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  1. Another great upload, thank you very much to all involved in sharing this file.
  2. Is the file still available? I just followed the link to the google site and it says the amount of downloads for the day have been exceeded. When i read the feedback here on the page it says the last download was April 24th? Am i missing something perhaps? I tried to download the files separately and also tried to make one large Zip file but it just seems to sit at 1 o'clock and doesn't seem to move from there. Do i need to wait longer perhaps? Any help is appreciated Do i need to be signed into Google drive perhaps?
  3. I couldnt help but chuckle at the "deep fried mars bars" comment. Only in Bonnie Scotland right? LOL , Never tried one to be honest and thanks for the warm welcome messages peeps. Very happy to be here (Y)
  4. Just wanna say a quick hello to everyone here in the group. As you may be aware , i am a relative newbie here and came across this group whilst surfing last night. I am a musician/songwriter from Bonnie Scotland but now living in France where the weather is a lot warmer hehe. Please feel free to drop me a line and say hello or whatever. Happy to be here and looking forward to meeting some cool new people in the group. Have a drink with me (Included MP3) Have a drink with me.mp3
  5. Hi Everyone,

    Seems to be a very cool group here. I am happy to be a part of it. Please dont hesitate to say hello and stop for a chat.

    Have a drink with me.mp3

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