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  1. Binary Domain Collection Edition (v1.0 u3) Size 3.57 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack Set in futuristic Tokyo, take control of the robotic community before they control everything! TITLE: Binary Domain Collection (v1.0 u3) GENRE: Action DEVELOPER: Devil's Details PUBLISHER: SEGA RELEASE DATE: 26 April, 2012 Languages: English✔ French✔ German✔ Italian✔ Spanish - Spain✔ CONTENT FOR THIS GAME: Binary Domain - Dan Marshall Pack Binary Domain - Multiplayer Map Pack ABOUT THIS GAME: THE MACHINE AGE HAS BEGUN in this immersive and atmospheric squad-based shooter in which you need to regain control of a futuristic Tokyo from an emerging robotic threat. Set in 2080, the story starts when Dan Marshall and his squad are sent to bring the robotic community under control as they begin to infiltrate society and slowly take over undetected, leaving humans redundant in their wake. Thrilling encounters with highly intelligent robotic enemies require you to think tactically, make challenging, real-time moral decisions and build up trust with your team mates in order to guide your squad to safety and success. Key Features: A NEW TAKE ON FUTURISTIC TOKYO - Experience dual layered Tokyo with a run down and derelict lower city and a clean and affluent upper city. THE CONSEQUENCE SYSTEM - Under the pressures of battle every action, every choice and every word affects everything. PROCEDURAL DAMAGE - Fully destructible and highly resilient robots adapt to the damage they sustain encouraging you to analyse each enemy, find their weaknesses and dispose of them in the most efficient way. WEAPON MODIFICATION AND SKILL SELECTION - Alongside a full armoury of unique weapons, put emphasis on the skills that will benefit you. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: OS: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz or AMD equivalent Memory: 2GB RAM (XP)/3GB RAM (Windows 7 / Vista) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT220 (512MB) / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (512MB) Hard Drive: 8 GB free hard drive space RECOMMENDED: OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.66 GHz or AMD equivalent Memory: 3GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB) / ATI Radeon HD 5750 (1GB) Hard Drive: 8 GB free hard drive space CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/5Kfu7f PART2 https://ouo.io/mZVP2W PART3 https://ouo.io/PDWZ2m PART4 https://ouo.io/xIq32X G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/Lv0skMz PART2 https://ouo.io/asNa0DQ PART3 https://ouo.io/FcMuxH PART4 https://ouo.io/eZWMql SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  2. Skullgirls 2nd Encore Combo Breaker Edition (Build 16816) Size 1.76 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS REPACK IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION MAY 30 2020, Combo Breaker Build 16816 NEW PATCH NOTES ARE LISTED DOWN BELOW Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs and published by Autumn Games. The game was released through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in North America, Europe, and Australia. TITLE: Skullgirls GENRE: Action, Indie DEVELOPER: Lab Zero Games PUBLISHER: Marvelous, Autumn Games RELEASE DATE: 22 August, 2013 Writer(s): Chris Faiella; Kal-El Bogdanove; Micah Wright. Composer: Michiru Yamane. Languages: English✔ French✔ Italian✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain✔ Japanese✔ Portuguese - Brazil✔ Skullgirls: DLC Character Color Bundle Robo-Fortune Squigly Big Band Eliza Beowulf Skullgirls 2nd Encore Upgrade ABOUT THIS GAME: Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Featuring all-new game systems which test the skills of veteran fighting game fans while also making the genre enjoyable and accessible to newcomers. Skullgirls is a modern take on classic arcade fighters with a hand-drawn high-definition twist. It’s a one-of-a-kind, action-packed competition complete with awesome combos and an intriguing backstory. Key Features: Classic six-button play gives each character a huge variety of attacks and special moves Variable Tag Battle system allows players to pit different size teams of one, two or three characters against one another Custom Assists let you outfit your team with a huge variety of attacks for nearly endless strategic possibilities. A Robust Anti-Infinite Combo system keeps competitive play free of abusive tactics. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: WindowsMac OS XSteamOS + Linux MINIMUM: OS: Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Processor: Dual-core CPU Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD3000 DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 2 GB available space CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/8sHJ8k PART2 https://ouo.io/HKHlj1 G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/cmZN1R PART2 https://ouo.io/n1WZjuI SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 PATCH NOTES: PATCH NOTES: ENCORE COMBO BREAKER EDITION: Update Build 16816: Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances Lenny explodes earlier than it should(!) ever since the bugfix where it doesn't get lifted into the air. :^P Thanks Mr. Peck! Fixed missing character shadows on random types of graphics cards since the last update. Fixed missing palette effects and lighting on Ms. Fortune. Get back here! Fixed graphical lines in front of Fukua's drill and Painwheel's taunt. (They had always been in the source art, but only the graphical update made them show up, hahaha.) Attempted to fix..."huggies"? Ending Double's Hornet Bomber motion with any of B/DB/D+K (4/1/2+K) will now always give the normal attack instead of a Hornet Bomber, similar to (but different from!) the protection provided to Fortune and everyone else with a DP, which Hornet Bomber didn't have. Dash crouch Light Kickers rejoice! Fixed some more bugs in Double's VO set. PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES: ENCORE COMBO BREAKER EDITION: Update Build 16782: General: Added every number between 0-100 for all the "volume" options. Numberrrrrrsssssssss! Reduced overall game volume by 20%, because Skullgirls is a very loud game. Replay Theater now doesn't crash on Mac! Sorry about that... Fixed multiple graphical issues with sprites when running at resolutions higher than 720p - even some very old bugs. Skullgirls quite literally looks better than it ever has! (This'll be a big download again, sorry.) Enabled crash dumps in an extra case that might not have had them. If your game was crashing without making one, maybe now it will. More credits updates. I know what you're really here for! Online related: FIXED the last remaining audio issue with rollbacks! Sounds should no longer be occasionally skipped. Bursts - and most importantly Big Band's trumpet - should work great now! :^) Online color choice conflicts are now resolved separately on each side during loading, in favor of the local player on either side, so you can no longer steal the other player's color via hacking (or bugs). Character select can look all kinds of weird, but the match will look correct. :^P Hopefully fixed some people being unable to set a name for their lobby! Gameplay related: Fixed every character being able to do an Outtake on the first airborne frame of a jump. (Oops, that's been there since 1.0.) Fixed a bug where Squigly playing her (updated) original intro would allow her to tech the first knockdown of the game. Thanks Shakyfingers! Fukua is now armored on the first active frame of Inevitable Snuggle, to prevent her armored grab losing to a frame-perfect trade only as P1. All other interactions are unaffected. Cerebella can no longer wrongly do an airborne ground-preblock after Magnet vs whiffed Battle Butt. Fixed a bug in Valentine and Double's s.LK where motions were accepted backwards for 1f right before it hit. Beowulf's grab hits and finishers now make the enemy play hit/death VO. Fixed Death Crawl playing multiple death VOs, and other similar instances of this bug. Sorry, everyone who memed about it... Fixed another edge case where death VO wouldn't play on...death. PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES: ENCORE COMBO BREAKER EDITION: Added: New intro animations for Beowulf, Double, and Squigly, courtesy of Skullgirls Mobile! A SonicFox NPC and associated update for the Class Notes variation! KO screams for all characters when they're KO'd in the air! Rebuilt character art with those all-important extra pixels! Added to the 2nd Encore Upgrade Steam DLC: Two new colors per character from Skullgirls Switch, courtesy of Skybound Games! Even more extra colors for various characters, also courtesy of Skullgirls Mobile! A new stage, No Man's Land, also-also courtesy of Skullgirls Mobile! Several more revived, previously-removed colors for various characters. (We did what we could, but much has been lost to time...) That's a total of over 40 additional colors! And, of course, fixes and improvements: Removed the cap of 3 wins in Quick Match - now you can rematch forever! The first hit of Beowulf's snapback no longer wrongly breaks all hyper armor. It still correctly breaks Sekhmet. Beowulf's Geatish Trepak correctly deals only recoverable damage. Cerebella's Grab Bag now properly scales followups to 55%, if you somehow manage to follow up. Fixed the frame of Grab Bag recovery where Cerebella would not go into hitstun if she got hit. Double's airthrow correctly deals only recoverable damage. Added half-circle-forward (41236) overrides to Double's Lugers, so dashing forward and performing a half-circle using an assist input correctly gives Luger instead of Hornet Bomber. Increased the size of the hitboxes on snapbacks for Filia, Fukua, Painwheel, Parasoul, and Peacock, in order to better match the animation and/or be able to properly OTG opponents during certain frames. Remove the last possibility of a Happy Holidays after hitting Fukua's air Drill of my Dreams. Fixed the bug where Painwheel's Hatred Install would not end after a properly-timed sliding knockdown. The last hit of Peacock's Lv3 correctly deals only recoverable damage. Peacock's Lonesome Lenny can no longer be lifted off the ground by certain attacks, e.g. Big Band's Cymbal Clash. Robo's Magnetic Trap no longer affects opponents after a snapback, removing a timeout exploit. Removed extraneous DP (623) motions for Robo's Danger specials and Magnetic Trap, they are now properly QCT (236) only. Added electric palette effect on opponents hit by Robo's s.HK because it looks cool. Reduced the duration of Robo's taunt by 20f to bring it more in line with other taunts. Even with the reduction, it is still the longest taunt in the game. Squigly can now cancel held stances between Downs in a 1v1 fight. Squigly's Seria Sing->SBO now properly activates air-unblockable protection on the opponent, removing the unblockable Seria Sing setups using the choice of Daisy Pusher or SBO+(antiair grab). Solo Squigly's Inferno of Leviathan properly disappears if she is snapped by a duo or trio. Reduced the duration of Squigly's taunt by 15f to bring it more in line with other taunts. Added ground-tech voice lines for Double. Headless Fortune properly plays tag in/out voice lines. Fixed the button functions in Replay Theater to match the rest of the game. Fixed a bug where Cilia Slide, Updo, Fiber Uppercut. and Countervenom could become airborne under extremely specific circumstances. Fixed a rare bug where characters who were KO'd, hit a wall, and then got revived were no longer able to be juggled the next time they were KO'd. THE END
