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  1. I've never tried this game before... Thank you ScOOt3r for all these posts you're doing an amazing work! <3
  2. Thanks again ScOOt3r for the great stuff you post for the community!
  3. Yeah I know this method to bypass the download limit. I've read on Reddit that this has recently been patched by Google though. I was only able to copy 1 file to my GD and all the others wouldn't work. Thank you very much for adding new links though! I really like Torrents and Darck Repacks Server @ScOOt3r
  4. Thanks again Sc00t3r for this repack! This is an amazing community. I really admire what you guys do and love the games I've been discovering lately. Edit : Download limit has been exceeded for most of the files. Bypass no longer works
  5. Wow I remember when I was trying to find a repack for this game but it didn't exist yet. You guys are a great community! Thanks for sharing so early after it got released!
  6. Thanks to everyone who was in the process of getting the links updated! You guys are amazing no joke
  7. I'm looking forward to installing a repack for this game! I really hope your's works out great for me! Thank you for posting it
  8. This is my first time checking out repacks from here... Thank you for the post! I hope I'll enjoy being with you guys. Edit: All links are dead
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