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  1. Resident Evil 7 is terrifying, but the PC graphics options need not be. In total there are 19 different graphics settings which can be changed in Resident Evil 7, and each of these has several options within it. Not all graphics options are created equal however. Some are much more demanding than others, while some of the least demanding options can have the greatest impact on overall visual quality. If you want to squeeze out extra performance then there’s plenty to mess around with. The obvious question however, is what do all of these settings do? Well, we’ve got you covered there. Usi
  2. The first retail listing for the Radeon RX 490 has popped up, as well as what appear to be the first ever benchmarks for the Radeon Pro 490. Yes, the Radeon Pro 490. It looks as if this is an entirely different graphics card aimed at the professional and Mac market. Initial 3DMark performance suggests the Radeon Pro 490 is capable of running faster than NVidia’s GeForce GTX 1070, offering as much as 13.2% higher scores. While much of what we know about the Radeon Pro 490 is conjecture, it’s looking increasingly likely AMD is opting for a dual Polaris 10 GPU setup
  3. Major semiconductor manufacturer TSMC has revealed its plans for a 12nm process node. TSMC hopes to roll out the 12nm fabrication process as an advanced version of its current 16nm technology found in many of Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs. TSMC has been a superpower in the semiconductor industry for a number of years now, and dominant when it comes to the 28nm process segment, but has found itself left behind with the competing technologies coming out of GlobalFoundries and Samsung. The 12nm process node is intended to help TSMC compete with other lower process nodes. The revised proce
  4. It’s been obvious to see over the last 12 months that Microsoft is look to better integrate its software and hardware across a multitude of devices. The latest rumour to emerge supports this theory, claiming the upcoming Xbox Scorpio will be capable of running PC games natively at 4K resolution. I say PC games but it is in fact a small subsect of them - namely UWP apps from the Windows 10 Store. Between Microsoft enabling UWP apps on the Xbox One and the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, Microsoft is aiming to get all games playable across any Xbox or PC device. In theory the Xbo
  5. The Division’s 1.5 update and its upcoming Survival expansion have gone live on the PTS (Public Test Server), Ubisoft has announced. This is the first we’ve heard of what Survival actually is, and on the surface it sounds absolutely awesome. 24 players are dropped onto the outskirts of The Division’s city limit and must make it to the centre in order to retrieve life-saving antiviral drugs. Everyone starts in a different spot and with no gear, tasked with making it the centre within two hours. As you may have guessed, Survival is all about, well, survival. On top of your usual concerns in
  6. It’s been an exciting day for all you first person shooter out there. Having just had the Sci-Fi bonanza that is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare being released today, I’m sure they’ll be a lot of us having halcyon days shooting space dudes in space. But what if you’re not that kind of guy, what if you’re more 1900s? Well not to be outdone Battlefield 1 has released their planned updates to hit us this month and beyond and there's definitely some that will catch your eye. So let’s get into it. New Free Map: Giant's Shadow Taken to the Battle of the Selle in the cold autumn of 19
  7. So here’s an exciting breakthrough in CPU technology that’s happened recently. Researchers from Intel and North Carolina State University have managed to make a breakthrough into making multi-core cpus, especially 8, 10 and 16 core CPUs much more effective than before. To set the scene, Dual and Quad cores have massive benefit in performance compared to a single core, but as soon as you start going to much higher core counts the boosted performance becomes less and less for each additional core. These researchers have managed a way to get round this, achieving result as much as 2000% performan
  8. Getting a new Deus Ex is a special occasion. We've been treated to just four games over the last 16 years, each a cyberpunk tale of powerful global powers, criminal organisations and people with mechanical augmented abilities granting them super powers. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set between Human Revolution and Deus Ex, a time of strife following a catastrophe which sees 'Augs' distrusted by normal humans, thrown into 21st century concentration camps and dying in their millions. This one will be a little brief as I went quite in-depth during my Deus Ex: Mankind Divided firs
  9. 2D monochrome side-scrolling platformers might not be what you think of when you’re trying to come up with innovative new gaming ideas. And, well, you’d be right not to. Back in the nineties, before people had mobile phones or home internet connections, they were all the rage. Still, recent games have played with this time-honoured genre and skewed it in interesting ways. Why, just the other week I reviewed Inside very favourably. Modern designers have found a way to use the side-scrolling platformer as an interesting story-telling mechanism. So Hue - in cas
  10. Intel has launched the first Kaby Lake chips, the successor to its Skylake CPUs. For now though we’re only being treated to the mobile Kaby Lake processors with desktop units to follow in January 2017. The arrival of a new CPU family should be an exciting event, but being limited to mobile CPUs it’s not the grandest launch the world has ever seen. Nevertheless, for those after a spot of gaming on the go these 7th gen Intel Core processors offer "more responsive performance than ever before.” It’s all been achieved the same 14nm manufacturing process, one which Intel has dubbed 14nm+ due t
  11. The Battlefield 1 beta is out today for Battlefield Insiders and tomorrow for the rest of us. Right in the nick of time Nvidia has arrived with a Game Ready driver which should ensure optimum performance. It’s also joined by a couple of other biggies in the shape of World of Warcraft: Legion and the Steam release of Quantum Break. In the case of the latter this should be doubly important. Performance in the DirectX 12 Windows Store version was terrible, so anything Nvidia can do to help improve on this has to be a bonus. Each of the Game Ready updates in the GeForce 372.70 dri
  12. Hi Rana welcome to Darcks. Have a nice stay

  13. might be the torrent got corrupted, try force start if it doesn't start once again as there is no proper solution for this torrents fixes
  14. what torrent are you using.Use utorrent 2.2.1 its very old and stable
  15. Hi Man welcome to Darcks . Have a pleasant stay

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