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  1. Do you still have that problem? sorry about the topic got locked automatically i guess or maybe one of our staff did that as a human error.

    1. fziert


      No, It installed smoothly....running fine ..Thanx for the assist :smile:

    2. PsYcHo_RaGE


      So, what helped you?

    3. fziert


      I can only think about the new installer...may be:huh:

  2. No i didnt clear the temp files before installing...But i tried with admin privileges and had switch off the AV...Let me try after clearing the temp files ..Thanks for the help BTW.
  3. Hi, I am getting following error message while installing the game. All parts had no issue while extracting. Do you know how to fix it?
  4. Hi, Game language is English or Russian ? I heard that crack is only works in russian language ..dont know the truth ..u tell me pls .
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