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  1. found this i did in a forum... it says for "assassin's creed odyssey"..... Game kept crashing for me during opening cut-scene. I changed it from Fullscreen to Borderless Window and that fixed the issue for me.
  2. did you upgrade graphics drivers to latest version or very near latest version .. might be the problem
  3. Download from alot of sites including uptobox with no time waiting between downloads..from a site page..no download of any software..it called "simply debrid" .... using it now and i dont even have to wait 45 secs between download from uptobox ,, yet it wanted me to wait 100 mins to download the next file ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ... FOUND "leachall" site too i did..alot of capitchas ,, "leachall" has ...only 3 downloads limit......but if use vpn it has another 3 downloads from your new location using a vpn,,"leachall" does and locate to another location it has another 3 downloads and keeps doin this pattern ..... "simply debrid" got 2 free downloads... after 2 downloads without a vpn , use a vpn to get 2 more downloads after limit is up and get another 2 downloads locating to new location using a vpn on "simply debrid".. and it works too .... and it works again and again changing location with a vpn on "leachall" and "simply debrid" when your limit is up. :) ....... http://leechall.com/ ... https://simply-debrid.com/generate#show
  4. try installing from a usb device or change installed path or take numbers out of installed path .. example..not fallout4..try just fallout....might work..dunno
  5. @rpnegi...you have to untick direct-x and vc redistrib in the setup page b4 install...and if havnt got hd pack...untick hd textures on install page too ...if dont untick all on setup page..install will fail
  6. hi kingpin..what is discord server and what is special role for me pls... ty kingpin :)








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    2. QWERTY


      ok..i'll google it kingpin..ty :)


    3. K1nG P1N
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      oh..ok ty kingpin...i'll check it out

  7. Thanks for letting me know required fix after crack to run doom 2016,It really helped.

    1. QWERTY


      cool..replace bink32.dll and it worked then did it

  8. congratulations on getting a donor rank!

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      ty techgeeksss :)

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