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  1. where are getting the pink faces ill go look an see i get it too im downloading it now might be an hour before i get it set up an running
  2. [The Xenominer project] Do you like jumping around giant moon craters with a jet pack? how about exploring vast cavern systems that seems like they never end, Careful there are things that may lurk in the dark, and they're hungry. We've got floating asteroids you can builds platforms on. Do you like building complicated stuff that would blow your friends minds? You can build bases with fully fledged air systems, hallways and bases that would make any star trek fan proud! Best of all, you can do this with all of your friends! We have got a bot you can program yourself
  3. can some one do me a favor an see if they can re-crack this i cant get this came to launch this is the last version of it on the net i think here a link to the download for it its supposed to be cracked but not loading its basicly a minecraft clone in space it does not load for me so if some one gooes to the link it might not run for you XENOMINER=Indie game https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0Bz2oUEYmAQuLNU5IamdqYVJIYjg
  4. fair enough ill do the hunting an update this soon
  5. ok im making list of games id like to see come to darck side no rush for them just putting them here total war 3 kingdoms rage 1 Fallout 3 goty (unmodded) Fallout+3%3A+Game+of+the+Year+Edition+v1.7.0.3-GOG(magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d70cdf12bfa80c959364c9ad0b28aa4f5f0f0298&dn=Fallout+3%3A+Game+of+the+Year+Edition+v1.7.0.3-GOG&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fzer0day.ch%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969) * kenshi https:
  6. im looking for someone that owns a xbox that has skyrim se an a pc, looking to take console only mods off of console an try an bring them to pc ill show you how to do it. dm me if you thing you can help you do need an xbox one hhd an turn it into an external
  7. i would like some one to make a repack of mount an blade 2 bannerlord https://store.steampowered.com/app/261550/Mount__Blade_II_Bannerlord/ if it helps ill buy the game in a few weeks an let the person use my steam account to do the repack it was just released a few days ago.
  8. Yeah run as administrator and disable Verify an it loads up like normal
  9. Ok thanks I’ll try that
  10. Iv went thru an ram the install just test it’s me but I keep getting these errors
  11. is the theme song on the repack from log horizon it sound very familiar been jamming out to it for 45 mins can you send me the picture from the install with the dragon in the background with the character kneeled on the ground it looks cool
  12. yeah your fine take your time im heading to work in a bit an thanks alot
  13. Skyrim Legendary edition the old version not special edition an thank you
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