  3. State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition (v17) Size 13.4 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS REPACK IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (v17), MAY 29 2020 PATCH NOTES LISTED BELOW The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Now it's up to you to gather survivors, scavenge for resources and build a community in a post-apocalyptic world – a world where you define what it means to survive in this ultimate zombie survival simulation. TITLE: State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition (v17) GENRE: Action, RPG, Simulation DEVELOPER: Undead Labs PUBLISHER: Xbox Game Studios RELEASE DATE: 13 March, 2020 Languages: English✔ French✔ Italian✔ German✔ Portuguese - Brazil✔ Russian✔ Spanish - Latin America✔ Simplified Chinese✔ JUGGERNAUT EDITION: State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition re-imagines the popular survival game as a brand-new experience to welcome first-time players... and those who've come back from the dead. Available on Steam for the first time, this edition is packed with new and remastered content for the ultimate zombie survival experience. Join over 7 million existing players and discover what Juggernaut Edition has to offer: The base game plus all three add-on packs released to date: Heartland: an massive story campaign set in a familiar town with new challenges Daybreak Pack: a test of teamwork with siege-style, "survive the horde" gameplay Independence Pack: a celebration of history that blows up zombies... with fireworks! Remastered graphics and an upgraded engine featuring realistic fog effects An expanded soundtrack with hours of new thematic musical arrangements Providence Ridge: a brand-new open-world map full of forests, zombies, and mystery Two-handed heavy weapons with new melee combat moves to bust zombie heads A new introductory experience and improved controls to help you master the apocalypse, and countless other improvements to the classic open-ended sandbox gameplay. ABOUT THIS GAME: State of Decay 2 is an open-world survival-fantasy game set just after the zombie apocalypse. Your small community of survivors seeks to rebuild a corner of civilization, and you get to make all the decisions about how that happens. You decide who to recruit to your team, where to settle your community, how to fortify and upgrade your base, and when it’s time to move to greener pastures. You select which survivor to bring along on a scavenging run for the food and ammo you need, and who you’ll use to fight off the zombies attacking your base. You choose how you’ll deal with other people who move into your town. Will you be friendly and welcoming... or will you aggressively defend your territory? Every player’s experience in the sandbox is unique. Each character in your community has their own special set of skills and traits, so no two communities are ever the same. The challenges you face also vary from game to game, based on who you recruit and the decisions you make along the way. With co-op multiplayer support, you can visit your friends' communities and help them through a tough spot, bringing back rewards for your own communities later. Alternate game modes include a full 10-hour narrative campaign and a four-player zombie-slaughtering "siege defense" mode. Undead Labs is proud to present our best-ever vision of the zombie apocalypse. Keep your eyes peeled and your weapons ready. This is one apocalypse you won't want to miss. MATURE CONTENT DESCRIPTION: In State of Decay 2, the quiet stillness of the post-apocalyptic world is interrupted by gruesome horror and grisly violence. If you can't defend yourself with the guns, knives, and bats you find while scavenging, you might see your character literally ripped apart by monstrous zombies... or murdered by aggressive NPCs looking to claim your territory! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel i5-2500 @2.7Ghz / AMD FX-6300 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7870 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 30 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible Additional Notes: Internet connection required for initial sign-in. Free Xbox Live account required to play. RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel i5 4570 @ 3.2Ghz / AMD FX-8350 Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB / AMD Radeon R9 380 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 30 GB available space Sound Card: CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/0AUXhM PART2 https://ouo.io/p0vQNW PART3 https://ouo.io/WGGh9c PART4 https://ouo.io/9xhBWW PART5 https://ouo.io/JkaeQ9 SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 PATCH NOTES: Update 17: In addition to the new Anniversary content pack, we've made a bunch of bug fixes and gameplay improvements, including: Increased speeds for reloading firearms and refueling and repairing vehicles. More improvements to combat with juggernauts, this time focused on melee weapons. Improvements to follower AI in combat. New beneficial community events driven by survivors with good morale. Adjustments to mission pacing to reduce stress and randomization. New Weapons for Your Survivors The Anniversary Pack adds 8 new weapons to the game, including two heavy weapons you can find by scavenging. Safari Razorback .44: The sidearm to grab when your elephant gun runs dry. Includes a muzzle brake and a military-grade scope. Unlock this beastly revolver by completing a task from the Bounty Broker. F45 Tactical: A heavy, durable combat pistol with an optic, large mag, and fast-firing trigger. Claim this very special pistol by completing a task from the Bounty Broker. AKS-74U Valentine: Hard-hitting and fast-firing, this high-capacity submachine gun includes a sight and is chambered for rifle rounds. Add this gorgeous assault weapon to your arsenal by completing a task from the Bounty Broker. Ancestral Talwar: One of two unique blades wielded by the heroic Gurubani Kaur, who first appeared in the updated Breakdown mode in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. Unsheathe this lethal weapon by completing a task from the Bounty Broker. Heirloom Khanda: The second of Gurubani Kaur's iconic swords. To wield this hard-hitting blade, complete a task from the Bounty Broker. Industrial Wrench: The One and Only. Made in the USA by the Big [censored] Wrench Company, and guaranteed to last as long as you do. Make it yours by completing a task from the Bounty Broker. Beetle Mallet: One swing is all you should need to knock down that horde... which is good, because you'll be exhausted after two. This heavy weapon can be found by scavenging in the game. Brick Hammer: Surprisingly lightweight and easy to swing for its size and knockdown. For now, this heavy weapon is found exclusively in the remains of destroyed plague hearts. New Outfits and More: This content update also includes four new outfits, a new hat, a new vehicle, and a new facility mod that's perfect for celebrations! Logo Ninja Hoodie: There's just one way to make the ninja hoodie more awesome: by adding the logo of your favorite zombie survival game! You can unlock this outfit in your Closet by logging into the game between May 19, 2020 and June 28, 2020. Undead Green Cattleman Hat: Now this is a hat that shows your true commitment to celebrating. Just like the Logo Ninja Hoodie, everyone who logs into the game between May 19, 2020 and June 28, 2020 receives this hat as a free gift! Sand Shark Hoodie: Last seen on a unique survivor in the Breakdown DLC for the original State of Decay, this iconic outfit is now available for any of your community members to wear, because it’s already waiting in your Closet! Brown Logo Combat Tee: Not everybody can pull off the t-shirt with combat pants look, but you’re special. Good news: this outfit is free to all players, so go check your Closet now! Red Talon Bomber Jacket: This sharp-looking jacket will make you the envy of all. You just have to complete a bounty for the Bounty Broker! Trumbull 4x4: This midsize pickup is designed for off-roading, with increased ground clearance and more suspension travel. In order to take it for a spin, you'll need to complete a bounty for the Bounty Broker! Anniversary Cake Oven: Last but certainly not least is a very special facility mod that lets you craft fiery, zombie-killing "anniversary cakes." Because a party's not a party until you've invited a bunch of zombies over and set them on fire. Talk to the Bounty Broker to learn how you can score this unique facility mod! Remember that all hats and outfits you've unlocked are shared across all communities on your account. A Note on Retired Content Packs As you've likely noticed, we've started retiring older content packs to make room for the new content. Already this year we've retired the World War 2 Pack, the Fearsome Footage Pack, and the Go Bag Pack. This month the Critical Response Pack is joining the list of retired content, and in June we'll retire the Trumbull Valley Pack to make room for another exciting set of new items. When a content pack is retired, you keep anything you already own. However, you can't acquire more items from retired packs, nor can you continue making progress on bounties from those packs. If you don't manage to complete all the bounties from a pack before it's retired, don't fret! In a world where corpses walk, nothing stays dead for long ... Gameplay: The basic Shooting skill now awards improvements to Reload Speed. This means that Gunslinging specialists are no longer the only ones who can manage to reload an AK-47 without fumbling the magazine. Survivors with Gunslinging can still get far quicker at reloading than everyone else (and their maximum is still the same). The baseline is just higher for all experienced shooters. You still want Gunslinging if you're packing the Eternal Guard's Infinite Rage-not that you ever really need to reload that one. Last month, we fixed some problems that cropped up when fighting juggernauts with guns. This month, we're extending that fix to melee weapons. Hitting a juggernaut in the back now does more damage than hitting it in the front. Hitting a juggernaut while staggered now damages it properly. Weapon impact now makes a major difference. Heavy weapons are over three times as useful against juggernauts as close combat weapons! Don't try stabbing a juggernaut to death with a screwdriver unless you're looking for a bad time. Some weapon balance was done to help clarify the differences here. Specifically, heavy weapons (especially heavy blunt weapons) are now far and away the hardest hitters. The Bell Club, Persian Meel, CLEO Mace, CLEO Hammer, and CLEO Greathammer have had their impact reduced to ensure that heavy weapons can fulfill their role as the heaviest of weapons. The CLEO Greathammer had it's swing cost reduced to compensate, since it's primary strength is impact. It's still top of the charts for blunt weapons. Gas cans and toolkits now work 50% faster than before. You still don't want to use them in the middle of a fight, but you also won't want to claw your eyes out by the time they're done. Advanced toolkits are unchanged. Because standard toolkits got faster, the advanced toolkits are now only about five times as quick, instead of the usual eight. Rapidly opening and closing the Supply Locker no longer locks your character in a search animation. Using the Interact button to finish a zombie now takes priority over a whole host of other interactions, not just container searches. This means you're less likely to enter a vehicle or start a conversation when you'd rather be busy snuffing zeds. It is now much easier to find those last few outfits and hats you're looking for, as the random selection process is no longer making invisible fruitless attempts to offer you outfits you’ve already unlocked. AI: AI-controlled humans now engage more thoughtfully in combat, making better decisions about weapon use, staying focused when surrounded by zombies, and responding appropriately to freaks. AI-controlled followers will now prioritize getting into the car when you’re trying to beat a hasty retreat from combat, instead of going for just one, more, kill. Zombies near a player’s base will no longer be inexplicably drawn inside to cause unnecessary fights. Zombies, especially hordes and freaks, now also do a better job at avoiding safe zones of all types. Knocking the helmet off an armored zombie no longer attracts attention from other zombies. Twice a day, characters with morale of Stable or higher now have a chance of finding extra resources each day, finding useful items, or finding weapons. Twice a day, characters with morale of Cheerful or higher may provide a variety of bonuses to the community, including morale boosts to all members of the community, resources, items, etc. Missions: Mission pacing has been re-tuned to reduce pressure, limiting the number of similar missions that can exist at once, and reducing the overall size of the typical mission list. The mission system also now pays more attention to context, with examples like: Offering ambient missions when you're away from base, and personal missions when you're at home. Making sure you have a resource available before asking you to donate a rucksack of it. The Bounty Broker’s introductory mission now generally