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  1. Could you guys update SOD2 juggernaut edition v15. It has undergone 3 updates upon release (v15.1,16,17). I really prefer your repacks cuz most of them are updated to their latest release
  2. Draco

    Black Mesa v1. 1

    Hate to sound like a broken record but it's still down. Can't u guys upload it in Gdrive 🤔
  3. The only Assassin’s Creed game that I haven't touched till now, might as well give it a shot right😏
  4. Kool, was kinda getting bored with open world games.
  5. Wow thanx mate I've been looking for this underrated gem for a long time. Remember playing this at a friend's house at a time when I wasn't that into games so couldn't remember the name. Keep it up 👍👍, by the way really appreciate Gdrive links🤩
  6. Don't tell me u guys did this too awesome wanted to try this 1 for a really long time 😋😋
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