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  1. I was actually able to get this working by using WinRAR to extract the archives instead of 7zip. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Still having issues downloading the new installer from that site. Any way to re-upload it or upload it somewhere else? Using this link: https://letsupload.co/1xk1h/Star_Wars_Jedi_Fallen_Order_New_Installer.rar Sorry for all the trouble!
  3. Haven't been able to confirm yet. The site is undergoing maintenance which is affecting the download for that file.
  4. Thank you for that. I was looking in the releases and couldn’t find the post for it anymore. The think I was using was:
  5. Maybe I’m being dumb, but I can’t find the lost or fix. Looks like it may be permissions on the post? I get the following while trying to access the post from my link in the original issue: Error code: TOPIC PASSWORD PROTECTION - NO PERMISSION/1
  6. I will try that. I assumed since the data file hash went fine then the hashes matched and I had no corruption or missing data. I'll report back.
  7. When installing the game, I get the attached error and the installer doesn't progress any further. AV disabled. I've tried multiple times, cleared temp, rebooted, and also cleaned the registry from failed installs. PC Specs: CPU - Ryzen 7 2700X OS - Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Memory - 16 GB Graphics - MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC Repack is located HERE.
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