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  1. You have been demoted bro because of inactivity, if you think that you can start your postings again PM me and i will promote you to the same as you have been

  2. Fernanda Delgado, head of Xbox in Spain and Portugal, confirmed to Gamereactor that the next Forza Horizon game, which most likely be called Forza Horizon 4, will be present at E3 2018. Delgado did not reveal anything other than that, except that we will also learn the game’s location at that event. As Delgado told Gamereactor: “There have been many speculations about where the next Forza Horizon will be and that is what we will tell later at E3” Forza Horizon is an open world racing series and its previous part, Forza Horizon 3, came out in 2016. The game had major optimization issues on the PC, however, Playground Games and Turn10 were able to resolve these issues. Here is hoping that Forza Horizon 4 will not be plagued by such issues at its launch.
  3. How do I get the game files? 

    Can't wait to play this game!

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  5. Sony unveiled the six free games that PS Plus subscribers will be able to get their hands on this April for the family of PlayStation devices. This includes AAA titles like Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's Mad Max video game. Speaking of the other games, there's also In Space We Brawl for the PlayStation 3, along with Toy Home. Those are games that most PS3 owners probably won't get too excited about, but if you're into beat-'em-up brawling titles and you own a PS Vita, 99 Vidas will be made available. The game 99 Vidas first made its appearance on Steam for PC a couple of years ago. The last game on the list is the Q*Bert Rebooted title for PS Vita, but if you also own a PS3 or PS4 it's available as a cross-buy title. Speaking of the other games, there's also In Space We Brawl for the PlayStation 3, along with Toy Home. Those are games that most PS3 owners probably won't get too excited about, but if you're into beat-'em-up brawling titles and you own a PS Vita, 99 Vidas will be made available. The game 99 Vidas first made its appearance on Steam for PC a couple of years ago. The last game on the list is the Q*Bert Rebooted title for PS Vita, but if you also own a PS3 or PS4 it's available as a cross-buy title. Obviously, the two most talked about games from this selection of titles for PS Plus are Trackmania Turbo and Mad Max. The latter title came out the same year as George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, but the game was slightly overshadowed by the fact that despite being a very competently made open-world action title, it didn't quite have the story kick that the movie did to make it quite the standout it could have been. Of course, for gamers who enjoy driving around, scavenging for parts in the wastelands of a future, post-apocalyptic Australia, and derive a sense of satisfaction and adrenaline from engaging in dynamic vehicular combat, then you'll definitely enjoy Avalanche's take on Mad Max. The developers worked hard to improve on the vehicular physics and combat that's typically featured in the company's Just Cause trilogy. The only downside was that Max in the game didn't look like Mel Gibson, nor did he look like Tom Hardy. I'm sure there would have been a huge boost in sales if Mel Gibson was the one featured in the game. However, if you like the whole racing thing but you don't like the combat thing, Ubisoft's Trackmania Turbo could satisfy your itch for competitive stunt racing. The game came out back in 2016, so it's a lot more recent than some other games that have appeared in the PS Plus list of free titles. Trackmania Turbo, unlike some of the other games in the series, actually contains multiple biomes in a single package without requiring to purchase separate packs, which is how it's setup with Trackmania Valley and Trackmania Stadium.
  6. Intro A few days ago, we published a story in which we shared our initial performance impressions about Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 is powered by the Dunia Engine and since both NVIDIA and AMD released some new, optimized drivers for it, it’s time to benchmark it and see how it performs on the PC platform. For this PC Performance Analysis, we used an Intel i7 4930K (overclocked at 4.2Ghz) with 8GB RAM, AMD’s Radeon RX580, NVIDIA’s GTX980Ti and GTX690, Windows 10 64-bit and the latest version of the GeForce and Catalyst drivers. NVIDIA has already included an SLI profile for this title, meaning that PC gamers won’t have to mess around with third-party programs in order to enable it. Ubisoft has added a respectable amount of graphics settings. PC gamers can adjust the quality of Texture Filtering, Shadows, Geometry & Vegetation, Environment, Water, Terrain, Volumetric Fog and Anti-Aliasing. There are also options for Motion Blur, Colourblind, Framerate, Field of View and Resolution Scaling.
  7. Microsoft has announced that Sea of Thieves has more than two million players, and is already the best-selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10. Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that more than 100,000 players have streamed Sea of Thieves since launch. In addition, more than half of a million new Xbox Live friendships have been forged to date and over 400,000 players have joined an Xbox Club to find pirates to share stories with. Yesterday, Rare released the first major update for Sea of Thieves that improves performance, fixes a range of potential game crashes, and makes some changes/adjustments to a number of features. It will be interesting to see whether Rare will add more content to the game, especially after some harsh criticism about the lack of meaningful content in Sea of Thieves.
  8. Toni Tamasi, senior vice president of content and technology at Nvidia, told Fudzilla that the first PC games with support for ray tracing will come out later this year. As Tamasi claimed, these first games will not be completely ray traced but instead a combination of traditional shader/rasterization with ray tracing. From what we know so far, Metro Exodus will be one of these games that will support this hybrid model. 4A Games will be using ray tracing for indirect lighting and ambient occlusion. We also know that Futuremark will release the first ray tracing tech demo at the end of 2018. Of course you should not expect visuals like the Star Wars ray tracing demo in Unreal Engine 4 that both NVIDIA and Epic Games showcased. Still, it will be interesting to see how these new games will look like and whether this hybrid model will justify visually its – obviously – higher requirements!
