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  1. how's you man?

    1. •-ST☆RB●Y-•

      I'm good..Quite busy these days..what bout you??

  2. Bandai Namco has released a brand new video for CODE VEIN, showing 7 minutes of brand new gameplay footage. Code Vein is a third-person action RPG, powered by Unreal Engine 4, that finds players assuming the role of a Revenant in which players must use special attacks in order to survive. Players in Code Vein will be able customise weapons, Blood Veil and a special blood type named Blood Code. Each Blood Code has a special skill depending on the owner. When players equip their character with the Blood Code feature, they will get the original owner’s special skill. For example, Ranger Blood Code will be useful in dungeons, Hunger Blood Code is for ranged battles and Berseker Blood Code is for short distance battles etc. On the other hand, Blood Veils allow for powerful blood drain attacks that will make quick work of enemies and also regain Ichor, which is needed to perform additional skills. The new Ivy Blood Veil unleashes a swift attack, producing thorns that emerge from the ground, piercing enemies from afar. Other Blood Veils announced include Hounds, Ogre, and Stinger, each with their own attack power and range of use. Players can switch out Blood Veils for the appropriate circumstances.
  3. Square Enix has just released a new teaser trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This new trailer showcases some in-engine cut-scenes, as well as some combat sequences from this highly anticipated remake of one of the best FF games to date. From what we know so far, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will be coming out in an episodic form. The game was originally planned to come first on Playstation 4 and then on the PC. Square Enix claimed that it will reveal more details about this project in June (most likely at E3 2019) so stay tuned for more, and here is hoping that the game will not turn into a “proper/full” Playstation exclusive title.
  4. I've stopped watching Bollywood movies when I saw Salman holding a rocket launcher in his hands😂
  5. ok i know it was kinda rude but hey you are my friend, ask @Re Khan that i have send you to get an account for you :)

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