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  1. I've downloaded the latest version from the ElAmigos website and it ran fine. I applied someone else's gave save (yes it worked and nothing was modded) but now I'm getting random freezes then crash. Stock settings and all that. Latest graphics driver. And no the graphics driver is fine. Other than that, the performance patch makes the game run great. Issues include: A lot of cars not showing up on the garage or autoshow Random crashes
  2. Hi . GPU is 388.00. No mods applied. Same results. Starting fresh NO problems. Cloud save problem. "Add 1 million fans poblem It was running fine weeks ago. After I unlocked Bm and Yarra valley, and played a bit more, both releases began crashing
  3. The cloud save was created using the elamigos version. I haven't used the REAL game from the windows store
  4. Hey. I can confirm it's not hardware related. The game launched fine after a first install. Once I loaded the gamesave on the cloud, both Opusrelease and Releasefinal crashed. The cloud save has Yarra valley and a couple of other festival sites unlocked and BM only unlocked in Opusrelease. Right after pressing "Continue" both releases crash. I also tried the "add 1 million fans" using the dev menu and same results. System Spex: Core i7-7700HQ GTX 1050 4GB (388.13) 8GB RAM 1TB HAD Would really appreciate help.
  5. hey my game is crashing for some reason. its not graphics or hardware related but its probably because i made a bit of progress. How do i solve this? After pressing CONTINUE the game (both opusrelease and releasefinal) crash.
  6. Hey can you please try to make the performance patch available for the game? It's very poorly optimised. Also hot wheels map would be greatly appreciated! Keep it up!
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