  9. Milestone and Dorna Sports announced today that the successful MotoGP franchise is continuing with a new chapter, MotoGP 18, which will be released on June 7th. MotoGP 18 will give players the opportunity to take part in the best motorcycle racing show on earth, featuring all the official content from 2018 MotoGP season and exclusive improved features which will set a completely new level of realism and immersion. Here are the key features of MotoGP 18: The official 2018 MotoGP™ season, with all riders, official rosters from MotoGP™, Moto2™, Moto3™ and Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup and all 19 official tracks, including the new Buriram International Circuit in Thailand; Faithful reproduction of riders, tracks and bikes, thanks to the Drone Scanning system, for a 1:1 recreation of all the track details, and the 3D scanning technology, to include real MotoGP™ riders’ faces in game; Exclusive improved features to make the game experience as immersive as ever, such as new cut scenes, the spectator mode and brand new interactive tutorials; Enhanced AI, Bike Physics and Collision System, with the introduction of riding aids to offer a more enjoyable simulation at every level; New scalable damage system and tire management system; A compelling career mode to climb the ladder from Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup to MotoGP™ class, including an innovative bike development setup, to significantly increase the bikes’ performance, as well as the MotoGP™ ID to keep track of such progress.
  10. AMD has released a new driver for its graphics cards. According to the release notes, the AMD Radeon Adrenalin 18.3.4 driver is optimized Ubisoft’s latest open-world title, Far Cry 5. Moreover, this driver fixes the some performance issues in some blockchain workloads when compared to previous Radeon Software releases, and the bright lighting effects in Final Fantasy XV on some trees in specific map locations. Those interested can download this new driver from here. We also expect NVIDIA to release a new driver for Far Cry 5 tomorrow, which is why we have not published yet our PC Performance Analysis article for it. And here are the full release notes for AMD’s latest driver. AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 Highlights Support For Far Cry®5 Fixed Issues Some blockchain workloads may experience lower performance than expected when compared to previous Radeon Software releases. Final Fantasy®XV may experience bright lighting effects on some trees in specific map locations. Known Issues Far Cry®5 may experience flickering issues if a task switch is performed while playing the game using a multi GPU enabled system configuration. A random system hang may be experienced after extended periods of use on system configurations using 12 GPU’s for compute workloads. Destiny 2™ may experience an application hang in the mission “Heist” on some Radeon GCN1.0 products. Destiny 2™ may experience long load times when the application has been open for extended periods of time. Radeon Overlay may intermittently fail to enable when toggled in some games. Resizing Radeon Settings may cause the window to intermittently stutter.
  11. Hunble Bundle is currently offering free copies of The Darkness 2 for the next 48 hours. The Darkness 2 is an intense first person shooter that – according to its description – delivers a twisted and gripping narrative of tragedy, modern crime drama, and supernatural horror. In The Darkness II, players will be taken down the brutal and personal path of Jackie Estacado, head of a New York crime family and wielder of an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction known as The Darkness. The Darkness 2 was released in 2012, has Very Positive reviews on Steam, and runs great on a lot of PC configurations. Those interested can acquire their free copy from here.
  12. Far Cry 5 releases in a couple of days and Ubisoft has provided us with a review code for it. And from the looks of it, this latest part in the Far Cry series runs extremely well on the PC platform. So while our PC Performance Analysis will most likely go live tomorrow, we thought you would be interested in some early performance impressions. The game comes with a nice amount of graphics settings to tweak and like all the latest Ubisoft games, it has an additional window information about what each and every setting does. Furthermore, Ubisoft has implemented a build-in benchmark tool. On Ultra settings and at 1080p, our main test system (Intel i7 4930K (overclocked at 4.2Ghz) with 8GB RAM, NVIDIA’s GTX980Ti, Windows 10 64-bit and the latest version of the GeForce drivers) was able to push a minimum of 72fps and an average of 85fps. Below you can find a video showcasing the build-in benchmark (do note that Shadowplay brought a small performance hit which explains why our minimum framerate dropped to 68fps). DSOGaming was one of the few publications that reported and criticized Far Cry Primal for its single-threaded CPU issues. Our initial tests suggest that Far Cry 5 is no longer plagued by those single-threaded issues, though we have to test more areas in order to be 100% certain. Still, our initial tests are promising. Far Cry 5 is powered by the Dunia Engine and unlike Assassin’s Creed: Origins (which uses the AnvilNext Engine), it does not suffer from those ridiculous CPU utilization issues. While the game appears to scale on multiple CPU cores/threads, it does not stress them to 100%. Last but not least, we did not experience any stuttering issues, something that affected Far Cry 4, even when we installed the game on a HDD (instead of an SSD). From the looks of it, and even though it uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, Far Cry 5 seems to be polished on the PC.
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