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  1. that game version is primitive af
  2. here @viruzkil http://www48.zippyshare.com/v/H0EF8mPL/file.html
  3. 69brazzers lmao xD xD welcome to the forum dude ;) thanks for the appreciation ^_^
  4. vmware vps i see... pretty smart any vps with over 8gig ram possible?
  5. Thanks everyone for accepting me and helping me!!! :kp1:

  6. Sir :kp1:  thank you very much for your big help, I wish i can download it with out any  mistake .!! My 3 kids will be happy on this!! I'm sure they will stay now inside the house and they will no longer play outside. the little problem is i hope i could play games too:pepe::pepe::pepe:

    1. ~Crynuvo~


      nice to hear that ^_^ well you can find some time n play, whats the issue in that?

  7. call of duty black ops? cod bo3 cod bo2 cod bo1 all of them are complete editions
  8. request accepted, working on it
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