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  1. Mine wont run it says failed to find obse which is needed to run game
  2. just wanted to know if anyone on discord ever replies or even types as not seen anyone typing or even replies to posts
  3. thanks mate Yeah I have had a nasty cold too. game installs fine now and works so many thanks to you
  4. can anyone here tell me why it wont install this game right. as it wont unpack the Aura1-2.darck or Aura1-3.darck files when installing game it unpacks the Aura1-1.darck fine gets to 100% then I went out for 2 hours left game installing. got home again, but it was still on Aura1-1.darck at 100% still not unpacking 2nd or 3rd one. hope someone here can help. I have pm grim reaper but had no reply yet https://darckrepacks.com/topic/3541-aura-1-fate-of-the-ages-eng-only-darck-repack-164-gb/?tab=comments#comment-18879 I have also tried what is said here too but still the same
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