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  1. Welcome buddy have fun
  2. yeah Black Flag is one of the greats. played a bit of greedfall but didnt get into it might give it another go.
  3. I like little nightmares been playing number 2 its pretty good will have to have a go on that other one see what its like.
  4. So Whats your favourite games peeps. Looking for new games to play need some ideas or suggestions.
  5. Does anyone play 7 days to die ?
  6. Hi buddy you should have a cd key for battlefield then you enter that in origin where there should be an activation part. battlefield 2 was one of my favourite games Welcome to the forum
  7. I think i might dabble in some mods. have you tried any yet?
  8. opinions on this game then guys ? i personally love it. yeah i see glitches but hey. its killed my gpu so just got a gtx 1080 on the way. and compared to valhalla i love that also ubi did a god job tbf.
  9. preloaded cyberpunk 2077 then it said play i thought why not lmao
  10. This game is awsome
  11. A bit of respect goes a long way dude
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