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  1. I Install the Mod i aam asking for a repack include this mod xD
  2. I make another try and run it using same mod on witcher 3 game engine and it run, just need to check the game play before i send you methods .
  3. Guys i tried a lot but give me same error everytime, i tried to fix scripts of the mod but doesn't work although,So if you can install mod of the witcher 1 prologue in witcher 3 , which allowed ppl to play witcher 1 using the game engine of the witcher 3 .
  4. Take your time dude, i am not hurry . I just mention an idea no more.
  5. This is mod list if you like to create a repack included these mods.
  6. i found this video on youtube, the owner of this video write the files name in the description below The Witcher Enhanced Edition Mods and also i found this mod for the witcher 3 which allows players to play the witcher 1 using the witcher 3 game engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XzTjGPS14o&t=1400s So, check them both and make your decision .
  7. May the father of understanding guide us.

  8. Can you make a repack for the witcher Enhanced edition with mods included .
  9. i'll try and keep you in touch. Thanks by the way :)
  10. i start the launcher at first as admin and after i press start the crash happen i uninstall the game and install it again and still same problem .
  11. I've tried steps you told me but it although didn't work too same error
  12. i follow the instructions and notes you type in the topic of this game but every time i trying to run it this message appears .. So what should I do to fix this ?
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