textures. I kinda love the original most of the time but I do have to say that I'll give it a try once you upload the work you've done.
  5. Currently I'm playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, so sorry for my late reply. Yeah you should upload it and make it official. Recently I spent A LOT of my time on a website called pcgamingwiki because it's so rich with very very useful information about a lot of games. Official patches, community made patches, texture updates, issue fixes, widescreen enabling options and many many others. I updated lots of my collection with tips and tricks from that site. Check out the info they have on Quake 2, maybe you'll find something interesting https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Quake_II Currently I'm also hunting a steam game called Case #9, I can't find the download for it anywhere :D
  6. :O Oh wow. That's awesome! I finished Darkness Within games yesterday and everything was fine :D Editted the original post here and crossed completed things.
  7. Just tested it and it works fine. On my Windows 10 for some reason the audio files that the game uses to play ambient sounds and all that are distorted and make you go deaf. I installed the game on Windows XP on a virtual machine and it works fine. Maybe I'm missing some driver or something on Windows 10, not sure. Either way, it works fine.
  8. Worry not my friend. This happens all the time. The amount of times I had to change .ini file in my gaming life is beyond insane. I'm actually finishing Darkness Within 1 and can't wait to move onto a full playthrough of Darkness Within 2. I actually think I never played Director's Cut, back when I finished it, it was a normal version. These Lovecraftian games are my fix until the Call of Cthulhu gets released :D
  9. Yeah I just find out about that and came here to report, but you found it first. Once I changed the ini line to 'Language=english' it worked fine. I didn't even notice it was set to russian by default. Everything works fine. No need to reupload anything.
  10. @~Z~ it's Russian. Russian optional language has something that's required. I tried Italian and that one crashes as well.
  11. Ok, I just tested this. It truly is 2.0 (Director's Cut Edition), but there is an issue. The game throws an error, provided in the attachment when you install ONLY English. When you start the game with English only installation there are no intro logos (companies and publishers), just black screen and the main menu appears for a second and then the game crashes. After I installed the game again with ALL language packs, the intro logos appeared and nothing crashed. Some of those optional language packs contains something required. I'll check one by one to see which. Also, the grayed out Anti Aliasing is because of Ambient Occlusion. If Ambient Occlusion is turned On, AA can't be enabled (technical issues that they weren't able to resolve).
  12. Aura 2 DC edition released ...911 MB : ) ...even better than previous one !

    but one thing with the game : it runs ok, but i cannot use AA option in display settings (it is grayed out) ... maybe driver relating issue  ...

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    2. Grim_Reaper


      incoming repacks .... i will also introduce you to Pendulo studio games (the last 2 games from them which is a duology) , Yesterday and Yesterday origins ....you'll love them !!

      incoming repacks.jpg

    3. UroshUchiha


      When you said " Aura 2 DC edition " in the original status you probably meant Darkness Within 2 xD You got me confused.

    4. Grim_Reaper


      yep you got it , DW21 DC and not Aura 2  DC ... i am confused myself handling 3/4 repacks at the same time between designs, installers, presentations ... lol! ...

      DW2 DC : 911 MB

      Aura 2 : 2.08 GB

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