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  1. Its just 4.6 GB and It has good compression ratio. Used Correct Compression Method. That's It.
  2. Nice. Expecting more
  3. Most PC users have the perception that web browsers hog a ton of RAM and CPU. Opera GX was made keeping this point in focus. Opera GX is a brand new browser released, especially for the gaming community. The browser has been made available for users of Windows 10 to try out. It is worth noting that this is an early access release and it will be expanding to other platforms other than Windows in the future. Opera GX browser for gamers The Opera GX web browser works on top of the Chromium engine. This is the rendering engine that acts as a backbone of Google Chrome as well as the new Microsoft Edge browser. This browser is not just built to emphasize Stadia and Project xCloud – but is meant to help games multitask while playing native games. A user will be able to seamlessly stream games on the Internet, use Twitch and other platforms while playing the games. It enables a limited allocation of resources to the browser where the performance with the games is not at all compromised. For this, the following features have been introduced with the browser: RAM Limiter. CPU Limiter. Twitch integration. You can use these features in the Opera GX Control panel. Opera has collaborated with sound designer, Ruben Rincon, and the Berlinist band to bring in a series of unique sounds to the new web browser. Also, with a collaboration with Razer and high customization opportunities, users can apply a ton of custom themes as per their own convenience. Also, there is a feed section built in the browser that will notify you about the latest related to the gaming industry. There are widgets giving a ton of information about the latest games with just a glance. If you prefer less gaming, Opera has got you covered here as well. There is built-in integration with Facebook Messenger. Vkontakte, WhatsApp, and Telegram in the sidebar. Lastly, the free unlimited VPN connection that comes with the browser broadens the scope of where you can navigate on the web. Being based on Chromium, you can use any extensions made for Google Chrome or uploaded to the Chrome Web Store. Customizing the web browser You can select the tuning icon on the top right corner to get to the browser options. Opera is calling it Easy setup. You can select the accent color, the background image and perform other tasks for the browser like clearing the Browser data, Appearance, Features like Block ads, Play browser sounds, Downloads, Import passwords and bookmarks and more. These settings can be broadly configured, and other Chromium-based settings are embedded inside the browser too. You can find them by selecting the Go to browser settings option in the bottom part of the panel. Some other features The browser is smart enough to mute the videos and advertisements that autoplay. You can browse the Internet up to 3 times faster than the usual. This initial version is dubbed as LVL 1 by Opera. You should be looking out for more enhancements to the existing features. Also, new features will be introduced as the web browser levels up in the coming years. You can download Opera GX browser from opera.com
  4. post the new repack topic design in test & experimentation like i have added.

    add that in BD Design topic i have created

    and if you have more, add them there :)

