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  1. Giveaway is still up if anyone want anything let m know also uplay giveaway coming soon make sure stick to updates
  2. Alright coming soon pm me
  3. Ramadan Mubarak to Everyone around the world.. Ramadan is an important month in the Muslim calendar. During Ramadan, religious Muslims fast until sunset and often spend a good part of the day praying and reciting the Quran. The holiest month of the Islamic year is Ramadan.Fasting is an important part of Islam, and its benefits are thought to increase dramatically during Ramadan. Observant Muslims will refrain not only from eating during the day, but also smoking, swearing, and even drinking liquids.
  4. its about express VPN, can you check your discord

    1. Re Khan

      Re Khan

      I was ill 2 days still in bed on phone not so well

    2. PsYcHo_RaGE


      Oh, that's sad

      don't worry, you'll be fine

  5. sended to everyone except @The father he is offline
  6. its ok i will give him a non full account so he can work again in darckrepack if he work good and stay active i will give him full account with email and pass changeable
  7. Keep working hard in darckrepack there will be more full giveaway for staff
  8. i need u guys to be active to change the email cause origin will send code to your email stay active i m online now
  9. ur account is ready pm ur email
  10. Ok today its coming check ur pm soon and u guys need to send me ur emails for the account to be change on ur emails...
  11. Good News Origin giveaways right now is started For Staff i got gifts comment down the name of any origin game u want i will send u in pm.All info is changeable like email and pass of your desire. For Members comment down the names of game you want and i will start the giveaway. Best of luck guys Its for limited time only
  12. Good News Far Cry New Dawn activation available now Each Activation Will Cost You 4€ with future updates dlcs support. No need of gamesfiles if u got fast internet can download from account or those u got slow internet download files from below link; https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/far-cry-new-dawn-full-unlocked/ You Can PM Me For Payments,PayPal,Steam wallet,Easypaisa for pak! You Need To Have The Game Files Ready Before The Activation. Make Sure You Got a Decent Speed Internet Connection Because The game Will Download 1-2 GB Before It Activates Your Game! Make sure team viewer is ready or if u don't feel comfortable with team viewer can share the id pass with u with a little extra cost. Don't Even Try To Put 2-Step Verification or change any account details Over The Given Accounts, Once The Activation is Done, Only Login OFFLINE! Otherwise You Banned :') IMPORTANT: Due to the new denuvo in game there is some sort of error in activating game limit per day so there will be only 3 activations per day so first come first serve basis.
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