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  1. Happy Birthday buddy, wish you a happy life ahead :)

  2. Do you still want to involve with us ? ... can promote you as Executive but there is a price to pay for it .... it will ask you to be more involved here.

    Think about it , i can give you time : i will wait 2 days and then demote you to Junior Mod if you refuse my offer.

    sorry for being harsh to you but this lack of presence from many team mates led us to the wall and this is last chance for Darck to start all over again ...

    i need involved team mates ... ready to spend some time here doing real moderation ...

  3. just download the files and extract then run setup.
  4. Battlefield 3 with ZLO+SP included in the link. https://archive.org/details/BF3O3M
  5. JiMMY


    welcome to darck, stay CHEEKI BREEKI C:
  6. I wanna work with you guys.
  7. I'm Jimmy from the discord server. AMA
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