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  1. Reminder: doing nothing here is not gonna make you rise up the charts and so with it demotion will come.

    one thing more: you are allowed to post corepacks repacks here as a tribute or i can just say press "upload button" to pay respect.

    regarding a section for them will be provided if you are willing to

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    2. PsYcHo_RaGE


      sadly no, cp made me to lost the patience i had
      i was about to create a section for their repacks, but no now

      you can re-up our repacks or just...

      maybe, i will think of one topic for all cp repacks or a page

    3. moonspiracy25


      Ok sure. Let me know when you do.

    4. PsYcHo_RaGE


      nothing for cp here, either do movies, softwares or official repack re-upping

      you have 24 hours to prove yourself useful for this site.

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