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  1. Bro, where are you...?

  2. i already finished the game (sp) :-)
  3. will it work on mp or just sp ..?
  4. Brother love you :-) 

    thnks brother :-) 

    u are awesome bro :-) 

  5. bro 5 days past :-( u didnt give me the acc of division or rainbox six..!

    did u forget bro?

    1. Jeffery


      under process


  6. Bro i need rainbox six account :-)

    1. Jeffery


      within 2 days

    2. Sahir Khan Nazim

      Sahir Khan Nazim

      ok bro ...if its possib;e then look for the division+rainbox six account :-)

    3. Jeffery
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