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  1. I (we) always try to get the best work out and if not you will always find help here, from me at least! ... welcome on Darck ... anything? : just ask and we will see what we can do for you : )
  2. yep ... so true ... nobody cares anymore ... everybody busy and not willing to involve somehow. This site is dying becauze we are missing everyday involvment from team members and members ! ...so is discord !. I have given far too much time myself for the last 3 years , thousands of hours, i have been holding motivation and other things here for a long time and just can't anymore. So sorry for you to find a dead place ... eventhough i still try to make special and unique work with modded repacks to attract people and make this place alive but still nobody cares really ... Apart from 2/3 team members here , you won't find anybody !
  3. Hey guys, This is probably my last update/fix before i start repacking again the game I have corrected some more things : - invisible walls near corinthe in Elsweyr (I also added Pelltine mod+ Walenwood to Elsweyr and it fixed collision boxes problems ) - grounds and grass textures mismatching and swapped them with proper ones ! ... + better tiling grass - worked out ENB issue giving really blurred terrains and grounds (turned to be anisotropic filtering needing to be enabled ) - fixed Elsweyr loading screens (inside photo frames) (different sizes from DarkUI) - fixed some UI frames and strings not displaying properly ... - reworked Oblivion.ini + OblivionReloaded.ini + Oblivion Stutter Remover.ini for more stability/performance ... it now uses multithreads for Ram to Vram allocation/usage and uses 2 cores from CPU to load data to the engine! (100% one core and at least 50 % CPU usage on the second core + 10 to 15% on all other cores ...) - added All Sizes and Shapes to rebalance Character Heights - Spend A LOT OF TIME fixing ALL TERRAIN LODS ... and now TESLODGEN + TES4ALL LODS are just .... the give the right touch to distant lods ! i could merge some different LODS from different packages and get nice final merged cell smoothed transitions... and proper grass/terrain/sands/rocks LOD colors ...THERE ARE STILL SOME HEIGHTMAP ISSUES and you will find very few but real floating trees (CloudRuler Temple) and rocks and bushes (Elsweyr Valenwood) ..these are bad cells records from mod bugs!! ... nothing i can do (can't be asked to use TES4 CS to correct those records) - NOT FIXED : some russian names standing at some doors trying to get to outside (mod translation errors and part of BSA files ... won't extract them now as i have no time and because it is not really essential ! - NOT FIXED : QUICKLOAD (F9) CTD !! ... couldn't find the source of this issue LAST UPDATE BEFORE NEW REPACK : https://www2.zippyshare.com/v/QCZ8h9Y1/file.html UI FIX : UI FIX.7z It seems that all issues have been solved has you didn't report any for a while now. If so , then i will remake proper repack of my game version : it is really stable and where i could get a few CTD at saves loading before these last changes, it is now rock stable ! ... i can also play the game with better FPS, i don't need streamline or OR framerate manager anymore ! (OR frame rate manager was also creating even more stutter after some time playing without quiting main game!) FPS varies from 15 FPS into some places like Elsweyr Corinthe and other cities mostly and 50/60 FPS at highest with an average of 30/35 FPS ... little to no stutter but some LODs loading slow downs sometimes.... IF FPS IS TOO LOW , IN THE CITIES (not a good idear oUI FIX.7zutside cities cause it will not display distant terrains) OPEN CONSOLE AND TYPE : TLL and pres enter... this will disable distant lods and boost UPPPP FPS ... once out of laggy place , enable it back with same command (tll) I optimized a lot of meshes with python nif optimizer ... compressed and optimized a lot of textures and only kept large textures (2048+) where it was necessary ! but reduced them to 1024k mini not to loose to much quality ! Plz , report anything bad if you haven't yet : i give myself one more week before a new repack !
  4. of course bro ... i believe WE (Modno, Nitrogen and me) went through most game bugs and my actual version is REALLY STABLE and gives better FPS than original repack ... I have worked on it for like 2 month now and i feel there is nothing more i can do ... I will redo repack next week as i am in holiday for a week ! i need more information to be able to help ... your issue is pretty simple : OBSE files missing , either obse.ini or executables from root folder are missing : ( You probably removed it or it means that repack didn't installed properly !
