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  1. I saw missing meshes in Anvil in yard of castle. And i want to asnwer on my quastion. If you want to change size of textures not using ingame menu, you need to edit your oblivion.ini with next: [Display] iTexMipMapSkip=0; 2=Low, 1=Medium
  2. Just released a fix for Open Cities Reborn breaking quests problem ! ... plz have a look, test it and tell me ... i will release all LOD required within the hour ... it will give a huge FPS boost !


  3. Thanks :), i don't want to change from oblivion launcher for big size of font (i think that is UI Bug how you said) but what about ingame instability, what you mean? It's start crash for that? Did you test it? Sorry for my bad english again :)
  4. Oh, yes, thanks, do you know how to change size of textures outside game menu? My game options don't save after exit, so i can't change it. FastExit2 plugin doesn't help.
  5. Yea, don't worry, bro. I know that was really big job, and you made best repack for oblivion! I had to connect wrybash manually with console and "-o" key. But i need to do that every time, idk how to fix that so i created .bat file and now it's easy to run. I was waiting for a similar repack for 3-4 years and you made my dream come true, thanks!
  6. Hello, it's bug of installer. Press Win + R, write "regedit" and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Wow6432Node>BethesdaSoftworks Change name of folder "Morroblivion - Darck Edition" to "Oblivion" and click on it. In right part of interface you can find key with name "Installed Path", make sure that key value points to root oblivion "Morroblivion - Darck Edition" folder. P.s: If you don't have folder "Morroblivion - Darck Edition" in your register, create folder "Oblivion" instead If you don't have "Installed Path" key, just create it and connect to root oblivion folder. After that you can use oblivion launcher to change settings and initialize your renderer.
  7. Not problems, sorry for my bad english :) I have more fps with this repack than with one russian 500+ mods (i think) repack, they said i need a good PC to play this, but i still can play it on my laptop, but their repack is not stable and with some bugs (0.9.3 beta - is final version, of this repack, i see you use their texture pack (OA textures)). But your repack is stable it's real good repack, it's best repack for oblivion now, but i bad in english :( Usually i can understend 60-90% of what NPC says.
  8. Thank you, dude! Good job, i can play it with intel hd graphics 4000, intel core i3-3110m (2.40Ghz) and 4Gb RAM
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