appears when you enter his area of the map, rather than immediately after the starter missions are complete. Enclaves will now generally accept rucksacks of "Mystery Meat" to satisfy their requests for food. The game still won’t recognize that this makes you a terrible person. The starting mission when skipping the tutorial in the Dread Zone now correctly causes all plague hearts to appear on your map. Warlord: To Stop a Thief now avoids getting hung up if a character is accidentally killed by a zombie. Warlord: Might Makes Right now avoids getting hung up on the objective to upgrade your Fighting Gym to level 2. Builder: Useful Utilities now recognizes the power and water provided by the Prescott Fire Station, and no longer asks you to double up on them. User Interface We fixed a problem that occasionally removed an incorrect plague heart from the map UI, causing it to seem that you had destroyed all the plague hearts on the map when you hadn't. We revised a couple of common icons in the UI to make them easier to understand. The icon identifying the Consumables tab on the Supply Locker now more accurately represents the items you are likely to find inside. The map icon for "move to this location" mission objectives is now more recognizable as an arrow when zoomed all the way out. Vehicles delivered by a radio command now have a different icon than supply drops summoned by a radio command, to help distinguish between them. Vehicles delivered by a radio commands are now always visible on the map until you first get into them (no matter how zoomed out your map is), just like supply drops summoned by radio commands. We fixed a bug that could cause players returning from multiplayer to lose access to their Difficulty menus. We fixed a bug that, under rare circumstances, was causing the Map and Difficulty selection interfaces to persist on-screen after they were supposed to go away. Environments We continued to make minor improvements to the maps to remove trouble spots where players could navigate to weird locations and get stuck. We also stapled down a few floaty props. Update 16: This update is a return to form after the massive release of Juggernaut Edition! It includes the new Pawn Shop Pack at the Bounty Broker and a host of other fixes and tweaks, including: A fix to address invisible zombies in multiplayer and the dreaded Error 3 disconnects. A massive overall increase to weapon durability, muzzle brakes that improve durability, and a free one-time repair for all weapons. Juggernauts that take more damage from higher-caliber firearms and headshots. Infestations that don’t repopulate right after you clear them out. Irritable characters that can more easily be prevented from starting fights. The ability to stealthily kill your way through a horde. Pawn Shop Pack: Pawn shops are intriguing locations filled with a wide variety of unusual items, from appliances to guns to jewelry. In that spirit, we’re offering this new array of useful gear and outfits for your survivors. It's like the pawn shop came right to your door with a delivery! This content pack adds seven new weapons to the game, all of which are available via new Bounty Broker challenges. PPQ 45-A .45 caliber variant of the PPQ frame that uses polygonal rifling instead of "lands and grooves" to achieve extraordinary accuracy. G45-An evolution of the G19 that incorporates years of field experience into a new, highly durable version of the classic pistol. Hunter SKS-This rifle was modified with a scope and brake for pinpoint protein procurement. Now it has other uses. Non-Compliant SKS-This SKS joined an outlaw biker gang, adding full auto conversion, a high-capacity "double stack" magazine, and a high-speed optic. Wyrmling — A gorgeous new close-combat weapon that pairs well with its larger cousin, the Wyvern. Wyvern-The most elegant blade you could expect for three installments of $29.95. Pick up the Wyrmling to complete the set. Guandao-An ancient, heavy blade meant to be swung with power. Use it to vanquish hordes of your enemies. In addition, the pack includes five new raincoats and matching rain hats to keep your survivors dry in these rainy months. The black set can be earned by completing a pair of Bounty Broker challenges, while the other four sets are all added to your Closet for free! And remember, all hats and outfits you’ve gained are shared across all communities on your account. Content Pack Cycling Update: We had previously announced that this update would see the retirement of the Critical Response Pack. Instead, we're keeping that pack in the rotation for one more month! In other words, you have a little more time to finish those Bounty Broker challenges from the Critical Response Pack before it's replaced in Update 17 with another new pack of goodies. Future content pack releases will still "cycle out” one pack to make room, but this means we'll now have four packs in the current rotation instead of three. Multiplayer: We hammered on our multiplayer networking code and fixed several issues with zombie synchronization. There should be fewer invisible zombies, more accurate positioning, and a major reduction in the dreaded Error 3 disconnects. Weapons and Mods: We’ve doubled the durability of all ranged and melee weapons! But we haven't changed the way repair works-more durability means higher repair costs. So, you'll repair half as often for twice the cost. This should make weapon durability behave a bit more realistically while leaving the game's parts economy intact. As a side effect of these changes, the number of parts salvaged from these weapons is now roughly doubled. To smooth the transition into these new values, we're repairing all the weapons that currently exist in your saved games. Enjoy! To keep pace with our recent restoration of suppressor power, we're further improving muzzle brakes to keep them competitive. Muzzle brakes no longer cause a weapon to make additional noise. Brakes now improve weapon durability, making repairs less frequent on any weapon to which they are equipped. This effectively grants 33%, 50%, or 100% more shots (for handmade, professional, and advanced brakes) before repairs are needed. Brakes also improve control even more, allowing even notoriously squirrelly weapons to produce predictable, modest, recoil when equipped with the highest level muzzle brakes. To round out this balance pass on weapon mods, we've buffed chokes. Chokes now provide dramatic increases to range (50%, 100%, and 150% for handmade, professional, and advanced). A high-end choke now allows a shotgun to be effective at ranges previously reserved for longer pistols or shorter rifles. Chokes also grant modest increases to power (10%, 20%, and 30% for handmade, professional, and advanced) The power increase makes them more effective against plague hearts, hostile humans, and juggernauts. This work also fixes a previously undiscovered issue where chokes would actually make shotgun effectiveness worse as you got farther from the target. Essentially, the same bug as the "suppressor bug" we identified in CU14 appears to have been stealthily lying in wait on the choke attachments since, well, a long time ago. We made a full tuning and tweaking pass across the new heavy weapons. Without listing all the details, here are a few highlights: All heavy weapons increased in durability, some more than others. The biggest beneficiaries are the Sledge Hammer and the Groundbreaker Shovel. All heavy weapons gained additional impact (which helps against enemies with hit points, like juggernauts and humans). The biggest beneficiaries are the Coffee Can Mace and the Groundbreaker Shovel. Most heavy weapons gained tweaks to their additional effects, like knockdown and dismember chance. These are largely minor and varied, and most are beneficial. Most heavy weapons also had their weight and stamina-cost-per-swing adjusted. Most got lighter, and only a couple got a bit heavier. Thanks to some excellent sleuthing by members of our community (especially u/TheErudite on Reddit), we learned that Juggernauts were not responding to firearms the way we intended. So we've made a few important fixes: Juggernauts now take greater damage if you use higher-caliber firearms and power-enhancing weapon mods. So the difference between an AK-47 and a .22 pistol really comes through. We’ve done a balance pass across all firearms to make sure players are rewarded for bringing more firepower to a Juggernaut encounter. Body shots to Juggernauts are now less effective, and headshots become increasingly effective the more you degrade the Juggernaut's skull with accumulated damage, rewarding players who keep their cool while he's charging. Juggernauts no longer ignore damage when they’re in their "stagger" behavior, and can be staggered again sooner after recovering. This damage immunity was helping to mask the problem, and now the natural assumptions players make about whether they are hurting the Juggernaut are actually true. And finally, Heavy weapons can now be found when looting a Plague Heart. Gameplay: Destroying an infestation now creates a temporary moratorium on the creation of new infestations, removing that annoying moment when an infestation pops up literally ten seconds after you cleared out the last one. The death of a zombie no longer automatically gets the attention of the horde they are a part of, making it much easier to quietly kill your way through a horde, one zombie at a time. When a zombie is on the ground next to a container, we now prioritize finishing the zombie with the interact button, rather than looting the container. AI-controlled humans are now able to shoot zombies out to the effective range of their weapons. (They were previously inadvertently limited to about 50 meters.) This is particularly valuable to characters staffing Watchtowers. AI-controlled humans now get into vehicles more promptly, avoiding walking in indecisive circles beforehand. Facilities: We removed the influence cost to Reveal Map Exits at an upgraded Command Center, to smooth the path for players who want to try new maps. Checking a character into the Infirmary to halt the progress of Blood Plague no longer has an ongoing meds cost. Characters made "busy" by a mission can now still be checked into the Infirmary. We fixed an inconsistency in the amount of experience awarded for "Primary Care" when used by an Infirmary 3 or Field Hospital. It was 200, but now is reduced to 100 to match the same action on the Infirmary 1 or 2. We fixed an issue where "Emergency Medicine" awarded Mechanics skill experience, instead of Medicine skill experience. Or maybe your survivors were actually robots up until now? Didn’t see that coming, did you? The new Ranger SUV can now be upgraded to a Smashwagon, like other SUVs. Community: The numbers that lead to characters starting fights based on their traits have been changed to fall in line with the existing morale thresholds. In general, this makes those characters less likely to start fights. Characters with "irritable" traits won’t start fights unless they are below "Cheerful." Characters with traits that “start conflicts” won’t start fights unless they are below "Empowered." Characters at your base will no longer complain about noise when the Threat level is less than 14. Morale-driven filth on characters is now visible in multiplayer. A reminder to make sure to shower before seeing other people. Running low on meds no longer issues an inaccurate "Food Dire!" penalty to morale. Survivors now recognize that bandages are not food. User Interface: Now when you equip an item (like a weapon or a backpack) directly from your supply locker or from a vehicle, the game swaps your previously-equipped item back into that container, rather than dropping it into your inventory by default. We made this change because in our experience as players, this is what we actually wanted the game to do about 99% of the time. Note, this does not apply to lootable containers out in the world, which still cannot receive items from you, but can only provide them. You can now click and drag scroll bars in the menus if you are using a mouse. Moving to a new map in Nightmare no longer reveals all the Plague Hearts. Dead characters and empty leader slots no longer offer you access to their closets. We reduced the time it takes to load up and interact with the Community Screen, which was becoming an issue on some hardware. The keybinding screen no longer issues a warning when you leave the older Dodge/Crouch action