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  1. Hello, Welcome to Darck World!!
  2. After giving away many posters, motion posters, teasers and first looks, HBO finally dropped the trailer of Game of Thrones, season 8 on Tuesday.The trailers opens with Arya Stark breathing heavily and next we see her running away from something in the dark corridors and saying, "I know death". Next, we see Bran, Brienne of Tarth and Samwell Tarly gearing up for the great war ahead. 45 seconds into the trailer, we finally get a glimpse of Cersei smirking with Qyburn followed by Daenerys and Jon riding their horses as they reach Winterfell. The dragons are flying above the Starks castle and Arya and Sansa cannot hold their surprise. While everybody else is preparing for the war with the dead, Cersei at King's Landing is sipping her wine indifferently and unaffected by the winters and the White Walkers. The trailer concludes with grim expressions of the army men as the Night King's horse steps on the land. This two minutes long trailer gave us more questions than answers, making them even more anxious about the final season than before. The season is likely to have the longest consecutive battle sequence. The showmakers claim that something like this has never been done in television or in a movie and is said to 'blow everybody away'. A report in Entertainment Weekly states that the sequence of Battle of Winterfell was shot over 55 consecutive nights and the episode is said to feature a battle between the Night King's army and ‘an uneasy collection of allies’. Not only this, the episode will reunite the major characters of the series since its inception. The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14. BY Courtesy : Here You Go : Game of Thrones _ Season 8 _ Official Trailer (HBO) ( 1080 X 1920 ).mp4
  3. Welcome To Darck World mate!!!
  4. Welcome To Darck World!!
  5. Hello Darckians, I am a movie lover and I would love to talk about movies and stuff and as now I am uploading some Movies in the Movies Forum.

    By any chance if anyone have movie requests or anything connected to Movies downloading please let me know, I will be the very happiest Darckian to help you get them

    Thank You @PsYcHo_RaGE for the promotion.

    Thank You Everyone,

    The Darckian.:1090849196_32(1):

  6. Hello @Grim_Reaper please help me with the Crysis 2 Darck Repack which I downloaded from the website and as in the details its said seven minutes but it is taking too long time to install and sometimes it stops extracting after 'c2-1.darck'. Im trying to install this game since evening this day but it keeps stopping extraction everytime after 'c2-1.darck' and leaving an empty folder in the installation folder named 'freearch..somenumbers' Please help.🙏 Update: Now its stopped at 'c2-2.darck'.
  7. You can totallly use this installer it worked for me. Setup-Crysis 2 - Maximum Edition-Darck Repacks.exe
  8. I tried to download an Harry Potter movie and it seems the given links the description are dead, they are all dead links
  9. @EMS Deathly Hallows 1 and 2
  10. Hello Darck Force, I am from India and I am a toddler to this site. I sincerely thank @Grim_Reaper my brother for the help on installation issue I faced on Crysis 2 Repack.
  11. Its not like that bro.. I really very much appreciate your help and I loved this website very much. It got almost everything I want. You served very well Captain Darck aka @Grim_Reaper😎 Thank you so much for the help..🤗 Ohh yeah, I'm here to tell you also the last installer you gave me that WORKED like charm. Not faced any problem with this one. Great work broher....🤗🤗 Here's a virtual hug🙌🤝
  12. @Grim_Reaper so this is it? I cant do anything? Extremely disappointed😟
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