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  1. What is the best moment in gta 5
  2. Last trial dlc of dragon age inquistion setting up to dragon age 4
  3. There is a rumors that gta 6 will be release 2021 after another triple A game call bully 2
  4. Name the best game of the gta series
  5. Entering to the demon world and ripping off
  6. My favorite epic moment mass effect 2 epilogue
  7. My favorite mission in videogames. Bully showdown.
  8. My top ten best videogame companies 1. Rockstar 2.2K games 3.CD project Red 4. Bethseda Games 5. Ubisoft 6.Square enix 7. Capcom 8.Activision 9.Konami 10.EA games
  9. Microtransaction ruined single player content where devs are give more attention to multiplayer content
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