unbound. We’ve bound the option to delete Legacy survivors via the Main Menu to the X button instead of the A button to prevent unfortunate accidents. Remember last update, when we said that we had made it possible to bind Interact and Quick Finisher to the same button? We made a mistake. That arrived in this update. We also did some general cleanup work on the interface, making sure you can see what you need to see. Missions: We fixed an issue with map markers on vehicles that was making them very difficult to find in missions like Action Hero: Fast Cars, Rookie Mistake, and the Mysterious Broadcast with the abandoned van. We slightly increased the starting resources for players who skip the tutorial. You now begin with 6 food, 2 meds, and 3 materials. Builder: Gimme the Loot, though still rare, spawns more often than it once did. Builder: Pillage and Plunder no longer instructs you to stick a rucksack in your supply locker. Sheriff: Right of Way can no longer cost you an alliance with an enclave. Claiming the Shop has had its missing map marker restored, making the shop much easier to claim. Maslow’s Hierarchy no longer appears when you already have the Lounge it wants you to build. Who Should Lead no longer doubles up on the same leader tutorial if you recruit a new community member who matches your current character’s leader type. Connect with Other Survivors now handles the scenario where you start the mission already in the possession of a food rucksack. Misc: We added a console-only option to the Video Settings called TV Display Border (Overscan). You can use this to compensate if your television cuts off the edges of the game screen. We made several minor map fixes, with such effects as: Avoiding players getting trapped by geometry, especially around their own parking spaces. Preventing characters from spawning on rooftops. Preventing players from getting trapped inside plague-engorged houses in Heartland. Because ick. Creepy debris floating above the road. If you want to see weird floating debris on purpose, check out the game Overland. We fixed a few clipping issues on character outfits and hair. We also fixed a few rare crash and soft-lock bugs. We expanded our support for international keyboard standards. French AZERTY keyboards now use ZQSD instead of WASD by default for movement. New users and users who reset their keybindings will receive the change. Also, players with German and Italian keyboards can use 0 instead of = to sign out or reset their keybinds. And as with every update, we continue to improve our localization quality in several languages. Update 15.1: Gameplay Characters whose maximum Stamina has dropped to zero no longer act as if they have full Stamina. Characters no longer stutter when moving left and right when performance dips. Settings: We fixed a problem that caused existing owners of State of Decay to end up with both Flashlight and Crouch accidentally bound to clicking the left stick on a controller. If you have not already edited that control yourself or reset controls to default, then this update should correct the problem. We made it possible to manually rebind Interact and Quick Finisher to the same button, where previously, you could only get them into that configuration by resetting all the controls to default. We added support for ultra-wide 21:9 resolutions to the video settings drop-down. Missions: Living at the Prescott Fire Station no longer prevents you from satisfying the Warlord Legacy requirement to build a Fighting Gym. The built-in Workshop at the Prescott Fire Station can now be used to fulfill the crafting requirements of the Builder Legacy. Prestige: Daybreak no longer inadvertently caps your prestige earnings at 9999. Technical: We fixed some excessive, minutes-long load times that sometimes occurred on faster PCs. We fixed a potential crash when viewing the Legacy Pool from the Main Menu. We fixed an error that could occur when exiting the multiplayer menu in the Steam version of the game. Other Changes We fixed a range of minor audio issues, including music that wasn't quite long enough for the updated credits. We also made sure our most recent hires actually appeared in the credits for Juggernaut Edition. THE END
  4. Assetto Corsa Competizione Intercontinental GT Pack Edition (v1.4.3) Size 10.8 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS REPACK IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (1.4.3), MAY 27 2020 PATCH NOTES LISTED BELOW TITLE: Assetto Corsa Competizione GENRE: Racing, Simulation, Sports DEVELOPER: Kunos Simulazioni PUBLISHER: 505 Games RELEASE DATE: 29 May, 2019 LANGUAGES: English✔ Italian✔ French✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain✔ Simplified Chinese✔ Traditional Chinese✔ Korean✔ Japanese✔ Polish✔ Portuguese✔ Russian✔ ABOUT THIS GAME: Assetto Corsa Competizione is the new official Blancpain GT Series videogame. Thanks to the extraordinary quality of simulation, the game will allow you to experience the real atmosphere of the GT3 championship, competing against official drivers, teams, cars and circuits reproduced in-game with the highest level of accuracy ever achieved. Sprint, Endurance and Spa 24 Hours races will come to life with an incredible level of realism, in both single and multiplayer modes. Assetto Corsa Competizione will feature Blancpain GT Series’ 2018 and 2019 seasons. Assetto Corsa Competizione is born from KUNOS Simulazioni's long-term experience, and it takes full advantage of Unreal Engine 4 to ensure photorealistic weather conditions and graphics, night races, motion capture animations, reaching a new standard in terms of driving realism and immersion, thanks to its further improved tyre and aerodynamic models. Designed to innovate, Assetto Corsa Competizione will be set to promote eSports, bringing players at the heart of the Blancpain GT Series and putting them behind the wheel of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and many other prestigious GT racing cars, all reproduced with outstanding level of detail. REALISTIC SIMULATION: Assetto Corsa Competizione is designed to faithfully recreate the performance and the driving experience of real Blancpain GT Series cars through a sophisticated mathematical model that accurately replicates tyre grip, aerodynamic impact, engine parameters, suspensions and electronics systems that determine vehicle balance, as well as the influence of mechanical damage on the car's drivability. NEW-GENERATION GRAPHICS AND VISUAL EFFECTS: Unreal Engine 4 guarantees photorealistic rendering and an accurate representation of scenarios, car materials and weather conditions. Thanks to the multi-channel audio sampling of real GT cars, the game conveys captivating and immersive acoustic surroundings and realistic environmental effects. CARE FOR DETAILS: Even the secondary details are faithfully reproduced to make you feel the thrill of being in the cockpit of a real racing car. Doors, windshield wipers, headlights, racing lights, racing equipment and control devices such as ABS, traction control, engine ignition and ECU mapping, are all under the driver’s management to assure the best performance and offer the player total control of the car. THE MOST ACCURATE CIRCUITS: Thanks to Laserscan technology, every official circuit is recreated with the utmost accuracy: all curbs and details perfectly fit their real counterparts to grant a gaming experience as faithful to reality as possible. ADVANCED MULTIPLAYER FUNCTIONALITY: A well-structured ranking system will evaluate individual performance and driving behaviour to reward the most virtuous drivers and promote fair play in online competitions. The matchmaking function makes sure that you can compete with opponents of similar skill level and easily find online races to join, while the leaderboards will allow you to compare single-lap performance with drivers from all around the world with the same car, circuit and weather conditions. IMMERSIVE SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE: Career, Championship and Free Play modes offer a complete and customizable gaming experience, also thanks to the tutorials and progressive aid levels that allow you to tailor AI opponent difficulty and vehicle stability control to your abilities. The Special Events will allow you to gain a first-hand experience of the most noteworthy real-life Blancpain GT Series challenges. HIGH-LEVEL HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY: Assetto Corsa Competizione ensures full compatibility with a wide range of peripherals from gamepads to professional steering wheels. MOTION CAPTURE FOR REALISTIC ANIMATIONS: Motion capture technology is used to create the animations of mechanics and drivers in an even more realistic fashion, and guarantee a high level of player engagement during races, pit stops and driver changes. BLANCPAIN GT SERIES: Encouraged by the success of the Blancpain Endurance Series, which after its creation in 2011 quickly became the global reference for GT racing, world-renowned Swiss watch manufacturer Blancpain and the SRO Motorsports Group decided at the end of 2013 to extend their partnership to the Blancpain Sprint Series. From 2015, teams and drivers were also given the opportunity to compete for an overall Blancpain GT Series title. Varied grids were the result, with a host of respected GT teams and drivers at the start of each race. The Blancpain GT Series also saw an influx of young and talented drivers, making it a worldwide benchmark in GT3 racing. With both the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup and Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup now sharing the same driver categories and points system, the ten-round Blancpain GT Series season – comprising five sprint events and five endurance events – crowns the world’s most complete GT drivers. A Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup event consists of two races of one hour each, while the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup races range from three-hour events through a 1000 km race to the season highlight of the Total 24 Hours of Spa, one of the world’s leading 24-hour races. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD FX-8120 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 2GB, Radeon HD 7770 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 50 GB available space Sound Card: Integrated RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i5-8600K or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB, Radeon RX 580 8GB DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 50 GB available space Sound Card: Integrated DEAR COMMUNITY, YOU CAN GET ANY PART FROM ANY LINK, AND ALL PARTS ARE 3 GB PARTS CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/9mnjpG PART2 https://ouo.io/3nXocd PART3 https://ouo.io/NNUaIG PART4 https://ouo.io/TJ91f52 G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/t1MAhS PART2 https://ouo.io/P4ZSHa PART3 https://ouo.io/r4v4L9 PART4 https://ouo.io/1ojiB0 SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 NEW PATCH NOTES MAY 27, 2020 UPDATE PATCH NOTES: Update v1.4.3: no changelog was posted. Update v1.4.2: PHYSICS: Bug fixes and improvements in automatic Setup UI system. Update v1.4.1: GENERAL: Hired adult drivers for the driver customization screen. UI/HUD: Revised rain indicator ranges. Loading/transition screen alignment. Serbian flag corrected. Special events screen: placeholder image for team logo hidden until replacement. Special events screen: D-pad navigation correction when in VR mode. Tyre widget now displays compound name for opponent cars in MP. LOCALIZATION: Russian: changed descriptive translations of PSI units to just PSI. PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES: Patch v1.4 Changelog GENERAL: New special event system allowing the creation and management of special events independently from client updates. GAMEPLAY: Adjusted track limit penalty tolerances for straight-away DT and SG penalties. Post-time DT and SG conversions revised. Fixed crash in the last round of the official IGT championship when playing with the Walkenhorst entry. Removed invalid lap message for outlap. UI/HUD: Brand-new special events page with leaderboard history. Brand-new driver customization UI page. Accessible from the Driver page and by pressing on the driver tile in the car showroom when viewing a custom car. Allows player to customize player outfit and also fictional team mates for Single Player game modes. Player outfits are also applied in Multiplayer. Added rating summary on MP pages. Updated track status and weather status indicators to provide a better indication of track conditions and weather forecast. Added communication message for track limits without further action. PHYSICS: Improved automatic Setup UI system. Fixed wrong pressures and consequent wrong rod lengths and ride heights when returning to the setup after a long wait in the classification screen. Fixed excessive suspension oscillation while performing setup changes. Front Aero Variation values are now more stable and reliable. Fine tuning of slick tyres wear. Fine tuning of slick tyres tearing/graining. Fine tuning of wet tyres wear. Improvements in Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO suspension. Improvements in BMW M6 GT3 aero. Fine tuning in Lexus RC-F GT3 aero yaw sensibility. Improvements in Bentley GT3 2018 inertia and engine values. Improvements in Aston Martin GT3 V8 turbo lag. Core engine work. CONTROLS: Fixed potential hang issue with Thrustmaster wheels. Keyboard-controlled gear shift bindings now pass through while using a DirectInput device. GRAPHICS: Fixed missing spark generation on certain cars. Re-added opponent sparks to MP gameplay. AUDIO: FMod Studio: random offset for exterior idle sounds (removes phase shifting). FMod Studio: fixed idle pitch reference for Lexus RC-F. THE END
