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  1. Good working people need their rightful earned holiday
  2. Dear Community, everywhere I look in the last time I see another article or video or review of Apex Legends (Link to the Homepage: Click here!). I was wondering, if it would be possible to make a Repack of the files - it install's through Origin, but I guess there should be nothing different then with the other games posted in that category. It's a free-to-play game, but looks gorgeous for that and I think, if you compare it to for example, the new Call of Duty - Apex looks better. Definitively. And I think it should be possible, to put the files in the right directory and let Origin check them and if there's a new update or something out - Origin should download the failing files and everything is fine. What do you think? And would it be possible that if the great @Grim_Reaper is back, he would do a repack or someone else? Thanks for your time if you read through all of that and I wish you a nice weekend! :)
  3. This would be so cool and thanks for your support :) Is @Grim_Reaper on vacation?
  4. Dear Darckrepacks Community :) I'm searching for a repack (size ~3GB or a little bit smaller) of Mothergunship which includes the "The Namenineers" Update, which inlcudes a lot of new content. Also there was another update of PLAZA released. The NFO Links are: It would be great if someone could do this :) Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend everybody :)