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  1. i know its an old game and al, but i still want to play it. i couldnt find any quality torrents anywhere, and a legit copy of this game(disc) is almost impossible to find here.
  2. will you guys be able to repack/crack it?
  3. just installed the game,launched fh3_v7 or whatever it was called,registered the manifest. then i went to the desktop to launch forza horizon 3 from the Forza horizon 3 shortcut but got this. someone who can help? (btw its the same for the opusrelease one too)
  4. i have 2 questions, first if i get bored of it will i be able to remove it from C? i have heard people not being able to remove it, and second, how can i make a dummy account? never really been into pirating. the only 2 games pirated on my PC are S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow of chernobyl and Metro 2033. sorry for the stupid questions btw
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