  5. No Man`s Sky Exo Mech Edition (v2.42) Size 8.17 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS REPACK IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (2.42) MAY 26 2020, PATCH NOTES ARE LISTED DOWN BELOW No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe. TITLE: No Man's Sky Exo Mech GENRE: Action, Adventure DEVELOPER: Hello Games PUBLISHER: Hello Games RELEASE DATE: 12 August, 2016 Languages: English✔ French✔ Italian✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain✔ Dutch✔ Japanese✔ Korean✔ Polish✔ Portuguese✔ Portuguese - Brazil✔ Russian✔ Simplified Chinese✔ Traditional Chinese✔ ABOUT THIS GAME: Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action. In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens, and no limits. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you'll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before - and perhaps never will again. Now including... Play with all 10 major updates since launch: Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, NEXT, The Abyss, Visions, the 2.0 BEYOND update, Synthesis, Living Ship and Exo Mech. An epic voyage to the centre of a shared universe awaits, allowing you to explore, trade, fight and survive alone or with friends. Embark on an epic voyage At the centre of the galaxy lies a irresistible pulse which draws you on a journey towards it to learn the true nature of the cosmos. But, facing hostile creatures and fierce pirates, you'll know that death comes at a cost, and survival will be down to the choices you make over how you upgrade your ship, your weapon and suit. Find your own destiny Your voyage through No Man's Sky is up to you. Will you be a fighter, preying on the weak and taking their riches, or taking out pirates for their bounties? Power is yours if you upgrade your ship for speed and weaponry. Or a trader? Find rich resources on forgotten worlds and exploit them for the highest prices. Invest in more cargo space and you'll reap huge rewards. Or perhaps an explorer? Go beyond the known frontier and discover places and things that no one has ever seen before. Upgrade your engines to jump ever farther, and strengthen your suit for survival in toxic environments that would kill the unwary. Share your journey The galaxy is a living, breathing place. Trade convoys travel between stars, factions vie for territory, pirates hunt the unwary, and the police are ever watching. Every other player lives in the same galaxy, and you can choose to share your discoveries with them on a map that spans known space. Perhaps you will see the results of their actions as well as your own... SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions) Processor: Intel Core i3 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870 Storage: 10 GB available space RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system ALL PARTS ARE 3 GB PARTS AND YOU CAN GET ANY PART FROM ANY LINK CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE SOON PART1 https://ouo.io/W031rT PART2 https://ouo.io/c01gCl PART3 https://ouo.io/DSS2rr G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/7mui9Lz PART2 https://ouo.io/8Inqqf PART3 https://ouo.io/C2eO70I SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 PATCH NOTES: Update v2.42: Fixed localised temperature text in the Minotaur cockpit. Fix to prevent oxygen from continuing to deplete if you enter the Minotaur while under water. Fixed the restore terrain effect when in the Minotaur. Fixed Minotaur animations after summoning the Minotaur. Fix to show the Vignette & Scanlines option again on PC. Fixed NPC ships getting stuck at the space station entrance. Fixed a bug which was causing performance issues on PC. Removed duplicated decals from the Exocraft customiser. Fixed decals drawing incorrectly when in the Roamer cockpit. Fixed the red colour option when customising banners. Fixed a crash when scanning Frigates with the Visor. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when interacting. Update v2.41: Fixed an issue on PC that could force cursor input to the edge of the screen. Fixed an issue which could cause weather, Sentinel activity and a number of other planet stats to change. Fixed an issue that caused Minotaur upgrade modules to be missing from the Exocraft technology shop aboard the Space Station. Fixed an Xbox-only issue that caused each new interaction to need a new button press, eg when mass-harvesting plants. Fixed an issue in PSVR that made interaction too sensitive. Fixed an issue which allowed beam weapons to appear inside the cockpit of the Minotaur in VR. Added a small number of missing decals to the Exocraft Customiser. Fixed an issue on PS4 that caused Exocraft cockpit not to match the customisation of their exterior. Fixed an issue on PS4 that prevented the Living Ship from playing takeoff and landing animations. Fixed an issue on PS4 that could place players outside the terrain when exiting the Minotaur inside a cave. Fixed an issue on PS4 that allowed Exocraft to occasionally fall through terrain. Fixed a console-only crash that could occur when landing on an Exploration Frigate. Fixed a crash related to hiding power lines. THE END
  6. Starbound Bounty Hunter Edition (v1.4.4) Size 1.38 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS REPACK IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (1.4.4), MAY 25 2020, PATCH NOTES ARE LISTED DOWN BELOW You've fled your home, only to find yourself lost in space with a damaged ship. Your only option is to beam down to the planet below, repair your ship and set off to explore the universe... Warning, you must run this game as an Administrator in order to start the game. TITLE: Starbound Bounty Hunter GENRE: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG DEVELOPER: Chucklefish PUBLISHER: Chucklefish FRANCHISE: Chucklefish RELEASE DATE: 22 July, 2016 Languages: English✔ French✔ German✔ Japanese✔ ABOUT THIS GAME: In Starbound, you create your own story - there's no wrong way to play! You may choose to save the universe from the forces that destroyed your home, uncovering greater galactic mysteries in the process, or you may wish to forego a heroic journey entirely in favor of colonizing uncharted planets. Settle down and farm the land, become an intergalactic landlord, hop from planet to planet collecting rare creatures, or delve into dangerous dungeons and lay claim to extraordinary treasures. Discover ancient temples and modern metropolises, trees with eyes, and mischievous penguins. Make use of hundreds of materials and over two thousand objects to build a sleepy secluded cabin in the woods, a medieval castle, underwater arcade, or even a space station. Starbound has been built from the ground up to be multiplayer and easily moddable. You have the tools to make the universe your own and modify the game to suit your play style - add new items, races, planet types, dungeons, and quests - the possibilities are limitless. Choose from one of 7 playable races and customize your character Save the universe in an epic story campaign featuring colorful characters, bosses, dungeons, and quests! You're the captain of your very own starship! Decorate it, expand it, and use it to explore a procedurally generated universe Colonize uncharted planets and collect gifts from your tenants - if they like you, they may even ask to join your ship crew! Three game modes - Casual (no need to eat), Survival (eat to survive/drop items on death) and Hardcore (permadeath) Craft thousands of objects - building materials, armor, weapons, furniture and more Capture unique monsters to fight alongside you All content is available in online drop-in/drop-out co-op Built from the ground up to be easily moddable. You have the tools to make the universe however you'd like it SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: WindowsMac OS XSteamOS + Linux MINIMUM: OS: Windows XP or later Processor: Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 3 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows XP or later Processor: Core i3 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Discrete GPU capable of directx 9.0c DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 4 GB available space Warning, you must run this game as an Administrator in order to start the game. CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/jqOtD9 PART2 https://ouo.io/kcUnu2 G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/V88sb PART2 https://ouo.io/2jebbl SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 PATCH NOTES: Update v1.4.4: Minor Changes/Bug Fixes Fixed issue where Tonauac would sometimes lock into a dialogue loop in the Avian Mission Fixed keypad clues sometimes only displaying <PASSWORD> instead of correct code on bounty missions Update v1.4.3: Minor Changes/Bug Fixes Fix rendering issue on some AMD video cards Added a graphics option to disable multi texturing (multi texturing was added in 1.4.2, causing slowdown on some hardware) Higher chance for high value bounties to end on planets Higher chance for high value bounties to include a vault step Reject connections from players joining with an unknown species Fix issues related to using the bounty board in multiplayer Add more descriptive text when interacting with a bounty board you can't be assigned to Update v1.4.2: Use jemalloc with linux build (fixes some memory leak issues on linux) Fix issue where tile rendering slows down if the game is reloaded a lot Increase tile renderer texture atlas size, may speed up tile rendering in some cases Implement multi texturing support, may fix some issues with rendering framerate Fix issue (introduced in 1.4) where images with lots of directives would further slow down rendering in some circumstances Fix vault guardians not spawning Fix NPCs ignoring movement impairing effects (glue gun, stun grenade) Fix NPCs always facing in their movement direction while moving Fix issue where NPCs wouldn't attack while moving Fix some issues related to player crouching Fix issue where some occasus cultists were not human Fix issue where tutorial bounty could point you to the wrong location Fix issue where the sports car would be invisible while spawning Fix issue where guard tenants always spawn at level 4 or above Fix issue where the player can end up equipping the same item in both hands (causing the game to crash, and corrupt the save file) Fix issue where the boat wouldn't rock in the wind, as intended Fix issue where Novakid are not fullbright on other people's clients Fix issue where the Trictus would only attack in one direction Fix issue where pathfinding wasn't working for flying entities Fix issue where the heavy drone monster would die if the player is out of sight Don't allow script contexts to access or set the metatable for global lua standard library tables Remove F8 as a default keybinding for reloading the game Play "no atmosphere" SAIL message only if the player position has no air Remove damage from stun grenade Remove stray dirt block from bounty vault Make neo laser weapons dropped by gang members scale to their level If the bounty station disappears for whatever reason (save data corruption), a new assignment quest will be given to the player on startup or on entering their assigned system Bounty text fixes Large number of miscellaneous fixes to images, text typos, configs, etc. (Thank you to jss2a98j on discord for reporting a big list of errors) New Wargroove themed decorations: Cherrystone Banner, Felheim Banner, Floran Banner, Heavensong Banner THE END
