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  1. No no wait i just closed the setup and cracked and it works fine! Well at 1 fps because i dont have a good videoboard. So thx for helping but it was a waste of time and was also in vain :P 60Gb (4 days) for nothing ahhh i want to die XD
  2. Yeah i tried again in C drive now with 133Gb free and still stuck I think I'm going to give up
  3. Well i have two HDD the C drive and the D. In C drive i have 16,7 Gb free and in the D i have 94,5 Gb free, I have 8Gb of RAM with an i5 3317U 1.7 GHz. I dont have any ativirus on. No I dont use CCleaner or something. When installing i was watching Youtube The game requires 63Gb of RAM and my C have only 16,7 so I was installing on D. Installer can be run in admin it give errors saying to run in normal mode and like i said i cant install in C drive I downloaded it by uTorrent but it was 60Gb and i dont want to install again. So do you think its because im not installing in C drive???? Thanks
  4. Hello, well, it's been over two hours since I'm trying to install this game but it hangs at a certain stage: gq6$|\~14$uuq6\{|gq6`4^.~b1 prints below. Please help
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