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  1. Looking forward to the new repack, I haven't been as active because Apex Legends stole all my time so I took a break from my Oblivion Playthrough for a while, that said, I reached 90 hours and it's stable thus far. Thanks bro, for all the work.
  2. Hey, I found a problem, the glass poison sword doesn't draw when I draw it, it's still in its undrawed state, my character attacks with an invisible sword. Also bought a riding guar from a camp in morrowind and it's invisible but when I ride it, this happens:
  3. so it crashed if you go by foot but if you fast travel and get back there again, it is fine? cool. maybe there was some corrupted scripts running.
  4. load these saves and move north into the ashlands, For some reason, if you go forward into this region of morrowind, it crashes. Save 416 - Sarenyths - Ascadian Isles, Level 19, Playing Time 63.09.54.obse Save 416 - Sarenyths - Ascadian Isles, Level 19, Playing Time 63.09.54.ess
  5. Save 389 - Sarenyths - Vivec, Level 18, Playing Time 58.03.13.ess Save 389 - Sarenyths - Vivec, Level 18, Playing Time 58.03.13.obse Go to Vivec St Olms canton underworks and you will have someone near a door in the sewers which have the sword.
  6. Weird, I uninstalled Trees Overhaul and I still have the same problem except with different looking tree this time: EDIT: Found a Claymore Dwemer missing mesh in Morrowind:
  7. Do you have trees overhaul installed? it was in the optional package.
  8. Of course, here: Save 349 - Sarenyths - West Gash, Level 16, Playing Time 50.00.45.obse Save 349 - Sarenyths - West Gash, Level 16, Playing Time 50.00.45.ess
  9. No, this was the map used for the mod not that weird blue one: I also found these glitchy square trees in morrowind near Balmora:
  10. Thanks Modno, that actually worked but now it needs new lods. Hey, I found out that enb actually fixes the red lighting from Atmosphere 4 but I've got a problem, the skies don't work properly in morrowind, they're stuck. This is without ENB: With ENB: I also found the cause of arrows getting dropped, the maximum you can hold is 20 due to this feature in Duke Archery's Combat Mod, anything above 20 gets dropped so if you got 25, 5 arrows drop. to disable it, change to 0 in the INI: Also, the map of morrowind looks like this for some r
  11. Thanks bro, my new desktop background :) I don't know why but the new LoDs aren't working :( but I really don't care anymore. The lighting during storms is really messed up with atmosphere 4 though. Also found this BIG problem:
  12. No, not really because I locked the dates of my mods so it can't change. everything is still 1/1/2000
  13. ok so disabling the atmosphere.esp files seems to have disabled the LoD in elsweyr for some reason. Also by disabling it, I have the vanilla skies and clouds again which look bad.
  14. yes, fuck all natural, done us more problems than it solved, lol. I would rather have bloody red skies than all these issues. sorry for your effort.
  15. FOUND THIS: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/65868-weather-all-natural/page-60 Apparently, it's related to All Natural. WTF? why does a weather mod change items? LoD is ok and high quality too or else I wouldn't be getting 9 fps... lol
  16. There are missing meshes in Thoronir's shop that weren't there, must've been related to some mod. IDs: 0003079c and 00030768
  17. Ok, newer problem, Ahhh, getting 9 fps in elsweyr since the LoD is fixed, How much fps are you getting with distant buildings in elsweyr? and btw isn't disabling those 2 just resorts to vanilla atmosphere, right?
  18. Don't worry bro, now that we fixed that, we should see why the hell are there bloody red skies in the game? I also locked my load order because I don't want it to be changed accidentally.
  19. neither do I, lol, He probably meant All Natural - Indoor weather filter for Mods. Also There's no core in the BAIN installer, These are all the selections I have.
  20. Isn't atmosphere 4 heaven and hell off nexus? where did you find it? lol.
  21. Yeah elsweyr seems to be completely empty without any lod except the landscape, will do the fix. btw, while going to elsweyr, I found a bug? this marker is empty, there's no ancient stronghold where I'm standing: Yes, it looks bloody red again, lol. looks like All natural doesn't work there like modno said, atmosphere 4 heaven and hell work instead which results in blood red lighting again, so we need the patch.
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