  7. Vanquish (v3.0) SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack Size 15.8 GB PlatinumGames’ revolutionary sci-fi action shooter slide-boosts onto PC. Battle legions of future-tech enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons, including all DLC. Fully unlocked framerate and gorgeous HD resolutions up to 4K. The definitive way to play: war has accelerated. TITLE: Vanquish GENRE: Action DEVELOPER: PlatinumGames, Little Stone Software PUBLISHER: SEGA RELEASE DATE: 25 May, 2017 Languages: English✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain✔ Japanese✔ French✔ Italian✔ ABOUT THIS GAME: From master director Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame, SEGA brings PlatinumGames’ revolutionary sci-fi action shooter to PC. Unlocked framerate, unlocked HD resolutions, extensive graphics options: the definitive way to play. War has accelerated. Gear up in the Augmented Reaction Suit as government operative Sam Gideon and become the ultimate weapon. Combine unrivalled firepower with superhuman speed and agility to take down a huge variety of deadly robots. Features: Fast, fluid and frenetic combat – PlatinumGames bring their signature action mechanics to the shooter genre: boosting, evading, Augmented Reaction mode, and more Kinetic melee moves – unique offensive and defensive moves that vary with your loadout Deadly firepower – command a vast arsenal of high-tech weapons, including all DLC weapons Legions of enemies – a huge variety of enemies to take down, from robot grunts to epic giant boss battles, all with smart AI Spectacular environments – fight your way through SC-01 Providence space colony, high-tech sci-fi battleground of the future Challenge and competition – race to the top of the online leaderboards with a rewarding scoring system and multiple difficulty modes that ensure challenging replayability Full Steam Support – Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Save, Trading Cards, and Big Picture Mode Unlocked resolutions – play at 4K and beyond Unlocked framerates – push it as far as your rig will take you; PC gaming at its most liberating Enhanced PC graphical options – anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, SSAO lighting, scalable texture and shadow quality, post-processing effects and more Full EFIGS + Japanese support – voice overs, subtitles, and game menus in any language combination SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 (8.1) / 10 Processor: Intel Core i3 (2.9 GHz) or AMD equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Dx9 compliant video card with 1 GB VRAM (Nvidia GeForce 460 or AMD Radeon 5670) DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 20 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 (8.1) / 10 Processor: Intel Core i5 (3.4 GHz) or AMD equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Dx11 compliant video card with 2 GB RAM (Nvidia GeForce 660 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 270) DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 20 GB available space DEAR COMMUNITY, ALL PARTS ARE 3 GB PARTS, YOU CAN GET ANY PART FROM ANY LINK, THANK YOU. CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/1KGsXC3 PART2 https://ouo.io/TxKtng PART3 https://ouo.io/MBK1v3 PART4 https://ouo.io/TYB2HV PART5 https://ouo.io/NlS8zi6 PART6 https://ouo.io/CGfSFS G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/LyC0zt PART2 https://ouo.io/gm6gPB PART3 https://ouo.io/z137L PART4 https://ouo.io/cQKMSV PART5 https://ouo.io/KKYRmG PART6 https://ouo.io/GRyhRD SECONDARY G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/Q8WHH4 PART2 https://ouo.io/eisuS3 PART3 https://ouo.io/37viS3 PART4 https://ouo.io/9vqZdt PART5 https://ouo.io/Qru6lnu PART6 https://ouo.io/VatmVh SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  8. Gears of War Complete Pack CorePack BY SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack Size 4.24 GB EMERGENCE DAY The planet lies in ruin – cities crumbling, Man’s greatest works fallen. The Locust Horde has risen, and they won’t stop coming. They won’t stop killing. An inmate named Marcus Fenix, once left to die, is now charged with keeping humanity alive. He can take comfort in but one fact: The human race isn’t extinct. Yet. DEAR COMMUNITY, ALL PARTS ARE 1 GB PARTS, YOU CAN GET ANY PART FROM ANY LINK, THANK YOU. CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/luJT5r PART2 https://ouo.io/IEwB8H PART3 https://ouo.io/1RIKTlH PART4 https://ouo.io/1M2ee4 PART5 https://ouo.io/MsIeQx G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/Ngx11Q PART2 https://ouo.io/ulrrNI PART3 https://ouo.io/ObswBmt PART4 https://ouo.io/cayMD1N PART5 https://ouo.io/1hjVQw SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  9. Stardew Valley (v1.4.5) Size 360 MB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS GAME IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (1.4.5) MAY 24 2020 TITLE: Stardew Valley GENRE: Indie, RPG, Simulation DEVELOPER: ConcernedApe PUBLISHER: ConcernedApe RELEASE DATE: 26 February, 2016 Languages: English✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain✔ Japanese✔ Portuguese - Brazil✔ Russian✔ Simplified Chinese✔ French✔ Italian✔ Hungarian✔ Korean✔ Turkish✔ ABOUT THIS GAME: Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG! You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won't be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have all but disappeared. The community center, once the town's most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the valley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness! Features: Turn your overgrown field into a lively farm! Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! You'll have plenty of space to create the farm of your dreams. 4 Player Farming! Invite 1-3 players to join you in the valley online! Players can work together to build a thriving farm, share resources, and improve the local community. As more hands are better than one, players have the option to scale profit margin on produce sold for a more challenging experience. Improve your skills over time. As you make your way from a struggling greenhorn to a master farmer, you'll level up in 5 different areas: farming, mining, combat, fishing, and foraging. As you progress, you'll learn new cooking and crafting recipes, unlock new areas to explore, and customize your skills by choosing from a variety of professions. Become part of the local community. With over 30 unique characters living in Stardew Valley, you won't have a problem finding new friends! Each person has their own daily schedule, birthday, unique mini-cutscenes, and new things to say throughout the week and year. As you make friends with them, they will open up to you, ask you for help with their personal troubles, or tell you their secrets! Take part in seasonal festivals such as the luau, haunted maze, and feast of the winter star. Explore a vast, mysterious cave. As you travel deeper underground, you'll encounter new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons, new environments, valuable gemstones, raw materials for crafting and upgrading tools, and mysteries to be uncovered. Breathe new life into the valley. Since JojaMart opened, the old way of life in Stardew Valley has changed. Much of the town's infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Help restore Stardew Valley to it's former glory by repairing the old community center, or take the alternate route and join forces with Joja Corporation. Court and marry a partner to share your life on the farm with. There are 12 available bachelors and bachelorettes to woo, each with unique character progression cutscenes. Once married, your partner will live on the farm with you. Who knows, maybe you'll have kids and start a family? Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots. The waters are teeming with seasonal varieties of delicious fish. Craft bait, bobbers, and crab pots to help you in your journey toward catching every fish and becoming a local legend! Donate artifacts and minerals to the local museum. Cook delicious meals and craft useful items to help you out. With over 100 cooking and crafting recipes, you'll have a wide variety of items to create. Some dishes you cook will even give you temporary boosts to skills, running speed, or combat prowess. Craft useful objects like scarecrows, oil makers, furnaces, or even the rare and expensive crystalarium. Customize the appearance of your character and house. With hundreds of decorative items to choose from, you'll have no trouble creating the home of your dreams! Xbox controller support (with rumble)! (Keyboard still required for text input) Over two hours of original music. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: WindowsMac OS XSteamOS + Linux MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista or greater Processor: 2 Ghz Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+ DirectX: Version 10 Storage: 500 MB available space CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE https://ouo.io/FjyaFon G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE https://ouo.io/bNonD7 SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  10. Fury Unleashed (v1.0.4) Size 743 MB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS GAME IS NOW UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (1.0.4) MAY 23 2020, Update v1.0.4: no changelog was posted. PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES ARE LISTED DOWN BELOW Fury Unleashed is a combo-driven roguelite action platformer - each kill you score increases your combo. Hit certain thresholds and your damage resistance and healing powers will kick in! It's a game you can even beat in one, ultimate combo. Are you up for the task? RELEASE DATE: 8 May, 2020 DEVELOPER: Awesome Games Studio PUBLISHER: Awesome Games Studio LANGUAGES: English✔ Polish✔ French✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain✔ Simplified Chinese✔ Russian✔ ABOUT THIS GAME Fury Unleashed was created by combining inspiration from modern roguelite platformers, like Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy, with nostalgic memories of old-school platformer shooters, like Contra and Metal Slug. We have spent five years polishing our creation to make sure that your experience with the game will be as memorable as the aforementioned titles and we wholeheartedly believe that you won't be disappointed. Explore the pages of a living comic book where ink is your most valuable resource and each room is a comic panel. Find out why is John Kowalsky, author of acclaimed Fury Unleashed series having a creativity crisis and see if you can help him deal with it. Kill enemies quickly enough to unleash your fury and rip through everything in your way without getting injured. Learn to play flawlessly and beat the entire game in one, epic combo! Choose either challenging Hard mode, which will put your skills to the test - or Easy mode, where you can adjust the difficulty parameters to your liking. Go solo or bring in a friend for a local co-op session. Choose your hero's skills to match your playstyle, customize their appearance or even replace their face graphic with your own! Discover worlds created by a mix of hand-designed levels and procedural generation algorithms. Choose the best items to assist you in your playthrough and unlock permanent upgrades when you'll die for your subsequent runs. Play through the pages of visually distinctive comic books, each with its own enemies, and overcome a total of 40 bosses. All that accompanied by epic soundtrack composed by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, the creators of music for The Witcher, Bulletstorm and Shadow Warrior 2. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows Mac OS X SteamOS + Linux MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7/8/10 Processor: Dual Core 2Ghz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible Storage: 1600 MB available space CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE https://ouo.io/2WS6hI G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE https://ouo.io/mhi2JP SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES: Update v1.0.2: Today's patch won't be a big one for everyone, but for some of you - definitely. Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean translations now available! We're expanding the range of our localization versions with these three new languages. These language options were planned for the full release at first but didn't make it in time, so we've decided to polish them a bit more and release later. We hope that now even more of our friends from countries like Portugal, Brasil, South Korea, and Japan can enjoy Fury Unleashed to its fullest! Bugfixes and improvements We've pushed some urgent fixes and improvements for the game, which includes, but is not limited to: In co-op, if both players use controllers, the second gamepad's bindings can be configured independently from the first one. Some keyboard detection problems were fixed, both for the single-player and for the second player in co-op mode. Killing 3 enemies with a cluster grenade won't trigger the "Nice one" achievement anymore. It's still a nice one, though. A fix for the Fury's skin color being reset when switching skins. Wait... what? THE END
