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  1. it's really weird, but when i on this save fast travelled to a location that is in north, and then get back by foot to this location when its normally crashed, it dont crashed
  2. if you asking about this cut half of terrarin on the right i think its inteded becouse the mod include one part of the tamriel rebuit mod for morrowind, which map also looks that way
  3. I also had problem with this bridge, and reinstlalling only meshes folder from roads of cyrodill seems to fix it of course they will require new lods now
  4. Also i spotted a missing meash at this location on the table "coc ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouse "
  5. Yeah i can say after this fix the bloody sunsets are back again Also i noticed big lags in the city of orcrest in elswyer, real big
  6. " then unselect "Bash Filter for various mods" " Exactly where? i dont see it
  7. Also, shoulnd't this be added? https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47665/ i think the all natural weather dont wrok while in morrowind, and the sunsets are bloody
  8. how the enb affects the performance of your game? also, ho to install this enb?
  9. i taki aobut the morroblivion overhaul guide what is this modpack based off, i'am sorry i just should name it guide
  10. I can say the russian names even happened before the update, i think its the problem of the modpack becouse it even happened when i installed this modpack manually jaki one year ago, also the end conversation button when talking to npc also has weird name
  11. i think i have small problem with the load order files, when i copy them in right places they seems to not update and in wrye bash its just show my old load order, instead of that i just copied, so becouse of that i must managed it manually, is there a way to fix this?
  12. Also after following all of your secretions and rebuulding the bashed patch, the faces of some races like dark elves and khajits, are now ugly again like in vanilla oblivion, just look, i tried to not import morroblivionoco2facelift or disabling it becouse i thought it was its fault, but it did not help
  13. I did no do yet the crpatch update , but i have meet some weird non collison thing in my game Saves.zip
  14. i think i may have found another problem, i this save the this merchant does not lose gold when he buys something from me, or does not get when i buy something from him Saves.7z
  15. i think i have weird problem with slughterfishes and alive waters, on a new game they seems to just not spawn, on a old save they just jumping on water dead, is it how it supposed to be? edit: Reinstalling fixed it, sorry for bothering
  16. I also used the wrye bash, the windows are still purple even on a new games Also on old saves the slughterfish are still jumping on surface of the water, should i wait some ingame days?
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