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  1. Did it all. After launcher I runned from nvse_loader.exe and the bug is still there.
  2. Will try to reisntall all again. Just in case will go over the steps. 1. Uninstall and delete documents folder 2. Install the repack 3. Do I need to apply the regfix again? (and previously also remove it somehow?) 4. Will launch fallout launcher - will see if that creates ini or not. 5. If not will copy from the folder his Ini to my documents 6. Run the game/ run the bethini and then game. All good?
  3. I deleted the FalloutNV folder, but the game wont run as it wont generate the ini files there. As per his instruction I have added his ini files there. But I tried custome ini. Deleted the folder and created them via BethINI, but still got the spinning error. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60560
  4. It was running okey with base game that I installed, but installing mods crashed stuff for me so I choose this repack from here. But this one is having this issue for me.
  5. Hello Download and installed the repcak from here. Windows 10, I5 and 970gtx - running perfectly o no problems here. I was unable to get ini file so i used the REGFIX Fallout NV.reg file and copyed the ini files to documents. It started the game but has spinning heads. I readed that deleteing documents folder could fix it but, it wont generate those ini files if i Delete them. Thanks for help This is the error:
  6. Hey I am I able to remove mods also from this pack? Not interested in the Project Nevada overhaul. Thanks for ur work
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