  11. A Plague Tale Innocence (v1.07) Size 12.5 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS GAME IS UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (v1.07) (MAY 22 2020) RELEASE DATE: 14 May, 2019 DEVELOPER: Asobo Studio PUBLISHER: Focus Home Interactive ABOUT THIS GAME: Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, Amicia and Hugo will come to know and trust each other. As they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds, they will fight to find purpose in this brutal, unforgiving world. 1349. The plague ravages the Kingdom of France. Amicia and her younger brother Hugo are pursued by the Inquisition through villages devastated by the disease. On their way, they will have to join forces with other children, and evade swarms of rats using fire and light. Aided only by the link that binds their fates together, they will face untold horrors in their struggle to survive.As their adventure begins… the time of innocence ends. MATURE CONTENT DESCRIPTION: The developers describe the content like this: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content PATCH NOTES Update v1.04: 28 May 2019 Various bug fixes and improvements Added an option in the menu to modify the chromatic aberration. Improved performance on Windows 7 Fix the graphic issue where eyelashes are floating above eyes in cutscenes with some configuration Update v1.05: 19 June 2019 As promised, our brand-new Photo Mode is available on PC and console! You can now take amazing screenshots of the game whenever you want! You can easily access the Photo Mode from the pause menu. You just have to select it to get access to the mode itself. You are now manually able to change the brightness, contrast, the depth of field or even choose to take only Black and White screenshots. If you are playing without any interface, the only way to take your picture is to press down “enter”. All of the screenshots you take in this mode are directly saved to Documents\My Games\A Plague Tale Innocence\Screenshot. Update v1.07: 14 November 2019 no changelog was posted END OF PATCH NOTES SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits) Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 (3.3 GHz)/AMD FX-4100 X4 (3.6 GHz) Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: 2 GB, GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7870 Storage: 50 GB available space RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits) Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 (3.5 GHz)/AMD FX-8300 (3.3 GHz) Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: 4 GB, GeForce GTX 970/Radeon RX 480 Storage: 50 GB available space ALL PARTS ARE 3 GB PARTS AND THE SAME, SO YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FROM ANY LINK CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/MCAOjP5 PART2 https://ouo.io/0JMJoi PART3 https://ouo.io/jfj1OP PART4 https://ouo.io/mRlE6h PART5 https://ouo.io/wTPREg G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/ww8zRw PART2 https://ouo.io/lwkYzqi PART3 https://ouo.io/FXl8KWZ PART4 https://ouo.io/74kBn8 PART5 https://ouo.io/gNO5c1 SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  12. Terraria Journeys End Edition (v1.4.0.3) SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack Size 212 MB THIS IS THE LATEST UPDATED VERSION OF Terraria, MAY 22 2020 Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. Four Pack also available! RELEASE DATE: 16 May, 2011 DEVELOPER: Re-Logic PUBLISHER: Re-Logic Popular user-defined tags for this product: Open World Survival Craft Sandbox Survival ABOUT THIS GAME Dig, Fight, Explore, Build: The very world is at your fingertips as you fight for survival, fortune, and glory. Will you delve deep into cavernous expanses in search of treasure and raw materials with which to craft ever-evolving gear, machinery, and aesthetics? Perhaps you will choose instead to seek out ever-greater foes to test your mettle in combat? Maybe you will decide to construct your own city to house the host of mysterious allies you may encounter along your travels? In the World of Terraria, the choice is yours! Blending elements of classic action games with the freedom of sandbox-style creativity, Terraria is a unique gaming experience where both the journey and the destination are completely in the player’s control. The Terraria adventure is truly as unique as the players themselves! Are you up for the monumental task of exploring, creating, and defending a world of your own? Key features: Sandbox Play Randomly generated worlds Free Content Updates SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WindowsMac OS XSteamOS + Linux REQUIRED OS: Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 Processor: 2.0 Ghz Memory: 2.5GB Hard Disk Space: 200MB Video Card: 128mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 2.0+ DirectX®: 9.0c or Greater RECOMMENDED OS: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 Processor: Dual Core 3.0 Ghz Memory: 4GB Hard Disk Space: 200MB Video Card: 256mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 2.0+ DirectX®: 9.0c or Greater CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE https://ouo.io/DYjzUg G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE https://ouo.io/LjaegX SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  13. Dragon Marked For Death (v3.0.10s) SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS GAME IS NOW UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (v3.0.10s) (MAY 22 2020) THE NEW MAY 22 2020 PATCH NOTES ARE LISTED BELOW Size 937 MB DESCRIPTION: TITLE: Dragon Marked For Death GENRE: Action, RPG DEVELOPER: INTI CREATES CO., LTD. PUBLISHER: INTI CREATES CO., LTD. RELEASE DATE: 21 April, 2020 DESCRIPTION: Dragon Marked For Death is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG game where up to 4 players can play together in online multiplayer. The characters, known as the Dragonkblood Clan, have forged a pact with the Astral Dragon, which granted them special new powers. Languages: English✔ Traditional Chinese✔ Japanese✔ Korean✔ DLC: Dragon Marked For Death Striker Gear DLC: This DLC adds the following items to the Weapon Shop's inventory. Sumeragi Glaive (Level 10 Empress weapon) Luxcalibur (Level 10 Warrior weapon) Dart (Level 10 Shinobi weapon) Grimoire (Level 10 Witch weapon) ABOUT THIS GAME: Dragon Marked For Death is a side-scrolling 2D action RPG that can played solo or with up to four players in online multiplayer. You play as the survivors of the Dragonblood Clan who set out to take revenge on the Kingdom of Medius, who destroyed their home and captured the Dragonblood Oracle, Amica. To obtain the power they need to enact their revenge, they forge a pact with the Astral Dragon Atruum. Use your newly acquired powers to take on quests from villagers and raise your status in the kingdom. How you perform in these quests can have a direct effect on the game's final outcome. Quests aren't all about defeating enemies, though. You'll guard a ship's passengers from monsters, search for hidden treasure, rescue a princess from a castle under siege, and a lot more! Choose from four playable characters from the start (Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, Witch) and two characters that are unlocked once certain in-game conditions are met (Oracle, Bandit) to defeat your enemies, gain experience, and level up. You'll receive points as you level up that can increase your attack power, defense, agility, and other parameters. Customize your character in a way that best suits your individual playstyle! Team up with up to four players from all over the world in online co-op multiplayer action. By strategizing and working together with your party, you'll be able to achieve even greater results and reap even better rewards! Get ready to experience the unique, dark fantasy world of the Dragonblood Clan in this intense 2D action-RPG! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7,8.1,10 Processor: 1Ghz or faster processer Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon) DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 1 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7,8.1,10 Processor: 2Ghz or faster processer Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 1GB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon) DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 1 GB available space CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/SG4dLT PART2 https://ouo.io/LoJ5nVB G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/WIFxFAG PART2 https://ouo.io/EYhSzv SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋 UPDATES AND PATCH NOTES THE NEW MAY 22 2020 PATCH NOTES Update v3.0.10s: An issue with the behavior of the Inn user interface has been fixed. An issue where using a water relic could cause the Bandit to get stuck in terrain has been fixed. An issue where the sound effect of the Bandit's water relic would not stop when changing areas while activated has been fixed. Some issues with game text have been fixed. Update v3.0.9s: The game will now load even if the sound device fails to initialize. (Sound will not play unless the sound device is properly activated and the game is restarted) An issue where an item's flavor text would be erroneously displayed on the results screen has been fixed. An issue where the Shinobi would not behave as intended after attacking a Gold Beetle enemy with a Dragon Dash has been fixed. An issue where the Will-o-Wisp enemy would not properly die from certain Oracle attacks has been fixed. An issue where the Hermit King enemy would not be properly displayed under certain circumstances has been fixed. Some issues with game text have been fixed. PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES Update v3.0.8s: An issue that would cause HP to not recover or Dragon's Rage to not activate when activating the Warrior's Dragon Guard immediately after it is deactivated has been fixed. An issue that was causing the Warrior's attack power to not increase by the proper amount when War Cry was used together with Berserk has been fixed. An issue that was causing the "Night Vision" effect on magic focus items to not work properly when equipped by the Oracle has been fixed. An issue that was causing dark areas around the Oracle to not be illuminated when she was casting a spell has been fixed. The way the Oracle's thunder magic sound effect is played has been changed. An issue that would cause considerable slowdown when the Bandit would continuously use relics in quick succession has been fixed. An issue that would cause the Oracle's "Guard Form" to not work properly under certain circumstances in online multiplayer has been fixed. An issue that would cause the usernames of those who joined a party to not appear properly in the log of the person who recruited the party under certain circumstances during online multiplayer has been fixed. Update v3.0.7s: An issue that would cause a excessive messages regarding status effects to appear in the log under certain conditions has been fixed. An issue causing explanation, rarity, and effect text on equipment in the Weapon Shop, General Store, and Black Market to appear incorrectly has been fixed. For events that cannot be skipped, the text will now be fast forwarded at the same speed as normal dialogue.
