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  1. glad your back man .......................
  2. sry to bother you but will you give me another bf1 acc because i have m,ore 10 rep and post pls i can give battlefront acc pls answer

  3. thanks for the accs giving you rep

  4. Mad max acc : rullespl pass steamallegro

    1. A.A


      bro i am asking so much can you give me a bf4 acc too want tobplay it online

  5. give my six siege acc

  6. can i pls have a six siege account you have 3 pls :aak:

    1. ~Crynuvo~


      nope. am retired staff now

      not interactive with members now

  7. Battlefield 4 origin account

    [email protected]:Hihiguy78


  8. i live in egypt but happy independence day to you
  9. Bro can I help you with something you always help me 


    1. Grim_Reaper


      My pleasure man ...don't feel obliged!...I don't really need help...but many thx for being friendly!...that's all I ask for!

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