  5. World War Z Undead Sea RePack Size: 17 GB Genre: Third-Person Shooter Developer: Saber Interactive Publisher: Focus Home Interactive, MadDog Games Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW World War Z is a thrilling four-player cooperative third-person shooter featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey. Focused on fast-paced gameplay — and based on the incredibly popular Paramount Pictures property of the same name — World War Z explores new storylines and characters from around the world in tense, overwhelming, gruesomely exciting missions crafted specifically for modern consoles and PC. The swarm feels neither fear nor mercy. It rolls forward to spread and consume. Together, make your stand and unload an arsenal of deadly weaponry into these hundreds of swarming zombies. Feel the satisfying rush of life as you cheat death and prevail against such overwhelming odds. Cut the undead down with rocket launchers, machine guns, sentries, turrets, grenade launchers, barbed wire, and more. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions) Processor: Intel Core i5-750 2.66 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6 GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GT 730 or Radeon R7 240 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 36 GB Free Space KEY-FEATURES Stories From a World at War Moscow Father Popov and his team must survive the zombie horde to find a secret Kremlin bunker. New York A group of survivors atop a Manhattan office building must survive the zombie infested buildings, streets and subways of New York to escape the city while the military attempts to take it back. Jerusalem A military squad must rescue a top scientist from the fallen city to activate a weapons system on an abandoned satellite base. Tokyo Quick to respond to the global outbreak, Japan decides to evacuate the country. A volunteer search and rescue team must battle the hordes to protect the civilian population as they retreat to Tokyo harbor. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES The RePack is Updated to Latest Version With All DLC's. The RePack Done By @ScOOt3r. REPACK NFO
  6. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night RePack Size: 4.4 GB Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG Developer: ArtPlay Publisher: 505 Games Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the FULL game experience, an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG packing all of the best features you've come to know and love from the Metroidvania genre into a single, content-packed game. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse which slowly crystallizes her body. In order to save herself, and indeed, all of humanity, she must battle her way through a demon-infested castle summoned by Gebel, her old friend whose body and mind has become more crystal than flesh. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit versions) Processor: AMD FX-4350 / Intel Core i5-4460 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 280X / GeForce GTX 760 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 10 GB Free Space KEY-FEATURES WHAT'S IN THE GAME? 13 FREE DLCs via future content updates. “Speed Demon” Update containing Speed Run Mode, Boss Rush Mode and the Pure Miriam outfit available at launch! Addictingly tight and satisfying gameplay alongside a rich new story in the gothic dark fantasy style of Koji Igarashi, the celebrated godfather of "Igavania" games. Story cut scenes and NPC interactions fully voice acted by a star-studded cast, including actors like David Hayter, Ray Chase and Erica Lindbeck to name just a few. (Seriously, we have a lot of voice acting star power in this game, it's kinda nuts...) Three playable characters, two of which have yet to be revealed... Literally a metric ton of weapons and spells, which you can upgrade, level up and visually customize. Beautiful 2.5D graphics: 3D models crafted with a lot of love and care on a 2D game environment. That means lots of cool tricks that "regular" 2D can't do... THE FUTURE Expect a worryingly large amount of announcements and updates, everything from updating the look of this Steam page to the game in general. It's going to be one wild ride. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES The RePack is Updated to Latest Version With All DLC's. The RePack Done By @ScOOt3r. REPACK NFO
  7. MotoGP™19 RePack Size: 9.35 GB Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports Developer: Milestone S.r.l. Publisher: Milestone S.r.l. Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW Race with official 2019 Championship riders! Have fun with the new multiplayer experience and become Race Director. Challenge the new AI, take a ride through the history of the MotoGP™ and unleash your creativity with the graphic editors. MotoGP™19 celebrates the passion for motorsports! The official videogame of the most popular motorcycle championship in the world is back with a new chapter full of surprises! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later Processor: Intel Core i5-2500, AMD FX-8100 or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 2 GB VRAM or more / AMD Radeon HD 7950 with 2 GB VRAM or more DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 16 GB Free Space KEY-FEATURES OFFICIAL 2019 CONTENT All the adrenaline of the 2019 season right in your hands!Race with all the official riders of the MotoGP™, Moto2™, Moto3™, Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup classes and the new MotoE™ on 19 different tracks. HISTORIC RIDERS All the passion of the MotoGP™ from the 500 2-strokes to the Modern Era.Access the Historical Challenges mode and relive the most exciting rivalries trough time attacks and specific scenarios to recreate the moments that shaped the history of the MotoGP™. More than 50 legendary riders Over 35 bikes 3 additional historical tracks NEURAL AI Compete with a faster, smarter and more accurate AI based on machine learning that will identify your actions and react accordingly. The best racing experience ever is waiting for you! DEDICATED SERVERS The addition of dedicated servers has made playing online more fun than ever! Challenge your friends in different modes: Public Lobby: create a fully customisable lobby (number of laps, weather, sessions) or scroll through the list of lobbies available and pick your favourite one; Private Lobby: create a custom event and challenge your friends; Race Director: choose the starting grid, give penalties and direct the race! CUSTOMISATION and GRAPHIC EDITORS Free your imagination with new tools and make your rider unique! Create your style by choosing from the most complete selection of accessories and brands ever and have fun with the new graphic editors! Combine fonts and shapes to customise your helmet, lower back patch and racing number or download the ones created by other players! CAREER Designed for all types of players, from rookies to veterans of the series!Choose whether to follow Career and climb the leaderboards, right up to MotoGP™ or to focus on the Pro Career and race like a real pro! BIKE DEVELOPMENT Improve your bike's performance during dedicated tests in Career, working on different technical aspects: Traction Control System; Engine Brake; Anti-Wheelie System; Engine; Chassis. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES The RePack is Updated to Latest Version With All DLC's. The RePack is Done By @ScOOt3r REPACK NFO
  8. Seedr is the website which helps to convert torrents to direct links and the same time it support other links too. Features Private and secure Worried about your online safety? When downloading with us, we act as a barrier between you and the wild web. How? When you paste a link, we get it for you without your device even touching it! 256bit encrypted connections, strict security and even virus scanning for premium users, What's not to like? :-) Stream on any device, anytime, anywhere! (Except on your toaster *) Watch, Listen, Read. Anything is accessible! Whenever you get stuff with Seedr you can open and play it online on your personal Desktop, Mobile Device and even on your TV! * Chromecast is supported out-of-the-box as well Optimized for mobile devices, always quick and comfortable Access our mobile website, optimized to work smoothly on your smartphone. We have specially tailored it for your comfort, and to be responsive on even the most bloated phone How To Download Torrent Goto the link and signup to seedr. Copy and paste your magnet link of torrent. and add the torrent to seedr. Wait till seeding complete. Click download and it started with your download manager. (Internet Download Manager is Recommended)
  9. https://www.gog.com/game/toonstruck
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