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  1. Download Complete. Thank U so much Bro For providing Alternate Link
  2. Hello I downloading Started quake 2 HD Edition From This Link Posted By @Grim_Reaper ( Using G-drive Link because others link are not available. If anyone have other direct link or torrent file so please post it here. Downloaded 93.01% but now i can't resume it. Please Someone Provide Any Solution. Read All and Help Me. Thanks in Advance
  3. Same Problem here Please Fix. Thanks
  4. Where is other Parts?
  5. @Ghost

    Alan Wake

    Alan Wake CE Multi-12- Links -> 1st https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1Iv4hK1oPpT1slgmkqaN2ILXO1oIgFAmb&export=download 2nd https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1RS4QSej0yKlLdXwOzgTlk62hDBmY0Xhr&export=download 3rd https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1rmKlg1XpH_I8TohX29PNzIoz22WSMRCR&export=download Alan Wake A-N Multi-10 Link -> https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0ByUbWXlS1pM8aUtwTzFNemhON00&export=download All Original Iso Not Modified
  6. @Ghost

    Alan Wake

    I have a Prophet Release multilanguage (Gdrive link) of Both Game Alan Wake Collector's Edition Or Alan Wake A-Nightmare. Which one u want or If you want Darck Repack so Wait for It
  7. Gene Rain Wind Tower-HOODLUM Only 10gb Thankx 💗
  8. I've TitanFall 2 v2.0.6.1
    When applied Codex Update v2.0.7.0(1.6GB),
    Then It Shows error, 
    This file is required -
    __Installer\Cleanup.dat File not found!
    __Installer\installerdata.xml File not found!
    __Installer\Touchup.dat File not found!

    See Image Bro...Please Upload...........

    I Know It's a Small File Size, So Then I complete Updating.


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    2. Grim_Reaper


      no problem bro ...you're welcome anytime ...also updated titanfall post thx to you (thx for feed back : )

      keep it up !!

    3. @Ghost


      Hi Bro ...... I thought it would be OK to tell you.:kp11:

      One More Important Things. :agent:

      I already Downloaded MP Files. I know this crack not working for multiplayer, But MP Files Must Required for Updating.:biggrin:

      You can do it again Update of TitanFall 2 post.:kp10: 


    4. Grim_Reaper


      ok... many thx again: ) .... updating post right now!

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