  14. Jump Force Ultimate Edition (v2.0.1) All DLCS Size 16.3 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS GAME IS FULLY UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (2.0.1) MAY 22 2020 Create your own avatar to fight alongside the most powerful Manga heroes in an original Story Mode, or head to the Online Lobby to challenge other players and discover lots of modes and activities. JUMP FORCE Ultimate Edition Includes: The Game The Characters Pass: 9 additional characters + their respective costumes and moves for your Avatar 16 exclusive T-shirts for your Avatar A Jump Starter Pack of in-game items Update v2.0.1: NEW DLC: JUMP FORCE Character Pack 10: Shoto Todoroki PREVIOUS PATCH NOTES AND UPDATES: Patch 1.03 The patch delivers performance improvements and bug fixes so you can enjoy a smoother experience. Fixes and Improvements: General stability improvements User Interface adjustments including cutscenes skip functions, battle “awakening gauge”, and more. Patch 1.02 In addition to the changes and adjustments listed below, 27 accessories and outfit have been added to the Umbra Base shops. General Notes: Improved game stability. Added 27 purchasable costumes at Shop Counter. Character balance adjustments Battle adjustments details: Adjusted Ryo Saeba's Double Rocket Launcher’s homing performance. If later Double Rocket Launcher was activated while former Double Rocket Launcher's bullet is in the battle, the former's bullet explodes. Adjusted Ryo Saeba's Throw against a male character. He throws the opponent further. Adjusted Ichigo Kurosaki's Piercer of Heavens: Moon Fang Cross Blast’s homing performance . Adjusted tracking time and homing performance. Adjusted Ichigo Kurosaki's support attack "Piercer of Heavens". His support attack: "Piercer of Heavens" only launches 1 attack instead of 2 attacks. Adjusted behavior on DIO's Checkmate's additional attack. Adjusted opponent's knock-back distance after additional attack is hit. Adjusted Shiryu's Rising Dragon Punch 's behavior on hit. Shortened Shiryu's recovery time after the attack hits. Adjusted homing performance on Gon's down smash (max charge). Shortened opponent's block stun against Rush 1, 2 and Heavy 1 RELEASE DATE: 14 February, 2019 DEVELOPER: Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd. PUBLISHER: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment ABOUT THIS GAME: The most famous Manga heroes are thrown into a whole new battleground: our world. Uniting to fight the most dangerous threat, the Jump Force will bear the fate of the entire humankind. Create your own avatar and jump into an original Story Mode to fight alongside the most powerful Manga heroes from DRAGON BALL Z, ONE PIECE, NARUTO, BLEACH, HUNTER X HUNTER, YU-GI-OH!, YU YU HAKUSHO, SAINT SEIYA and many others. Or head to the Online Lobby to challenge other players and discover lots of modes and activities. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required) Processor: Intel Core i5-2300, 2.80 GHz / AMD A10-7850K, 3.70 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 Ti, 3 GB / Radeon HD 7950, 3 GB DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 17 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required) Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 / Radeon R9 Fury DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 17 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset CLICK-UP AND G-DRIVE LINKS ADDED CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/1X53k PART2 https://ouo.io/YL9lq8 PART3 https://ouo.io/1aGNEry PART4 https://ouo.io/wu5ble PART5 https://ouo.io/awGDeW PART6 https://ouo.io/ewyVkK OR G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/ZBquJz PART2 https://ouo.io/WjoFpP PART3 https://ouo.io/8c5A3e PART4 https://ouo.io/0Xbr0a PART5 https://ouo.io/2BfWemk PART6 https://ouo.io/bO2nXd SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  15. Streets of Rage 4 (v0,4-s) Update 3 SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack Size 4.40 GB THIS GAME IS NOW UPDATED TO THE CURRENT UPDATE 3 VERSION (0.4-S) MAY 21 2020, UPDATE 3 PATCH NOTES BELOW. Amongst the best beat'em up series ever created, jammin' "90s beats and over the top street fighting, the iconic series Streets of Rage comes back with a masterful tribute to and revitalization of the classic action fans adore. TITLE: Streets of Rage 4 GENRE: Action, Indie DEVELOPER: Dotemu, Guard Crush Games, Lizardcube PUBLISHER: Dotemu, Yooreka Studio (Greater China) FRANCHISE: Dotemu RELEASE DATE: 30 April, 2020 LANGUAGES: English✔ French✔ Italian✔ German✔ Spanish - Spain ✔ Simplified Chinese✔ Traditional Chinese✔ Korean✔ Japanese✔ Portuguese - Brazil✔ Russian✔ PATCH NOTES: NEW PATCH NOTES: Update 3: Add crash log and dump info when an error occurs. When a crash issue, please send us the .GameDump file at [email protected] Ping is now enabled by default. Fixed spawn and out of bounds issue in Y Tower elevator. Enhanced save data system. Improved the detection of the possible causes of launch issues. Fixed blocking issue when changing characters during online sessions. Fixed issue with toxic damage in Battle mode. Update 2: Bug fixes and addition of new messages in case of access denied for writing save data. Fixed rare crash issue when activating a star move while another player access to the retro stage. Fixed issue with "perfect" achievement which couldn't be unlocked if the character takes a hit with 0 damages. Fixed rare crash when selecting "random arena" in Battle mode. Update 1: Fixed crash at launch on some PCs due to Windows 8 compatibility settings Add messages in case of drivers not up to date Add messages in case of access denied for writing save data THE END ABOUT THIS GAME: The all-time classic Streets of Rage, known as Bare Knuckle (Bea Nakkuru) in Japan, is a trilogy of beat 'em up known for this timeless gameplay and electronic dance influenced music. Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy's gameplay with new mechanics, beautiful hand drawn visuals and a God tier soundtrack. An iconic series like Streets of Rage got its iconic characters: Axel, Blaze, Adam and other veterans reunited to clean up the streets. With some brand-new moves and kickass tracks to take a listen, our heroes are ready to dish out beatdowns to a fledgling group of ill-advised criminals in full force. Streets of Rage 4 will be the first entry to the core series in 25 years, standing as Axel, Adam and Blaze’s glorious return to serving up side-scrolling beatdowns. With lush hand-drawn animations, new combat abilities, and fresh tracks from an amazing team of composers, Streets of Rage 4 will be a masterful tribute to and revitalization of the classic action fans adore The series is known for its electronic dance influenced music around the world. The soundtrack of Streets of Rage 4 is handled by an all-star line-up of musicians like Yuzō Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima, Yoko Shimomura, Harumi Fujita, Keiji Yamagishi and many more whom will create new amazing tracks for this new episode of the Streets of Rage series. The comeback of the legendary Streets of Rage series. Beautiful graphics fully hand-drawn animated by the studio behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. Clean up Wood Oak City by yourself or with another friend online! For the very first time, team up to 4 people offline to take the city back! Classic gameplay enhanced with brand-new mechanics. Soundtrack by a wide all-star line up of world-class musicians. Braised chicken everywhere. A dozen former Streets of Rage characters unlockable and playable in their original pixel versions. Play with the music of the previous Streets of Rage games. 12 unique stages. Fight against your friends in the Battle Mode Or team up along to defeat the Boss Rush Mode! THIS GAME REQUIRES YOU TO RUN IT AS AN ADMINISTRATOR IN ORDER TO START THE GAME. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 | AMD Phenom II X4 965 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 | AMD Radeon HD 6670 Storage: 8 GB available space RECOMMENDED: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7+ Processor: Intel i5+ Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 / Radeon HD 5750 or better Storage: 10 GB available space DOWNLOAD HERE PART01 https://ouo.io/Rfw8R9 PART02 https://ouo.io/KHQc3E PART03 https://ouo.io/c0Ky2C SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
  17. Spider-Man Web of Shadows (v1.1) Size 5.40 GB SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 Repack THIS REPACK IS UPDATED TO THE CURRENT VERSION (v1.1) TITLE: Spider-Man Web of Shadows Initial release date: October 21, 2008 Composer: Jamie Christopherson Genre: Metroidvania Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS Developers: Shaba Games, Treyarch, Griptonite Games, Amaze Entertainment, Aspyr, Foundation 9 Entertainment Publishers: Activision, Activision Blizzard LANGUAGES: English✔ French-France✔ German✔ Italian✔ Spanis✔ ABOUT THIS GAME: Spider-Man Web of Shadows is a third person action-adventure video game, set in an open-world that resembles Manhattan, although some buildings and areas are replaced with their comics counterpart, such as Fisk Tower or the Trask Building instead of the real-life Empire State Building. The gameplay is very similar with that of previous Spider-Man titles (namely Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man), with the player taking the role of the titular hero and all his spider-like super-human abilities. Thus, the game features "web-slinging" (which allows the player to travel very fast across the map by attaching a web line to a nearby building), wall crawling, and a complex combat, featuring a large number of moves and combos. The game improves on the combat system from previous games, with the player now being able to fight not only on ground, but on the walls of buildings and in the air as well. It also introduces a new gameplay mechanic called "web strike", which can be used both as an attack and a means of transport, consisting of Spider-Man attaching a web to the nearest enemy and pulling himself to them; Spider-Man can then either hit them, or jump over them, as some enemies can counter web strikes. At specific points in the story, various choices appear that have the player choose between the Red Path or the Black Path. These choices influence the story, the way other characters interact with Spider-Man and even the ending of the game. In addition, there is a new feature called the "reputation bar", which becomes red when the player chooses the Red Path or prevents various crimes around the city, and starts turning black when the player chooses the Black Path or causes mayhem and destruction in the city. As they progress through the story, the player also has the ability to summon various allies that will assist them during fights: if the reputation bar is red, the player can summon heroes to help them out (Luke Cage, Moon Knight and Wolverine), whereas if the bar is black, the player can summon villains for help (Black Cat, Vulture, Rhino and Electro). The player is able to switch between Spider-Man's traditional red and blue costume and the black symbiote suit at any time during gameplay, with both suits having their own separated sets of upgrades; upgrade points are earned from defeating enemies or completing specific tasks, and are used to purchase new combat moves for each of the two suits individually. Chris Scholz from Shaba Games commented that the developers "worked on really separating the black and red suits to give the player a different feel." For example, red and blue-suited Spider-Man is fast and agile, while symbiote Spider-Man is stronger and more destructive. The mini-map on the screen is also different from the style used in previous Spider-Man games. The traditional 2-D overhead view has been removed, replaced by a new 3D map with an "X", "Y" and "Z" axis which shows the player's position in three-dimensional space (north and south, as well as vertical position). Also, as a Wii exclusive, there are 6 alternate costumes (Spider-Carnage for the black suit, and Spider-Armor, Ben Reilly, Spider-Man 2099, Cosmic Spider-Man and the Iron Spider suit for the red suit). Although the player is unable to free-roam after the storyline's completion, this can be achieved through a secret method, which has the player watch the credits twice. Afterwards, when they select to continue the game, the player will start a new game with all of their previous upgrades already made, essentially acting as a "New Game Plus". Recommended Requirements: Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Graphics: AMD Radeon X800 GTO or NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS 256MB System Memory: 1.5 GB RAM Storage: 6.5 GB Hard drive space DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card CLICK-UP DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/iCWtd8 PART2 https://ouo.io/6DE5nM PART3 https://ouo.io/8Z8N2W OR G-DRIVE DOWNLOAD HERE PART1 https://ouo.io/L4GNVs PART2 https://ouo.io/6A0Ps6 PART3 https://ouo.io/nOSVBA SYNTHETIC QUEEN CORTANA 5 💋💋💋
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