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  1. Sorry bro It didn't work. It is still creating a temp folder on source folder and from ISO it is giving the same error as before. Next image shows that temp folder is created in source folder when running from HDD: Next image shows the error which comes If I create an ISO of repack and run from mounted ISO :
  2. The repack creates a temporary folder in source folder so basically I can't make an iso and install from iso. If I create iso of repack it gives no space left error when I run the setup. Is there any way to bypass this situation or any alternate setup.exe for this?
  3. I compared both, with and without High Res Textures, there is no difference unless a Cinematic is playing. While cinematic is playing and High Res Textures no install all cloths will look crap, so no way anyone would like to play without them. Game work fine without hi res texture but doesn't feel good.
  4. I have a question. What these 2 files are in Watch Dogs 2 which are ripped in the normal repack san_francisco_hires.dat - 2.83 GB san_francisco_hires.fat - 354 KB Are these High Resolution Textures ?
  5. Can you upload Watch Dogs 1 only installer which doesn't required 37 GB to install ? I wanna install only Watch Dogs 1 but combo installer is asking for 37 GB free space and not letting me ignore the warning. If you would upload Watch Dogs 1 only install it would be great help. Please make installer to ignore the space requirement warning which currently installer doesn't allow.
  6. can you provide stand alone installer for Watch Dogs 1 too as there is no installer available on google drive link only .Darck file is available to download
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