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  1. would you like to use your skills here?

    we need guys like you who have creative skills and want to enhance it more.

    1. Mr. Glitch

      Mr. Glitch

      of course dear

      Tell me what to do

    2. PsYcHo_RaGE


      fill this up, choose a role...if you are interested: https://darckrepacks.com/application/form/1-staff-recruitment/

  2. This is the only tomb raider that I never played Thanks Still thinking what will be the feeling to play this after Shadow of Tomb Raider hehehe
  3. Hello Again its Mr. Glitch So I have a suggestion that some of the repackers can increase the number of prepacks as many of us and also other gamers have bought many games But the thing is their sizes are very heavy and its like installed ones if we download them from particular clients like Origin, Uplay , R* Launcher etc Here we can facilitate them by making more and more prepacks along with our own repacks So they just have to download our smaller sized repacks install them and replace data. I also used one recently of about 90gb of RDR2 and replaced data and I only have
  4. Thanks Everyone and I will try my best to Co-operate with all of you Really your PC IS Beast Yeah Thanks and I think you also have changed your name as I have mine HAHAHA
  5. Peace be upon you all and Hello! So I am new here and I found this site while downloading repacks I visited here and it reminds me of a site for which I use to work and now that repack site is closed. Bty I was designer there I read some topics here before sign up and was very happy as mostly are Muslims like myself and also others who are also very kind and good I think that maybe I will be a little helpful here and I will try my best to raise this site UP So Yeah, that's all I think and one more thing feel free to ask me anything and I am better at solving issues PC
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