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  1. Files part 2 & 8 from Onedrive are corrupted,pls fix this ASAP.ScOOt3r Kindly make sure not to upload corrupted files as this is my first time getting corrupted files from u so this is a bit of shock to me too(Not just 1 but 2 files).I downloaded the same files again to make sure
  2. Thanks ScOOt3r 😋 Gdrive link shows Error Waiting 4 the Torrent link??
  3. ScOOt3r already uploaded it mate here is the link-https://darckrepacks.com/topic/6107-control-ultimate-edition-gog-update-1-dlcs-multi11-200-gb/ & Yes ive already installed it took 3-4 mins to install & works perfectly.Yes they both r the same.They called it update 2 because just after UE release in steam (v1.12) it got an update i.e v1.13 ,After that it was released in GOG on Sept 10 followed by the Update 1.No update after that .So u could say that Control UE has 2 updates after release = GOG + Update 1
  4. Is it possible to make a repack on the GOG version of Control Ultimate Edition. It was released yesterday https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/control-ultimate-edition-incl-update-1-gog/
  5. Thanks a lot, u guys ROCK,🤩👌👌
  6. Chronicles of riddick based on the Riddick movies starring Vin Diesel. I always wanted to play this 1 but couldn't find a trustworthy Repack. If possible could u make a repack of this Underrated Gem
  7. Thanx mate, had a smooth install & the game is working perfectly (If only they could have enhanced the cutscenes) 👍
  8. Guys Gdrive link to Code Vein: Deluxe Edition(v 1.01.86038 + All DLCs + Eng/Jap/ MULTi11 + Multiplayer) | 21 GB is down
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