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  1. oy mate..... wtf!!!!! is it the first part??? in PC??!!! WTF. I missed the news
  2. May this Diwali Light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright, beautiful and fill your days. May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony. Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali.
  3. checksum errors happen mainly because of partial downloaded files. Wait for torrent. You have to recheck all the files with torrent or just download each parts. One at a time
  4. Everything associated to RDR2 which are cracked is included already in the repack.
  5. In case you guys are having a problem with game saves try running the game as administrator.
  6. Welcome to Darck. Please enjoy your stay
  7. Welcome to Darck. Please enjoy your stay.
  8. Welcome to Dark. Please enjoy your stay
  9. @DoomSlayer Hello and welcome. Please enjoy your stay
  10. Welcome to Darck Please enjoy your stay
  11. "Stream on any device, anytime, anywhere! (Except on your toaster *)" I wanna stream on my fridge. Can I do that??? @-ZH!¥ÃM™RRC-
  12. @crowbarx5 welcome to Darck. Please enjoy your stay
  13. Welcome to Dark Repacks. Please enjoy your stay
  14. Welcome mr.glitch. Please enjoy your stay
  15. Welcome to Darck repacks. Please enjoy your stay
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