  5. I had the idear of patching OR.dll and OSR.dll files with 4 GB patch ... i then tried tcmalloc setting in heap section with a heap size of 1024 and it gives some more fps , and really helps me (GTX78o 3 GB) in morrowind world ! replace existing files with these ones ! Better Perf OSR & OR tweaked dlls + ini .7z edit : OSR settings edited for at least 4 cores CPU (cores /threads) ... if only 2 cores then you need to edit "sr_Oblivion_Stutter_Remover.ini" and change : Experimental = { iThreadsFixedToCPUs = 4 ---> edit to match your CPU number of cores . if 8 cores then you can keep these settings ...or change to 8 cores! if can also test with threaded heap 3 (n°6) and stick to heap size = 1024 iHeapAlgorithm = 6 iHeapSize = 1024 it also woks pretty good (better in elsweyr anequina actually)
  6. it is weird endeed... it is a LOD load crash ... because of too many dead trees and other buildings in the long distance. I could go through without crash by simply going away from path and making a way round to the end location : no crash
  7. Sorry bro , i get the flue and couldn't come online ... i will redo a proper installer for you and will also post it in main topic ... i will send it to you tonight : )
  8. Hey Guys.... back in bussiness ! ... I got the flue !!! ... I am working with childs in a health care center and certainly got it from them : ( I will have a closer look to missing meshes ... right now i have done (yesterday night) a compiled fix for all problems i could find .... i also did redimized version of Elsweyr to get a few more FPS in cities, corrected all LOD and terrain problems there (sitll a problem in Corinthe, temple entrance is broken), created a Darck ENB preset based on Oblivion Boost 259 ENB .... I reworked the Stutter Remover config and it works smoother and is game is playable down to 15 FPS ... i removed all OA HD overhaul files for better performance in game and visuals still look awesome .... I also got sky textures down to 1024K without loss in quality for a few more FPS I reworked Oblivion.ini, removed "late landscape.esp" and replaced by all indiviual landscape plugins it merged because i found out it was creating weird LOD problems like rocks and door collisions in Bravil . It should be a major performance update (+ all meshes optimized and all textures reduced to 1024K for this update) get it here : https://mega.nz/#!3MsxXaKD!Kos1hz5vZDBFA5IBI0kIAlmSZf_8Ldx0zlmZfxCmejg OSR ini update : it runs even better with this settings : sr_Oblivion_Stutter_Remover.ini you need the componentsDLL folder to be installed in plugins directory edit: I included in this update, a fix for tree textures and meshes in this update for you to get back to original meshes and textures (without Trees overhaul) ... i have no problem, like Modno , morrowind trees look fine with your save i found these and i am pretty sure it will fix morrowind glass weapons being not visible , download and install : http://www.mediafire.com/file/aux645r6rd1icdo/Complete+Weapons+Retexture.zip Can you send a save about guar problem? ... i will work on it can you try to install this patch (untick esp installation, just install the meshes and animations ...) : symphony-guarmounts-patch.7z if not working try to add this esp ( Morrowind_ob - Symphony.esp ). Activate it and put it last in your load order and try again ... where are missing meshes from this picture ? :
  9. here are the new lods : ) going to bed .. GN bro hope this new set of lods will set up your FPS if you still don't have LODs to load properly then uninstall atmosphere 4 completely : see ya tom for new fixes ! New LODS.7z
  10. Whaooo ! looks like a photo ! look at this : new eslyweyr billboards for trees from Discovery 1 ! + new fucking dates on mods (thx for telling me again : i had lock order disabled for some reasons !! ) + new LOD from TES4LODGEN and without atmosphere 4 and all natural :)
  11. yes i think so but something also keeps on modifying dates of mods in wryebash and making weird things happenning in game like LOD disappearing ...
  12. uninstall completely All natural mod ... remove every single file or folder i will redo LOD without raevwd elsyweyr pack ... it will certainly run better but i remember it ran around 20 fps with distand buliding on on my pc ...
  13. I'll have to recap and take some time to correct all these bugs ... i feel really tired ... LODs in elsweyr are gone again ... some fucked up again while playing with weather mods : ( could you check if it is ok from your side ? can't understand what is wrong with LOD and weather ...fog draw distance maybe !!!
  14. I found the bug ... it is definitely atmosphere 4.esp ... plz completely uninstall All Natural and untick both esps relating to atmosphere 4 (Atmosphere 4 + Night Patch ) don't uninstall atmosphere 4, just untick esp and you will keep nice clouds and other meshes and textures from the mod : ) ...NO MORE RED SKYS AND TEXTURES AT SUNSET then if ok (it was for me + LODs ok in elsweyr ) ...delete atmosphere 4 .esp
  15. yes cz i re-did bain package for it ...i get confused with so many things going on ! ... just keep all natural- real light.esp and install ...untick all others
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