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  1. Well the modpack is not over yet, the author is still making changes and improvement over NexusMods so we will have to be more patient. Can't wait to play on my 4K TV tho Edit 17/08 : I've had a word with the author, and yes guys it's coming out very soon. There have been more than 6000 textures and 400 meshes re-done on top of gameplay elements corrected, corrected ESP, making custom patches, . I'd say the developpement stage is at debugging and tweakings for compatibility. The author also said that it shouldn't take more than 2 aditionnal month of work, and then the project will be compressed and uploaded. Guys we will soon see by ourself Morroblivion V2 which currently have more than a year of work !
  2. Damn !!! I fell so much better knowing everything is allright with him, i legit thought something happened to him for a moment. Well I'm so sorry i was wrong by saying the mod's dead judging by the estimated release date, i'm sure i've annoyed him mad... I'm sorry :( But in fact it is due to time it takes to make the ducking modpackage... I'm sorry for being impatient. If i can do anything to help the project I have a 5Ghz I5-7600K / Oc 1070ti / 16Gb-DDR4/ uploadspeed:+800Mbits
  3. Hey guys i'm really concerned about Grim_Reapper can anybody reach to him ? he stopped logging to the site right around Covid-19 outbreak... I'm really worried and he didn't respond to my dm back in may about him.
  4. Well guys i'm on the verge of crying as of no V2 release and i will never get to play Morroblivion :( i was so hyped damn what a loss F edit @dan klemola Bro i swear i had saved 4 full ounces of the goodstuff to play the game while hypnotized (like i did 4000+h on skyrim) smoked it all and well not gonna use in 6months now haha
  5. it's been 5 weeks without any response from GriM_Reaper... Is everything allright with him ?
  6. I hope this project isn't dead like it was due start of May and still no answers... i feel so bad :(
  7. Oh man that repack has so much mods i really wonder how it holds together... amazing work here indeed. Anyone got any infos about the release ?
  8. Looks like fire to me, i will blaze in your holy name :) i've got GrapeApe and Hashplant :)
  9. Yeah Dan you should wait, the author of the modpack made a V2 with lots of improvements and bug fixes. It should arrive shortly but i'm afraid i've asked dear GramRipper for a headsup but he's not responding. He must be very busy right now. Yeah for a solid day i really got confused and thought realease "SR-MOORE-2020" was Morroblivion V2...
  10. Hello guys, i'm kinda confused right now, aren't you guys waiting for MorroblivionV2 release ? I mean the updated googledrive link date to 23th of april and V2 supposed to be due May
  11. Read original post. Copy it to your drire, then make a copy of it, then download it.
  12. I have messaged him and well he said that he's currently making some confings and he will upload it soon. By the start of may it will be available normally :)
  13. GIMMIE <3 I've heard of Morroblivion V2 can't wait
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