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  1. thanks for all who tried to help i give up already and downloaded it from another site and it worked keep the good work up and hope not to face this problem again with another repack games
  2. i upgraded ram recently from 4 ddr3 to 6 ddr3 and empty temp folder but not while the installing after i restarted my pc and this is not my first time to setup repack games this is the only one i'm facing this problem with
  3. look at this problem please i'm dying to play this game 


  4. i downloaded wwe 2k17 darck repack from 2 days and run the setup yesterday with my antivirus off for 10 hours and it kept stuck at 0.0% without moving and saw the game folder hoping to the setup stuck didn't effect it i found just 3 folder of the game and their size was 0 so i really need help with this install problem because it took so long for me to download the game and here is a screenshot of the game folder today after run the setup for 10 hours yesterday as a proof of what i say
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