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  1. I was thinking of a repack with Fallout New Vegas and the new Frontier mod. Maybe the uncut version Or a cleverly made duo version ,uncut and cut.
  2. Thanks ScOOt3r . I'm impressed with the size of this ,very good.
  3. This has improved a lot since i last used it. Very nice user interface with all integrated programs working properly AFAIK. Thanks.
  4. My Malwarebytes browser addon blocked the site today ,says it has Trojan. and the paste link for Red Dead 2. Maybe it was an ad of some sort.
  5. Very nice release ,good job done ,cheers !.
  6. Safelinking does have a habit of going down sometimes then a short while later it's works ok again. Anyway ,i have a working link now ,all ok ,thanks.
  7. Cheers man ,good repack ,good links ,what's not to like :)
  8. My Darck_Repacks start menu shortcut points to : "D:\Games\Fallout 3 - Special Edition\Bin64\Crysis64.exe" Fakefullscreen is ok : "D:\Games\Fallout 3 - Special Edition\Fallout_Fullscreen.exe" I used the new installer from the front page. It is possible my start menu is corrupted in some way ,i've installed /uninstalled so many games over the last year or so. Anyway ,i don't use start menu shortcuts ,just saying :) Game runs great ,haven't noticed any issues on win10 1909 ,RX560 +IntelG4560 I'm gonna be switching over to AMD3700x cpu with ASUS Dual
  9. Oh ,thanks ,i'll carry on downloading then . Much appreciated ,there's some great releases on this site .
  10. I preferred the duel-wield weapons in this one , well ,the extra choice with more weapons i think ,just felt better. Thanks.
  11. Wow ,haven't tried this one yet though i'm sure i downloaded a Fallout 4 darckrepack a while ago. 130 mods all checked as working ok + the game in a 9gb download ,nice. By the time i'd get to installing something like 130 mods i think i would have borked my game :) Though it's all part of the fun when it comes to modding your game . Anyway ,very impressive ,thanks .
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